Aeroplan eStore: Earn Points for Online Shopping

One of the most attractive features of the Aeroplan program is that there are many methods to come across Aeroplan points.

Aside from spending on a co-branded credit card, transferring points in from American Express Membership Rewards and other bank programs, and crediting paid flights, the Aeroplan eStore is another easy way to boost your points balance on everyday spending.

By making online purchases through the eStore, you can earn Aeroplan points on shopping that you would have otherwise done and not earned anything. If you time your spending during promotions or use a co-branded credit card to pay, you can further pad your balance and get closer to your next aspirational trip.

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What Is the Aeroplan eStore?

The Aeroplan eStore is an online portal wherein Aeroplan members get to earn points with purchases that go through it. You can think of it as similar to a cash back site like Rakuten, only you’re earning Aeroplan points to help with your travel goals instead of simply getting cash back.

You can also redeem Aeroplan points through the eStore, although as we’ll show, you’ll surely get better value by saving them for flights instead.

The eStore is run in partnership with RewardsOps, a Toronto-based tech company that provides solutions in the loyalty space — in this case, to Air Canada and Aeroplan.

Shopping portals like the Aeroplan eStore mainly earn money by splitting commissions they earn through user purchases.

In addition, Aeroplan and RewardOps gain insights into their customer base by collecting their browsing and shopping data. While that sounds concerning, cookie data and other tracking technologies are a reality of the internet, just like how Google and Facebook record our every move online.

Earning Aeroplan Points on the eStore

The main draw of the eStore is that you can earn Aeroplan points when making a purchase from an online retailer.

The base earning rate is 1 Aeroplan point per dollar spent before exclusions such as taxes and shipping. We value Aeroplan points at 2.1 cents per point (CAD), so effectively, you’re getting at least 2.1% back on purchases.

The points you earn vary by store, with some offering a higher earning rate than others.

For example, of the 170+ online shopping partners, you’ll find earning rates that range from 1 point per dollar spent all the way to 10 points per dollar spent.

Furthermore, throughout the year, the eStore puts on promotions when certain stores are featured. During these events, the promoted stores offer a higher earning rate, as we’ll go over in detail below.

The number of points you can earn at any given store is clearly displayed on the eStore’s landing page, and you can use filters to narrow down the type of store you’re looking for.

For example, if you want to purchase some electronics, the filter will only show you eStore partners that sell electronics, along with the earning rate at each one.

Be sure to look around for the stores with the highest earning rate if they happen to sell the same item.

Redeeming Aeroplan Points on the eStore

As you know, Aeroplan points can be used for flight redemptions with Air Canada or one of its many Star Alliance or non-alliance airline partners.

Your points can take you anywhere from a short economy class flight between Vancouver Island and Vancouver, all the way to long-haul flights in business class and First Class with some of the world’s best airlines.

On the eStore, Aeroplan allows you to redeem your points for a myriad of other things, including iPhones, electronics, and other merchandise. 

For example, you could purchase an iPhone 14 Pro 128GB for 159,900 Aeroplan points during a sale.

By our valuation, that’s $3,357 (CAD) worth of points. Frankly, it doesn’t represent great value when the current retail price for the same model is $1,399 (CAD) at the Apple Store.

You can almost certainly get more bang for your buck (in this case, points) by redeeming your points for flights instead. For example, you can use 120,000 points to snag a round-trip ticket from Toronto to Paris in business class, which is surely worth much more than the iPhone.

As is usually the case, redeeming airline points for merchandise just doesn’t give you the same outsized value as for flights, especially in premium cabins. 

How to Use the Aeroplan eStore

In order to earn points through the Aeroplan eStore, you’ll need to initiate your shopping session through the eStore portal. There are a couple of ways to go about this, and it’s a fairly straightforward process no matter which method you choose. 

Making a Purchase

The Aeroplan eStore’s portal can be accessed through a mobile or desktop browser. You can find a link to the portal through by accessing your Aeroplan account on the Air Canada website or app, or alternatively, you can bookmark this link and pin it to your browser.

The main page of the Aeroplan eStore portal has featured stores and categories if you’re just browsing and need some ideas. But if you already have stores or items in mind, you can either look by category or search for specific stores, such as Apple, through the bar at the top.

You’ll then be asked to provide your Aeroplan number and last name, and the window will lead you to your chosen storefront.

From there, you just complete your purchases as you otherwise would, and you’ll have earned extra Aeroplan points for your efforts.

It’s important to be aware of any exclusions for products and services that don’t earn points, especially for stores like Amazon and Apple. This typically includes major items, such as Macbook Pros, as well as gift cards, gift wrapping, taxes, and shipping fees.

Any items that are excluded from earning points through the eStore are clearly labelled in the terms and conditions. Therefore, if you’re planning on making a purchase, it’s always a good idea to skim through the text to make sure you’ll earn points.

Please note the following items are not eligible for the accumulation of Aeroplan points: HomePod (2nd generation), the new MacBook Pro 14” and 16”, Mac mini, Apple Pro Display XDR, gift cards, gift wrap, Apple Developer Programs, AppleCare+ monthly subscription, Employee Purchasing Programs and shipping. Orders purchased on the Government or Military and Veteran’s Stores are not eligible for additional Aeroplan points. Apple sells and ships products to end user customers only; you may not purchase for resale. Eligible only to a customer for up to five (5) units per eligible product, except iPhone, in which case only two (2) units within a thirty-day (30-day) period are eligible.

You must complete your purchases in the same browsing window and session, and you must also have your desktop or phone browser’s cookies enabled for the tracking to work well. This means that it’s best to plan for your shopping in advance, and then complete your purchase in one go.

You’ll also want to make sure that you don’t have any items in your cart from previous visits to the websites, as these won’t be eligible for earning Aeroplan points through the eStore. 

If you want a more convenient way to access the Aeroplan eStore, you can also choose to install the Aeroplan Shopping Button, which is available on the Chrome, Firefox, and Edge desktop browsers.

Once it’s installed, you only need to sign in once, and whenever you visit a website that the eStore is affiliated with, the plugin will prompt you to activate the existing points offer.

One caveat though is that the plugin is more “intrusive”, as it actively tracks your browser activity. We suggest reading through the privacy policy before installing it to make sure you’re comfortable with having it active.

Tracking Your Purchases

Cookies and other tracking technology report your transaction, and you must wait weeks or sometimes even months for your points to show up in your Aeroplan account. The reason behind this is that they must account for any returns or exchanges you might make — or in the case of travel bookings, any cancellations.

It’s a good idea to track all of your purchases by keeping your order confirmation emails and shipping invoices. This way, if your points don’t show up after 10 weeks, you can make an inquiry with the eStore’s customer service team, who should follow up and ensure that your points get awarded.

You can view your order history in the Aeroplan eStore by clicking on your name and selecting “Order History” from the drop-down list.

A table displaying your orders for the past 12 months will then be displayed. It usually takes a few days for one to show up here; however, sometimes, your orders won’t show up at all.

Indeed, this has been an ongoing issue with the eStore, as many users have had to wait months for points to show up. In some cases, they’ve had to follow up with the eStore team numerous times, which is both frustrating and unnecessary. 

We’ve been assured that the Aeroplan team is very well aware of these issues, and that they’re actively working on a solution. In the meantime, you’ll have to keep track of your purchases to ensure all of the points you’re entitled to eventually arrive in your account.

It goes without saying that any points earned from purchases that you wind up returning will be taken back from your account. 

Tips and Tricks for the Aeroplan eStore

While earning points for shopping that you’d do anyway is great, you can pad your balance even more by following these tips and tricks.

Aeroplan Co-Branded Credit Cards

If you have an Aeroplan co-branded credit card, you’ll earn extra points for every dollar you spend at the eStore. The number of points you earn depends on the base earning rate on your card.

For example, if you have a premium Aeroplan credit card, such as the American Express Aeroplan Reserve Card or the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Privilege Card, you’ll get an extra 1.25 points per dollar spent through the eStore. 

Premium Aeroplan Credit Cards
Credit Card Best Offer Value
Up to 95,000 Aeroplan points $1,147 Apply Now
85,000 Aeroplan points $858 Apply Now
80,000 Aeroplan points $845 Apply Now
Up to 75,000 Aeroplan points† $661 Apply Now

If you have a core Aeroplan credit card, such as the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card, the CIBC Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card, or the American Express Aeroplan Card, you’ll get an extra 1 point per dollar spent at the eStore. 

Core Aeroplan Credit Cards
Credit Card Best Offer Value
Up to 50,000 Aeroplan points† $756 Apply Now
Up to 60,000 Aeroplan points† $714 Apply Now
50,000 Aeroplan points $573 Apply Now
Up to 40,000 Aeroplan points† $544 Apply Now

The points earned from your credit card are in addition to the earning rate at the eStore. For example, if a store is offering you 1 point per dollar spent, you’d wind up with a total of 2 or 2.25 points per dollar spent simply by using your co-branded credit card.

If you’re someone who tends to do a lot of online shopping, the points can quickly add up over the course of the year.

Aeroplan Elite Status

If you happen to have any tier of Aeroplan Elite Status, one of the benefits includes earning an additional 2 Aeroplan points per dollar spent on all eStore purchases. Since the points are added automatically, you don’t need to do anything different to get the bonus.

In fact, when you’re browsing through the eStore after you’ve logged in to your Aeroplan account, the additional 2 points will show up on the storefront. 

The extra 2 points per dollar spent are in addition to the base earning rate. So, if a store is offering 5 points per dollar spent to users without status, you’d earn 7 points per dollar spent as someone with status. 

And if you pay for your purchase with a co-branded credit card, you’d earn 8–8.25 points per dollar spent, depending on the type of credit card you have.

Once again, the numbers begin to add up very quickly if you’re able to stack your earning.

Everyday Status Qualification

One unique feature of Aeroplan is being able to earn base-level status without ever having set foot on an airplane. This feature, known as Everyday Status Qualification, is something to keep in mind as motivation for using the Aeroplan eStore.

Over the course of a calendar year, if you earn 100,000 Aeroplan points through a variety of means, you’ll get Aeroplan 25K status. Even as the lowest-tier of status with Air Canada, you’ll enjoy some great benefits, including eUpgrades, extra baggage allowance, and priority airport services.

Earn Aeroplan Elite Status through Everyday Status Qualification and fly business class for the price of economy

On the eStore, the points earned from purchases count towards Everyday Status Qualification. This includes bonuses and promotions, which can add up really quickly if you time your purchases right.

Note that the 2 extra points per dollar spent earned by virtue of Aeroplan Elite Status do not count towards Everyday Status Qualification. The points earned from your credit card spending, however, do count. 

Promotions/Shopping Events

Throughout the year, the Aeroplan eStore puts on promotions with boosted earning rates at select stores. These events typically happen around major holidays, and are sometimes tied to a specific store, such as Apple.

During these events, which are clearly displayed on the eStore landing page, you’ll typically see base earning rates from 5–10 points per dollar spent at select stores. If you’ve had your eye on a big purchase, it may be in your best interest to hold out for one of these promotions.

The best promotions happen during the weeks of Black Friday and Boxing Day. If you sign up for Aeroplan’s promotional emails, you’ll be notified of any promotions as soon as they’re available, and we’ll also keep you updated with any major events.

Large Purchases

Naturally, large purchases can earn you a significant number of points on the eStore, especially during promotions.

For example, if you’ve had your eye on an iPhone for a while, waiting for an eStore promotion can significantly boost your balance in a single transaction. 

By spending $1,549 (CAD) on an iPhone Pro Max 128GB during a 5x points eStore event for Apple products, you could earn:

  • 7,745 Aeroplan points as a base and promotional earning rate (5 points per dollar spent)
  • 3,098 Aeroplan points with Aeroplan Elite Status (2 points per dollar spent)
  • 1,936 Aeroplan points by paying with a premium co-branded credit card (1.25 points per dollar spent)

That means you’d get a total of 12,779 Aeroplan points on your purchase, which by our valuation is equal to about $257 (CAD), or a 17% return. 

By comparison, if you were to have purchased the same iPhone outside of a promotion, you’d earn:

  • 1,549 Aeroplan points as a base earning rate (1 point per dollar spent)
  • 3,098 Aeroplan points with Aeroplan Elite Status (2 points per dollar spent)
  • 1,936 Aeroplan points by paying with a premium co-branded credit card (1.25 points per dollar spent)

In total, you’d earn up to 6,583 Aeroplan points, which is worth $138.24 (CAD), or a 9% return. This isn’t bad at all, but you can basically double your points by simply holding out for a promotion.

Gift Cards and Promo Codes

If you happen to browse through flyers, you may find that grocery stores often run promotions on gift cards. For instance, once in a while, Loblaws and No Frills offer 15% back in PC Optimum points on Gap Brands gift cards.

You can also use a credit card with a 5x grocery multiplier to purchase these gift cards, and then use the gift cards towards your purchase through the eStore. Online stores consider gift cards as if they were any method of payment.

This way, you’re essentially “triple-dipping” and maximizing your earn. You’d get points by buying the gift card through the store during a promotion, paying for the gift card with your credit card and earning credit card points, and then you’d get Aeroplan points on your eStore purchases using the gift cards as payment.

And to take it one step further, you can sometimes use promo codes for extra discounts at checkout. Just be sure to check the store’s exclusions to see if promo codes are eligible for earning Aeroplan points.


The Aeroplan eStore is an online shopping portal through which you can earn extra points for your online purchases. Using it is easy to do, and it either requires an extra step before heading to an online store or installing the eStore plugin.

With over 170 retail partners, there are plenty of ways to pad your Aeroplan balance on purchases that you’d make anyway. You can also redeem Aeroplan points for merchandise on the eStore, but you’re better off saving them for flights.

By timing your purchase during a promotion with bonus points, leveraging your Aeroplan Elite Status, and paying with a co-branded credit card, you can increase your earn significantly.

If you’ve been dreaming about an aspirational flight booking with Aeroplan, be sure to use the eStore as one of the many ways to reach your goals.