Can you make changes to an Aeroplan itinerary?

Yes you can, but you must call in to make changes to an Aeroplan itinerary, as it can’t be done online.

Changes are allowed until two hours before departure or two hours until the next leg(s) of the itinerary.

Upgrading to the class of service you've already paid for is free, while all other changes are $100 per person per direction (or $75 per person per direction of Aeroplan Diamond members).

You can make changes to an existing Aeroplan booking over the phone. Changes cannot be made online.

Whenever you make changes (regardless of whether it’s before or during the trip), the entire itinerary will be re-validated and must conform to the usual Aeroplan rules regarding stopovers, routings, etc. Differences in taxes and fees, including fuel surcharges will be recalculated and adjusted accordingly: you will either receive a refund or will be charged for the difference.

If more miles are required, the additional miles will be calculated and collected from your account. However, if fewer miles are required, they will be forfeited, so you might better off cancelling and rebooking in this case.

The change fee is $100 plus taxes, per person per direction. Therefore, if you need to make changes to both the inbound and outbound parts of your trip, you’ll need to pay $200 plus taxes per person. Aeroplan Diamond members benefit from a reduced change fee of $75 plus taxes, per person per direction.

One exception is when you’re simply upgrading one flight with a lower class of service to the class of service of the overall ticket. For example, if you’ve redeemed miles for a business class itinerary, but one or more legs were originally booked in economy, you are allowed to upgrade to business class free of charge should the space open up.

You are also permitted to be on standby for an earlier or later flight if you’re flying on Air Canada – this is particularly relevant if you paid for business class on the entire trip, but are flying economy on an Air Canada leg. In this scenario, you can waitlist for business class at the check-in counter free of charge.

Last updated 8 June 2019. Any questions? Contact me.