How do you find the Aeroplan MPM?

By setting up a multi-city search on the Aeroplan website and accessing the JSON source code, you can find the maximum permitted mileage (MPM) for any given city pair.

When redeeming Aeroplan awards, the maximum permitted mileage (MPM) dictates how far you’re allowed to travel between any origin–destination pair. It’s useful to know the MPM when planning complex trips with multiple stops.

The MPM is usually a proprietary number that Aeroplan doesn’t publish, but there’s a cool way to find it through the multi-city search engine.

We need to make a dummy search involving the origin and destination you have in mind for your Mini-RTW in order to tease out the MPM for the route.

You should input your desired origin city for "A", and your desired destination city for "B". For the third city "C", you can put any city you want, as long as it's somewhere in between the origin and destination. In particular, you want to make sure it isn't farther away from your origin than your intended destination, since the search engine would then treat the third city as the destination. 

To illustrate, let's suppose you're trying to plan a route between Calgary (YYC) and Istanbul (IST). You'd put Calgary as the origin, Istanbul as your destination, and any third city in between – let's call it Paris (CDG) – in the last field. 

Now just input an arbitrary set of dates for your flights, and hit "Search". The dates don't matter at all, since we're just trying to get search results for the journey to show up before moving to the next step.

Once you get a page of search results with availability for all three segments, click on the below link (or copy and paste it in a new tab in your browser) to open the JSON source of the search results page:

You'll have opened up the JSON source, which is a plain-text file with lots of information that can be difficult to read at first. But simply bring up the Find function using Ctrl+F / ⌘+F and search for "MPM". Boom, there's your number!

Alternatively, if you don’t want to go through the trouble of clicking the link every time, you can also create a bookmark in your Bookmarks Bar with the following code:


Once you’ve pulled up the search results in the multi-city search, you can just click the button and the Javascript code will fish out the MPM figure from the JSON source in a dialog box!


Last updated 17 November 2018. Any questions? Contact me.