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Finnair Plus Enables 1:1 Transfers to British Airways Avios
News May 22, 2024

Finnair Plus has announced that 1:1 transfers between Finnair Avios and British Airways Avios will go live as of May...

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Is The Amex Platinum Still Worth it in 2024?
Insights May 22, 2024

With the Amex Platinum Card's annual fee increasing to $799, people ask, "Is the Amex Platinum still worth it in...

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Buy Air France KLM Flying Blue Miles with a 70% Bonus
Deals May 21, 2024

Until April 25, 2024, Air France KLM Flying Blue is selling miles with a 70% bonus, which you can leverage...

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Review: American Express Platinum Card
Reviews May 21, 2024

Here's an in-depth review of the American Express Platinum Card, one of the best travel cards in Canada.

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How to Use FlightConnections Like a Pro
Guides May 21, 2024

“Which airlines fly where?” FlightConnections is a powerful tool that answers this question in a visual and user-friendly way.

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Best Credit Cards for Costco
Guides May 20, 2024

Here are the best credit cards you can use at Costco warehouses in Canada.

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Miles & Points for Beginners: Setting the Goal
May 20, 2024

In the second installment of Miles & Points for Beginners, we'll guide you in setting your goals.

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Beginners Guide To TD Cash Back Credit Cards
May 18, 2024

Here's a beginners guide on the cash back credit card offerings of TD Bank.

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How to Use Google Flights Like a Pro
Guides May 16, 2024

Google Flights has become my one-stop shop for booking flights, researching routes, and planning upcoming trips. Here’s a rundown of...

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4 Changes That Would Make Air France KLM Flying Blue Even Better
May 16, 2024

As Air France KLM Flying Blue makes itself felt in Canada, there still are ways for it to improve to...

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