Aeroplan Launches Full Partnership with Uber Canada

Aeroplan and Uber Canada have been working closely together for the past few years, first offering Aeroplan points on Uber purchases via the eStore and then rolling out complimentary Uber Pass memberships on the Aeroplan co-branded credit cards. 

Aeroplan and Uber have now launched the next phase of their partnership: a full integration between members’ Aeroplan and Uber accounts that allows them to earn points automatically on eats and rides, as well as earn Air Canada Flight Credits for every 10 Uber rides taken. 

This is Aeroplan’s third major partnership after Starbucks and LCBO, and in my opinion, it’s the most powerful one yet. Let’s take a look around at how it all works.

Link Your Aeroplan and Uber Accounts

You’ll need to link your Aeroplan and Uber accounts to reap all the benefits from the new partnership. You can link your accounts directly from your Aeroplan dashboard, under the Everyday Earning section.

Once your accounts are linked, you’ll start earning Aeroplan points and further Air Canada rewards on all of your Uber and Uber Eats activity.

Earn Aeroplan Points on Uber Eats Orders

Aeroplan members who have linked their Uber Eats account will earn 1 Aeroplan point per dollar spent on Uber Eats delivery and pickup orders over $25 (before promotions and discounts, excluding taxes, fees, and tips). 

You can take advantage of promo codes and store-specific discounts on Uber Eats orders – as long as the initial “base” purchase is $25 or more, you’ll earn Aeroplan points on the purchase.

Uber Eats grocery orders, as well as select regulated items (i.e., alcohol and cannabis, presumably) are excluded from earning Aeroplan points. 

Earn Aeroplan Points with Uber Rides

Aeroplan members will earn points when riding with Uber, as follows:

  • 1 Aeroplan point per dollar spent on Uber rides (excluding UberPool) to or from an airport in Canada or the US
  • 1 Aeroplan point per dollar spent on Uber Premium rides (including UberXL, Comfort, Premier, Premier SUV, Black and Black SUV) in Canada or the US
  • 2 Aeroplan points per dollar spent on Uber Premium rides to or from an airport in Canada or the US

Note that regular Uber rides that do not depart from or arrive to an airport, as well as all Uber rides outside of Canada and the US, do not earn any Aeroplan points.

Take 10 Uber Rides, Get $20 Air Canada Flight Credit

Despite the above, non-airport non-premium Uber rides in Canada and the US will still help you earn Aeroplan and Air Canada rewards in the form of a new concept known as the Air Canada Flight Credit. 

For every 10 Uber rides (excluding Uber Pool) taken in Canada and the US, Aeroplan members will earn an Air Canada Flight Credit worth $20 (on round-trip bookings) or $10 (on one-way bookings), which will be deposited as a benefit in their Aeroplan account.

The Air Canada Flight Credit can be redeemed for one-way or round-trip bookings only for the corresponding discount. It can’t be applied to multi-city bookings, nor to Aeroplan flight rewards.

The $10 or $20 discount applies to every passenger on the booking. Since you can include a maximum of nine passengers on a single Air Canada booking, this means that the maximum value of an Air Canada Flight Reward is $180 for a round-trip itinerary with nine passengers.

Lastly, note that the Air Canada Flight Credit does not have to be used by the Aeroplan member who earned it; it can be applied to bookings with any passenger’s name on them. 

Uber & Uber Eats New Account Bonuses

There are a few allotments of bonus Aeroplan points available to brand-new Uber users:

  • 1,000 bonus Aeroplan points upon completing your first Uber Eats order
  • 1,000 bonus Aeroplan points upon completing your first Uber ride (excluding UberPool)

For these offers to apply, Uber users need to have never ordered or completed a ride anywhere in the world.

Uber typically also offers big discounts on the first order or ride for new users, which can be combined with these 1,000 bonus points for an even better introductory deal. 

Redeem Aeroplan Points for Uber Pass Memberships

As part of the evolved partnership, Aeroplan members can also redeem points for three-month, six-month, or 12-month Uber Pass memberships via the Aeroplan eStore.

Currently, a three-month membership is available to purchase for 3,575 Aeroplan points, with six-month and 12-month options available in the future (at presumably similar pricing). 

Since the three-month membership otherwise costs $29.97, this is equivalent to a redemption value of around 0.84 cents per point (cpp).

This falls well short of our target valuation of 2.1cpp for Aeroplan points, so it’s not going to be a great idea to use points for Uber Pass memberships. Instead, save your points for takeoff rather than takeout, as they’ll fetch a much higher value when redeemed for flights. 

Don’t forget that Aeroplan co-branded credit card holders can get a complimentary three-, six-, or 12-month Uber Pass membership on a promotional basis through September 2022.

My Thoughts on the New Aeroplan and Uber Partnership

With the full partnership’s launch, the previous arrangement with Uber Eats as an Aeroplan eStore merchant has now been phased out.

Under that arrangement, Aeroplan members could actually earn 2x points on Uber Eats if they clicked through the eStore portal beforehand. If you were an Aeroplan Elite Status member, you’d also earn a further 2x points for any eStore purchase, for a total of 4x Aeroplan points.

The new earning rate of 1x points on orders of $25 or more is a pretty significant drop-off. Members who had diligently clicked through the eStore prior to their food delivery or pickup orders are bound to be disappointed by this change.

However, my guess is that the proportion of Aeroplan members who took advantage of the eStore arrangement was relatively low, and that more members now stand to benefit by completing a one-time integration of their Aeroplan and Uber accounts and earning on all eligible purchases going forward. 

The earning potential on Uber rides is fairly tame, but better than nothing. I take Uber to and from airports in Canada and the US pretty often, so I’m happy that I’ll now be rewarded for a handful of extra Aeroplan points for my troubles. 

On the other hand, I almost never take Uber Premium rides, and the potential of earning 1x Aeroplan points won’t entice me to start doing so.

(The exception is when travelling in larger groups, especially now that regular UberX is often limited to three passengers due to the pandemic, in which case I’m glad to be earning extra Aeroplan points on an UberXL ride that I would’ve booked anyway.)

Where I see genuine creativity and potential value in the Aeroplan/Uber partnership is the new Air Canada Flight Credits. 

Let’s consider the example of an Aeroplan member who takes 10 Uber rides around town for an average of, say, $10 per ride. They’ll earn an Air Canada Flight Credit, which can unlock a $20 discount per passenger on their next round-trip booking with Air Canada.

If the member travels with their family of five on the same reservation, that’s a $100 discount off their next family trip – essentially rebating the member for all of their Uber rides!

Even though I personally won’t stand to benefit from the Air Canada Flight Credits to the same extent as someone who travels in larger groups, I’ll take comfort in getting some small savings on my next Air Canada flight with every ride across town. 


Aeroplan and Uber Canada have launched the latest phase of their linked loyalty partnership, allowing Aeroplan members to earn points and Air Canada discount vouchers on their regular Uber and Uber Eats activity. 

For Aeroplan, Uber is the latest flagship everyday earning partnership that rounds out their significant efforts on this front in 2021, offering members yet another way to get closer to their next travel redemption through day-to-day engagement with the program.

Make sure to link your Uber account via the Everyday section of your Aeroplan dashboard, and start leveraging this unique partnership to turn your deliveries into departures.