The Complete Guide to Booking Emirates First Class
Guides Jan 27, 2023

Emirates First Class is one of the most sought after flying experiences. Here's everything you need to know about it,...

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Should You Book Hotels with Cash or Points?
Guides Jan 26, 2023

When it comes to deciding between paying cash or redeeming points for hotels, there are many different factors to consider.

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The Complete Guide to Peninsula PenClub
Guides Jan 25, 2023

Peninsula PenClub is a luxury travel program that offers extra perks at no additional cost, only available for booking through...

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How to Avoid Fuel Surcharges on Award Bookings
Guides Jan 20, 2023

Fuel surcharges are one of the biggest roadblocks to redeeming miles at great value, so let’s look at how you...

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The Complete Guide to Small Luxury Hotels withIN
Guides Jan 19, 2023

Small Luxury Hotels withIN is a luxury travel program that offers extra perks at no additional cost, only available for...

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How to Handle Two-Factor Authentication When Travelling
Guides Jan 18, 2023

Two-factor authentication from banks can be a tricky barrier to overcome while abroad, but there are ways to ensure you...

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When Should You Buy Points?
Guides Jan 17, 2023

Airlines and hotels routinely offer bonus promotions for buying points straight from the program itself, so let's look at when...

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What Are Co-Terminal Airports?
Guides Jan 16, 2023

Some cities are served by co-terminal airports, which are multiple airports serving the same city, opening up more possibilities for...

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The Complete Guide to Belmond Bellini Club
Guides Jan 12, 2023

Belmond Bellini Club is a preferred partner program that provides extra value if you book Belmond's lavish hotels, trains, river...

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Lounge Access on the Amex Platinum Cards
Guides Jan 9, 2023

The Platinum Card and Business Platinum Card provide excellent lounge access benefits, but the specific rules can be confusing. Let's...

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