Community Guidelines

At Prince of Travel, we help you travel the world smarter, cheaper, and better. We’re all here because we share the same love and passion for travel.

The diversity of our world is what defines travel. Our experiences are enriched by interacting with those who are different from us. In that spirit, inclusivity and respect are foundational values of our community.

The following guidelines apply to participation in Prince of Travel’s discussion communities, including:

Constructive Participation

Generating Discussion

Anyone is welcome to post any question or discussion related to travel or Miles & Points.

We encourage you to do and demonstrate a bit of research before asking a question. Thoughtful questions typically lead to higher-quality answers. We suggest referring to the Prince of Travel website, using the group’s search function on Facebook or Discord, and using Google.

While there is often overlap, aim to keep topics organized in the appropriate #channel on Discord.

Permitted Topics

  • In general, aim to keep posts on-topic about travel or Miles & Points.
  • Conduct on-topic discussions in a way that is relevant to a wide audience of all members; minimize unsolicited and unnecessary personal details which may not interest others.
  • On-topic jokes and memes are allowed, but low-effort content may be removed.
  • Political topics and social issues are allowed; however, we encourage you to limit discussion to specific policies which impact travel and Miles & Points.


What happens in the Club Lounge stays in the Club Lounge! We encourage you to keep the ideas discussed in the group exclusive to your fellow members.

As a courtesy to others who have shared information with you, we find that this helps foster a circle of trust and mutual openness.

Code of Conduct

Welcoming Environment

Our community includes members with a wide range of experience with Miles & Points. All participants are expected to foster a welcoming environment for others, including beginners. No member should be made to feel uncomfortable for their participation.

  • Do respond politely and constructively to simple questions.
  • Do share additional resources which may be helpful.
  • Do engage in light-hearted banter, as long as it doesn’t make anyone feel unwelcome.
  • Don’t ridicule others for asking basic or repetitive questions.
  • Don’t belittle others who may have different travel preferences than you.
  • Don’t respond at all if a discussion doesn’t interest you.

Inappropriate conduct may include the words you use, the images or links you post, and/or the emojis you react with.

Basic or repetitive discussions may be locked once they have been resolved.

Toxic Behaviour

Toxic behaviour, whether public or via direct message to other group members, will not be tolerated under any circumstances. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Hate speech or discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental disabilities, etc.
  • Bullying, targeted harassment, or deliberate antagonism of an individual or group
  • Personal attacks
  • Sharing identifying information about another member without their consent
  • Dangerous speech, such as calls for harm or threats of violence
  • Interactions towards another member which negatively impact the community at large

Self-Promotion & Selling

The following are allowed:

  • If you’re a fellow content creator, feel free to ask permission to share your best work with the group.
  • You may offer or request free giveaways for goods that are relevant to travel and Miles & Points (e.g., spare lounge passes).
  • You may offer sales or barters for goods that are relevant to travel and Miles & Points (e.g., swapping referral links, elite status gifts, etc.) in the #marketplace channel on Discord only. Prince of Travel is not responsible for enforcing the terms of private deals between members.

The following are not allowed, whether publicly or via direct message to other group members:

  • Don’t post spam.
  • Don’t post third-party advertising or resell other products.
  • Don’t post unsolicited referral links or solicitations for referral links.
  • You may not offer to buy, sell, or barter information. If you have something you wish to share, share it with the community. If you have something you wish to learn, ask the community so that others may benefit from the response.

If you have any concerns about behaviours you see in the community, please use the “Report” function on the Facebook group to let a moderator know. On Discord, you may reach out to a Prince of Travel team member privately.

Repeated or serious violations of our Community Guidelines may result in a ban from using our products and services, including removal from discussion groups, termination of membership, and/or exclusion from in-person events.

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