How to Access Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounges

The Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge is a key part of the premium travel experience for Canadians.

Our national airline’s flagship airport lounges are a familiar part of the furniture at major Canadian airports, and you’ll get to visit quite a few Maple Leaf Lounge locations over the years by booking premium flights, maximizing credit card benefits, or earning Aeroplan Elite Status.

This post covers everything you need to know about getting access to the Maple Leaf Lounges in 19 airports across Canada, the US, and Europe.

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Which Airports Have Maple Leaf Lounges?

Air Canada currently operates a network of 25 Maple Leaf Lounges across 18 global airports.

This number doesn’t include the two Air Canada Signature Suites in Vancouver (YVR) and Toronto Pearson (YYZ), the Air Canada Café at Toronto Pearson (YYZ), or the Aspire | Air Canada Café at Billy Bishop Toronto Billy Bishop Airport (YTZ). 

Below is a list of the airports around the world where you’ll encounter a Maple Leaf Lounge. Let’s begin with the Canadian locations:

  • Vancouver (YVR) Domestic: By Gate 29
  • Vancouver (YVR) Transborder: By Gate 84
  • Vancouver (YVR) International: By Gate 52
  • Calgary (YYC): By Gate C50
  • Edmonton (YEG): South Terminal, By Gate 56 (not accessible to passengers on transborder flights)
  • Saskatoon (YXE): By Gate 5
  • Regina (YQR): Opposite Gate 5
  • Winnipeg (YWG): By Gate 9 (not accessible to passengers on transborder flights)
  • Toronto (YYZ) Domestic: Upper level, immediately past security
  • Toronto (YYZ) Transborder: Upper level, immediately past security
  • Toronto (YYZ) Transborder Express: In the commuter terminal for Gates F84–F99
  • Toronto (YYZ) International: At the end of the walkway, prior to the escalators down to the main international concourse
  • Ottawa (YOW): By Gate 19 (not accessible to passengers on transborder flights)
  • Montreal (YUL) Domestic: By Gate 1
  • Montreal (YUL) Transborder: By Gate 72
  • Montreal (YUL) International: By Gate 52
  • Halifax (YHZ): By Gate 20
  • St. John’s (YYT): By Gate 12A

There are also a handful of global Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounges at some of Air Canada’s major outstations. These include:

  • Los Angeles (LAX): Terminal 6, 4th floor
  • San Francisco (SFO): Terminal 2
  • New York (LGA): Concourse B, 3rd floor
  • Newark (EWR): Co-located in the United Club, Terminal A, 2nd floor
  • London (LHR): Terminal 2B (satellite terminal), upper level
  • Paris (CDG): (Currently closed due to airport renovations)
  • Frankfurt (FRA): Terminal 1, Concourse B
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt

There are a variety of ways to access the Maple Leaf Lounge. This page on the Air Canada website provides a good summary; however, we’ll go through each of the methods one-by-one.

Outbound passengers can access Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounges up to three hours prior to the original departure time of their flight. This means that if you show up at a lounge for your first departing flight four hours before departure, you’ll have to wait an hour before you’ll be granted access.

Should your flight be delayed, you can still access lounges beginning three hours prior to the original departure time.

If you have a flight connection, you can access Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounges for any length of time.

1. Fly Air Canada or Star Alliance Business Class

You can access the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge if you hold a valid same-day boarding pass for a flight in business class on Air Canada or a Star Alliance partner.

Access is granted on business class tickets no matter how they were purchased (i.e., an outright paid fare, an upgrade, or an award ticket).

Business class passengers aren’t entitled to bring any guests with them, unless they pay a fee per guest of about $59 (CAD/USD/EUR/GBP), depending on the location.

You’ll also get access to the Maple Leaf Lounge if you’re flying in Air Canada Premium Rouge, but only if you’re travelling within Canada, the US, or the Sun destinations (Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean). 

If your Premium Rouge flight is to anywhere else, then you’ll only have the option of purchasing Maple Leaf Lounge access on your reservation prior to the trip, and not at the airport itself.

(Given that you’re about to embark on long-haul Premium Rouge, though, that’ll probably be the least of your worries.)

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto (Int’l)
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto (International)

2. Hold a Premium Aeroplan Credit Card

The premium Aeroplan credit cards by TD, CIBC, and American Express offer unlimited access to select Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounges as a key benefit of the cards.

Premium Aeroplan Credit Cards
Credit Card Best Offer Value
Up to 100,000 Aeroplan points $819 Apply Now
Up to 75,000 Aeroplan points† $714 Apply Now
90,000 Aeroplan points $611 Apply Now
70,000 Aeroplan points $399 Apply Now

As a primary or secondary cardholder, you’re eligible to access Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounges within North America prior to a same-day flight operated by Air Canada or a Star Alliance partner. Access to Maple Leaf Lounges located outside of North America isn’t included.

The guest access policies when accessing Maple Leaf Lounges using a premium Aeroplan credit card vary by issuer:

3. Have Aeroplan 50K Status or Higher

Aeroplan members with Aeroplan 50K status and above are entitled to unlimited lounge access at any location around the world.

In addition, Aeroplan 50K members and above can use Maple Leaf Lounges in Canada and the US upon arrival as well as before departure, which can be a great way to unwind after a flight before heading into the city.

Furthermore, Aeroplan 50K members and above also get to bring in a very generous number of guests: a domestic partner and up to five dependent children aged 25 and under, as well as one additional guest.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge New York LaGuardia
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge New York LaGuardia

4. Use a Maple Leaf Lounge One-Time Guest Pass

Any passenger travelling on an Air Canada flight may access the Maple Leaf Lounges in the domestic or transborder departure zones of Canadian airports, as well as the lounges in the United States, when in possession of a Maple Leaf Lounge One-Time Guest Pass.

There are a couple of ways to earn One-Time Guest Passes:

  • Aeroplan members who earn Aeroplan 25K status may choose a set of two One-Time Guest Passes as a Select Benefit
  • Aeroplan members who earn Aeroplan 35K status receive a set of two One-Time Guest Passes as a Core Benefit. 
  • Aeroplan members who earn Aeroplan 50K status or Aeroplan 75K status receive a set of three One-Time Guest Passes as a Core Benefit. 
  • Aeroplan members who earn Aeroplan Super Elite status receive a set of four One-Time Guest Passes as a Core Benefit. 
  • Holders of the TD Aeroplan Visa Business Card, CIBC Aeroplan Visa Business Card, CIBC Aeroplan Visa Business Plus, or the American Express Aeroplan Corporate Card may earn a One-Time Guest Pass for every $10,000 spent per cardholder year, up to a maximum of four One-Time Guest Passes.

The digital One-Time Guest Passes are accessible via your Aeroplan account. You may download them in PDF format and show them upon entering the lounge to gain access.

The One-Time Guest Passes earned from Aeroplan Elite Status may be transferred to anyone, regardless of whether they are travelling with the member or not.

On the other hand, the One-Time Guest Passes earned from the small business credit cards can only be used by the primary or secondary cardholder, or any guests accompanying them at the time of entry. They cannot be transferred to a third party, as indicated by the words “Non-transferable” on the pass.

5. Have Star Alliance Gold Status

In addition to Air Canada’s own elite members, travellers who have achieved Star Alliance Gold with any of Star Alliance’s other loyalty programs will also have access to Maple Leaf Lounges prior to any Star Alliance-operated flight in any class of service.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Vancouver (International)

Star Alliance Gold members are also entitled to bring one guest into the lounge with them free of charge, as long as the guest is also travelling on the same flight as them. Any additional guests are subject to the standard guest fee.

6. One-Time Purchase

Likewise, there’s also the option of buying Maple Leaf Lounge access on an eligible Air Canada fare if you’ve booked into Economy (Latitude) for $49 (CAD) per person, Premium Economy (Lowest) for $49 (CAD) each, Economy (Comfort) for $59 (CAD) each, or Economy (Flex) for $79 (CAD) each.

The value here is pretty debatable, and it’d mostly only make sense for business travellers who value the privacy and efficiency of having a workspace in the lounge.

Other Air Canada Lounge Concepts 

In addition to Maple Leaf Lounges, you may also have access to a few of Air Canada’s other lounge concepts, which the airline has been slowly building out across their Canadian hubs in recent years.

Air Canada Signature Suite

Air Canada’s most premium lounge offering is the Signature Suite concept. Presently, there are Signature Suites available in Toronto Pearson (YYZ) and Vancouver (YVR).

The Signature Suite provides an elevated luxury experience prior to your long-haul international business class flight with Air Canada or First Class flight with Emirates.

Premium services include sit-down dining featuring dishes by acclaimed chef David Hawksworth, a variety of high-end cocktails, spirits, and Champagne, and shower rooms with luxury skincare products from Molton Brown.

Air Canada Signature Suite Toronto

Access to the Signature Suites is extremely exclusive. You’ll only get access if you’re travelling on a paid business class fare on Air Canada to New Zealand, Australia, Europe, South America, Africa, or Asia, in booking classes “J”, “C”, “D”, “Z”, or “P”. There are no guesting privileges for these fares.

If you’ve redeemed Aeroplan points for a Business Class (Flexible) or First Class (Flexible) reward in Air Canada business class, you can also enjoy access; however, you can’t bring any guests.

Passengers departing from Toronto on an Emirates First Class flight can enjoy access to the Signature Suite, and may bring with them one guest.

Additionally, access is granted to holders of the exclusive American Express Air Canada Card, which is available by invitation only, who are travelling in any class of service. These cardholders are able to bring in one guest.

You won’t get access to the Signature Suite if you’ve redeemed Aeroplan points for a Business Class (Lowest) award, been upgraded to business class as the result of irregular operations, bid upgrades, or eUpgrades, if you’re flying on a Star Alliance partner in business class, or by virtue of Aeroplan Elite Status of any kind.

Air Canada Cafés

In addition to the Signature Suite, Air Canada also has launched the Air Canada Café concept.

Presently, there are Air Canada Cafés in Toronto Pearson (YYZ) and Toronto Billy Bishop City Centre Airport (YTZ).

These spaces provide a simple grab-and-go alternative to the Maple Leaf Lounge, allowing eligible passengers travelling on domestic flights to drop in and pick up a barista-crafted coffee, juice, or snack, maybe sit down for a few minutes, and then head on to the gate.

Access to the Air Canada Café Toronto Pearson (YYZ) is restricted to business class passengers, Aeroplan 50K members and higher, Star Alliance Gold members, and premium Aeroplan cardholders – thus, the same access policies as Maple Leaf Lounges, minus one-time pass holders.

Aeroplan 50K and higher members, as well as premium Aeroplan co-branded card holders, may bring one guest into Air Canada Café with them.

Air Canada Café Toronto

In June 2023, the Aspire | Air Canada Café opened at Billy Bishop Toronto City Centre Airport. In addition to the same lounge access requirements as the Air Canada Café at Toronto Pearson (YYZ), the lounge is open to passengers through a number of other means.

Passengers travelling in any class of service on any airline may also access the Aspire | Air Canada Café with a Priority Pass or DragonPass membership. 

If you aren’t otherwise eligible for complimentary access, you can also pay for entry. If you book through the Aspire website, access is $50 (CAD) per adult and $30 (CAD) per child (before taxes), which is at a discount from $55 (CAD) per adult or $35 (CAD) per child if you pay upon entry.

Furthermore, passengers who are connecting onwards to an Air Canada business class flight at another airport will also enjoy access to the Aspire | Air Canada Café. This is a unique lounge access policy, and perhaps amongst the first of its kind.


Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounges are accessible to a wide range of travellers in any class of service. The most common ways to gain access are with an Air Canada business class ticket or a premium Aeroplan co-branded credit card, and you’ll also be rewarded with complimentary access if you hold Aeroplan 50K status or higher.

With so many ways of visiting the lounge, you’ll never go too far across Canada before stepping into a Maple Leaf Lounge somewhere, and you’ll soon become very familiar with the signature appetizers, drink spread, and chocolate chip cookies that are ubiquitous across every location.

  1. Always Flying Somewhere

    Can I use a one-time guest pass at multiple airports on the same day?

  2. Edward

    I was recently travelling on a United flight and tried to access the new Newark Maple Leaf Lounge in New Jersey and was turned away although I am a TD Aeroplan Infinite Privelege cardholder. This is the second US airport to refuse me access with the TD aeroplan black card in under a year and does not seem consistent with either the website or the comments listed above. Air Canada seems to really be struggling with their own credit card policies, and the card is not identified by staff reviewing access at the entrance. Any ideas on how to resolve this with AC?

    1. Paco11

      I been trying to contact Air canada Lounge regarding booking a vacation in the same card would grant access to the lounge in canada, I asked TD visa they dont know, tried asking air canada vacations same and there is no information on their website, why dont they have a phone number to reach??????

  3. Amanda

    After December 31, 2023, would children under the age of 12 still be free or will they be subject to the guest fee for the MLL?

  4. Buygoldca

    Thank You for posting this informative blog. keep sharing.

  5. Amy

    Your above article
    2. Hold a Premium Aeroplan Credit Card
    The TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Privilege Card allows primary and supplementary cardholders to bring guests, subject to a guest access fee of $20–30.
    I think that primary cardholder can bring a guest without any access fee (both Air Canada tickets are under the same booking).

    1. Mike Jones

      I thought the same thing, and the T&C’s appear to suggest the same: “Primary Cardholder and Additional Cardholder(s) are each entitled to offer one (1) guest complimentary access to the same eligible Maple Leaf Lounge and Air Canada Café through December 31, 2023.”.
      I recently got the card, and will be flying with my wife tomorrow out of YYZ. Worst case I’ll pay the fee on the TD card and fight with TD after.

      1. Amy

        Please post here after your Air Canada lounge access (fee or no fee).
        Have a nice trip!

  6. Jacqui

    I have 2 Maple Leaf passes I would like to gift to friends (elite status). They are on an International flight – the first part of my download refers to them but the actual certificate since Canada domestic and transborder flights. Can they be use for the International Maple Leaf lounge flying to Europe? Thanks if you can help.

  7. Trannum Balli

    Question: I do not book my own travel anymore (my workplace does) am I allowed to access MLL for holding the Amex Platinum Aeroplane card, even though I am not booking with that card?

  8. DM

    Can a 50K Elite Status Member bring a guest into the Air Canada Cafe? Wondering if anyone has any experience with this. Thanks!

  9. colonel

    I always read your review and like it. But this time…these lounges are the most restrictive that exist, I do not know why you value them as something very accessible compared to other types of lounges. I have the impression that it is more in line with everything that contains the word Canada and related to travel “it’s expensive”! But I can assume that AC is following you ‘very’ closely.

    1. Ricky YVR

      I’m not sure what you mean here. How are Maple Leaf Lounges “the most restrictive that exist” when anyone with a credit card can get access to them?

      1. colonel

        Premium Hi end card or hi end status aeroplan and pay mostly to have a guest. I have the Amex plat so for the cost, I have more then those Aeroplan Hi end card.

  10. Amy

    Another useful info.
    Aeroplan 25K status may choose one-time guest pass, how long would those guest pass shown in Aeroplan account after selection?

    1. Ricky YVR

      Until the end of the calendar year in which they were selected.

  11. z

    Was at LAX a few weeks ago, wasn’t allowed in with the pass, said they don’t take that.

  12. Frank

    Could you please confirm that the TD Aeroplan visa infinite privilege card requires payment for the 1 guest of the cardholder? I know it says in the article above but it seems odd to me that only CIBC would offer that benefit.

  13. Nick

    Since Maple Leaf lounge in YYZ (transborder) has been and currently still is closed unfortunately, can a pax still visit the domestic Maple Leaf lounge in the same Terminal 1?

    1. Nick

      Nvm I realized someone else asked this.

  14. farzanhaq YYZ

    Can I still access the domestic MLL instead of the transborder even if I’m flying to the States?

    1. Ricky YVR

      Nope, transborder only.

  15. Marjorie Schaper

    I just flew from Vancouver to Kelowna, I have Aeroplan 25K status. I booked Premium Economy, when I fly to England I always book Business and have no problem with access to the Maple Leaf Lounges.
    However coming from Vancouver home the lady at Maple Lounge said I didn’t have the correct (whatever) showing on my Cell Phone??? She was going to deny me entry, Until I showed her I had passes for 2 people.
    WHAT am I supposed to have on my Cell Phone? I showed her my Boarding Pass?.
    Please clarify as I am hoping to fly to the U.K. later this year, Business.

  16. JMHunter

    I was surprised to be refused access to the MLL today. Did I miss the communique advising cardholders of this change??

    1. Ricky YVR

      Cardholders of which card?

  17. Ron

    Will I be eligible to access the MLL if arriving on an AC business class but only holding an onward USA transborder economy class boarding pass?

  18. Kevin

    Can I access the lounge after my flight?
    Thank you

  19. Jacqui

    Question on the Signature Suite & Lounge – are you sure that the Business Class Flexible reward ticket is allowed in the lounge? The code on my ticket (flex reward business) is not listed on the codes that are acceptable on the Air Canada website (I). I might be blind but I can’t see that ticket listed as acceptable on the AC website?

    1. Ricky YVR

      Yes, I’m sure. The AC website hasn’t been updated yet because all the Signature Suites are closed, but once they reopen, it’ll be updated with the appropriate language to include Business Flexible awards.

      1. Jacqui

        THANK YOU, Ricky. I appreciate the clarification on the A/C website.

  20. Randy Preising

    For those of us that don’t fly often—even before COVID, it seems the red ropes are increasing. My TD Infinite used to include a complimentary, yearly MML access. I see now that’s gone.

    Since YYZ T1 put in those ridiculous video kiosks in the waiting area, the MLL is looking better and better. I have 300k of Aeroplan points, but it seems my only option is to book Rouge Premium (I don’t think it’s THAT bad) or switch to the Amex Aeroplan Reserve Card.

    1. Ricky YVR

      Yeah, they’ve changed it so that the core Visa Infinite cards no longer have that one-time lounge access benefit on Aeroplan tickets. You’d need the VIP card now for unlimited lounge access.

  21. Todd

    Is over-crowding a concern now that AC has added the premium cards to the list of eligible travellers that can access the lounges?

    1. Jay*

      I would not be surprised once things are back to normal.

  22. Florian

    If you redeem Aeroplan points for an economy Latitude reward and use eUpgrade credits to upgrade to business class, do you end up with a lowest or a flexible business class reward? If you end up with a flexible fare, would you get access to the signature suite? Thanks!

    1. Florian

      Let me answer my own question:

      All bookings in R (including, but not limited to, eUpgrades, Last-Minute Upgrades, AC Bid Upgrades) and I (including Star Alliance Upgrade Awards), as well as bookings made during irregular operations where the customer was not originally booked and confirmed in one of the eligible booking classes, will be excluded.

      So no, unfortunately!

      1. Nicole

        Hi, just wanted to let you know that I had latitude booked for a trip to Dublin a couple weeks ago, eupgraded to business and my ticket showed I was booked in J. So gave it a shot and got into signature suite, no questions asked!

  23. Max

    I can’t see anyone in the churning community ever seeing the Signature suite, its a mute point. No one will pay cash for a business ticket nor is anyone crazy or dumb with their points to ever book a Business Flex which makes 0 sense.. unfortunately its a pipe dream for many, including Ricky I would imagine as well.

    1. Santhosh Chakkungal

      Does holding Premium Credit card with TD or Amex entitle MLL access.fornthr family if traveling on same ticket.

      1. Ricky YVR

        Technically, it’s only one guest that gets to enter with you for free.

        1. Paul

          I’ve got a U.S. Chase Aeroplan card with 2 MLL passes. Can I use them at any North American MLL?

        2. Frank

          do the TD and Amex card also allow you to bring in a guest for free? I thought it was only CIBC?

    2. Jay*

      For individuals that are swimming in AP, I imagine they would splurge at least once for the experience. 😊

    3. Ricky YVR

      In the future, Business Flex is actually a pretty sweet deal at 10–15k extra points compared to Business Lowest when it’ll offer free changes and cancellations. The Signature Suite is a nice bonus on top of that.

  24. Richard

    Lounges can be used as both departure and arrival lounges.
    A description of when you can use a ML lounge as an arrival lounge would be a nice touch.
    I like the AC ML lounge for newspapers (The Gazette in Montreal and the Globe & Mail elsewhere) and the HagenDaz ice cream bars in the summer but the Priority Pass Lounges for hot food. You’ve written before on Lounge hopping.

    1. CT YOW

      Just so you know, most MLL no longer have the newspapers. They now encourage you to download the PressReader app and read the newspapers online.

  25. Joanne Ler

    As a relatively frequent user of the domestic Maple Leaf lounges over the years, I have to say that the quality of the food keeps declining. The hot meals of which you speak are seldom available and when they are, they don’t last long. You cannot even get a sandwich any more (although I have learned to first stop at the café to quickly grab a sandwich and then head upstairs to the main lounge for a drink, but you can only do this in Toronto). The ubiquitous kale salad (ugh!), soups that rarely change (I’m looking at you, Thai curry!), bad pizza, and tortilla chips are the standard fare these days, with little else to tempt the palate. The only real benefits are the complementary alcoholic beverages.

    As an aside, I have always been curious as to why the Calgary lounge has a bartender but all the other lounges are self-serve?

  26. Tim Clark

    I just tried the Air Canada Cafe a couple weeks ago – overall it is quite nice and one huge benefit is the takeaway food selection is LARGE. I stocked up with a sandwich, chia pudding and cheese and fruit cup for my flight. I don’t always like the plane food and/or get very hungry on flights sometimes so this made a huge difference for me. I can’t recommend it enough.

    Also there is a large bar with a server to make drinks, and the design is very calm and slick, really nice vibe.

    1. CT YOW

      I always go to the bar and ask for a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Lindt chocolate is always nice too, but you have to ask the bartender for it.

  27. Mitchell

    Anytime there is shade to be thrown at Rouge, i’ll be happy.

  28. Mike

    I like this! OMAAT does "how to access" lounge posts, then PoT makes it for Canadians lol

    1. Ricky YVR

      Lucky is an inspiration to us all 🙂

  29. AG

    Will the TD and CIBC Aeroplan cards get you into the Air Canada Cafe an an economy flight booked with aeroplan?

    1. Al

      Yes, but only if you earned your plane ticket using your aeroplan reward miles

    2. Ricky YVR

      Good question. My guess is no, since the benefit states "Maple Leaf Lounge" pretty explicitly, and the Air Canada Cafe page states that access is "exclusively" for the set of passengers described in the article. They’ll probably just ask you to go to the Maple Leaf Lounge instead.

  30. Ced

    Doesn’t the aeroplanplus platinum from AMEX get priority pass aswell?

    1. Ricky YVR

      You’re correct, this was my oversight. I suppose the point is that the Amex MR cards already get you comparable lounge access via Priority Pass, but with a much higher points-earning potential, for the same annual fee. I’ll update the article to clarify this.

      1. Eric

        Couple a’ things:

        First the Paris MLL is really nice so worth the stop. Partly because it seemed less crowded than the Canadian ones I had been to. The free pour cognac was a nice touch and my impression of the liquors and bubbly was that they exceed the standard from other lounges I have visited.

        Secondly The Aeroplan Amex platinum card gives you priority pass but it’s not like the Amex platinum. I was told (IIRC it was the amex chat person) that you are still charged a fee for discounted entry fee to Priority pass liunges when holding this card rather like some of lower end cards. For this reason I didn’t set up the PP on my Amex AP card since I already hold both of the Amex platinum cards. I also didn’t investigate further so it may be that I misunderstood.

        Still that card works for me as I fly occasionally for work. It’s usually domestic and always economy. There is an MLL but no PP at my nearest airport.

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