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Looking to maximize your frequent flyer miles and credit card points for travel? I’ll be your guide.

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Points Consulting

  • What points do you hold at the moment? What are your travel goals? What do you need help with?

How It Works


Beat the learning curve.

Want to master the art of travelling on points, but overwhelmed by all the information out there? Get one-on-one guidance from someone who’s been around the block.


Know what to do next.

Which points should you collect? Which credit card to get next? I’ll help you make all the decisions on the path to attaining luxury travel while saving thousands of dollars.


Only the best advice.

Get personalized flight, hotel, and travel suggestions tailored to your preferences based on my many years of travelling 100,000+ miles around the world on points.


Book your dream award trip.

Trying to put together an Aeroplan Mini-RTW or similar trip? I’ll “teach you to fish”: hop on a Skype call and watch me weave together your dream trip right in front of your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Points Consulting?

Points Consulting is a service offered by Prince of Travel, a website dedicated to helping Canadians travel the world better using the power of Miles & Points.

As someone who’s been travelling the world on points for many years, I created Points Consulting to help you navigate the learning curve and master the art of travelling on points through one-on-one coaching and consulting sessions with someone who lives and breathes this stuff.

Why should I use this service?

There’s a vast amount of information out there on how to travel using points. The content on Prince of Travel will always be free, but sifting through that information and devising the right strategies to meet your travel goals is a process that takes time and effort.

While I do encourage everyone to put in the work and reap the rewards, a paid consulting service can greatly accelerate your learning process.

Instead of spending many hours absorbing information on your own, I can provide personalized guidance, strategies, and advice to help you start travelling the world on points in a fraction of the time.

What are some examples of how you can help me?

Whether you’re mulling over which credit cards to get, building an Aeroplan Mini-RTW trip, or just trying to understand how everything fits together, Points Consulting can help.

I’ll build your optimal credit card strategy, and help you understand why it’s optimal. I’ll walk you through a complex itinerary to make sure you can learn the skill for yourself.

In every consulting session, I’ll take ownership of your questions and approach them as though I’m working on my own travel plans and points portfolio. This way, I’ll help you understand how a Miles & Points expert operates, and send you on your way to becoming one yourself.

How does the consulting session work?

Simply register your interest in a consulting session via the Get Started button below. I’ll be in touch to get a basic idea of your travel goals and what you’re looking to get out of Points Consulting.

After that, we’ll agree on a time that’s convenient for us, and we’ll hop on a call. Video chat, or over the phone – it’s up to you!

(I like video chat, since I can share my screen and show you stuff in live-action.)

I’ll follow-up with an email of useful resources and a brief summary of our call, as well as things you can look into to build upon what you’ve learned.

How does payment work?

Consulting sessions are priced at $200/hour. I’ll send you an invoice and checkout form after the session.

Will you tell me about “manufactured spending”?

The nature of this game we play is that certain topics, such as manufactured spending, tend to be kept under wraps.

One-on-one consulting sessions are more personal than blog posts, and so they would be more amenable to having these discussions. Nevertheless, the usual spirit of these things still applies. Expect hints, not handouts!


My time is yours. As someone with many years of experience earning and redeeming points for travel, I can help you cut through the noise and zero in on the correct strategies in a fraction of the time.

Whether you have a laundry list of questions you’d like to get answered, a credit card strategy to develop, or a complex Aeroplan trip to stitch together, I’m here to help.

Prices are in Canadian Dollars, and payment is completed after the session.

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Don't take my word for It...

For Kevin M., the value from Points Consulting more than offset the fee.

Thanks Ricky for an extremely productive session. I was well versed in the basics, but your coaching really helped me learn some advanced points earning strategies that I’ll use for years to come.

Your Points Consulting service was like a great credit card signup bonus: the value received more than offset the fee!

– Kevin M., June 2020
Lloyd S. booked business class flights to Europe for the summer using my service.

Ricky, I would like to thank you for helping my wife and I attain business award seats to/from Europe next summer! Trying to work through the myriad of combinations by myself was time-consuming and very frustrating. We definitely appreciate your expertise and the tricks you have up your sleeve that the rest of us just aren’t aware of.

I would definitely encourage anyone who finds themselves in our situation to have Ricky find award seats for you, and at a very reasonable cost.

– Lloyd S., February 2020
Martin W. finished in a one-hour session what would’ve taken him 20 hours to do on his own.

Ricky is a wizard when it comes to redeeming points for travel, especially for Canadians. If you are on the fence about whether to book a consulting session, rest assured that it’s worth every penny.

Due to upcoming changes in the Aeroplan policies, I needed to book a Mini-RTW by a certain deadline but was short on time. Ricky not only had the itinerary I wanted with all business class flights, dates, and schedule ready the day after I hired him, he also hopped on a Skype call with me and showed me how he did it! Plus he answered every other question I had about various topics including MS, redeeming US credit cards, and a bunch of other little tips and tricks that will save me tons of time in the future.

The stuff he helped me with in an hour would have taken me 20 or more if I were to try to do it on my own. I know because I was trying before I gave up and hired him. Hire Ricky, it’s a no-brainer decision.

– Martin W., September 2019
Carol C. used Points Consulting to book an awesome trip for her family of five.

My husband and I have an upcoming family reunion in Malaysia and wanted to create a multi-stop adventure with our three kids. I knew I did not want to fumble around getting frustrated trying to do this myself so I booked a consultation with Prince of Travel.

In just one hour, Ricky mapped out our entire trip on points for all five of us (hello Bali and Japan!). My sister sat in on the session (she’s a former travel agent who usually books our travel better than we can) and said she learned new things from Ricky. Totally recommend this valuable service and would use it again.

– Carol C., July 2019
For Genevieve Z., booking her first Mini-RTW was a breeze.

I’ve been so impressed with Ricky’s wealth of knowledge that he shares so freely on his very well organized site, so it was a no-brainer for me to use him for Points Consulting!

It was a pleasure working with Ricky to book my first Mini-RTW trip and I’m looking forward to booking a second one with him shortly!

I had been so frustrated trying to book things on my own, and working with someone who knew everything from which actual planes in a specific fleet offered the best product to how much time I’d actually need for a connection was beyond valuable! Booking my flight was a breeze with his help and I’m so excited to do it all over again and save myself the hours of research!

– Genevieve Z., July 2019
Marc L. needed help with a personalized plan of action.

I stumbled on Ricky’s site when I was researching information on travel cards. After reading his blog and newsletter for a few weeks, I decided to hire Ricky to develop a personalized strategy and plan of action for me as I had no idea where to start.

Needless to say, I was blown away. Ricky’s expertise on miles and points, especially when it comes to the Canadian market is second to none. The tips and suggestions he gave me were definitely worth much more than the consulting fee! I’ll definitely hire Ricky again in the future to re-assess my strategy!

– Marc L., May 2019
Anna C.’s only regret is not booking a Points Consulting session sooner.

I recently had a 1:1 consulting session with Ricky and it was worth every penny. The specific tips that I gained more than offset his fee, as I had tried to do it on my own with his wonderful resources prior to our session but had mistimed one step that cost me $$$ to one credit card company.

My only regret is that I should have done our consulting session sooner and saved myself the headache from hours of trying to figure things out. Ricky is a wealth of knowledge and very generous with sharing his experience to help maximize value from points, and I was able to have Ricky walk me through best steps/priorities for my particular situation.

Thank you so much, Ricky, for sharing and creating such valuable resources. Keep up the great work!

– Anna C., April 2019
Tyler C. checks in with me on a quarterly basis.

Ricky came up with a focused strategy for me to pursue my family’s travel goals.

Having a family of four means that a lot of miles are needed for travel, and Ricky covered concepts around optimizing points in two-player mode and pointed me in the right direction to discover some more advanced concepts.

I have scheduled his services for a quarterly review to keep me on the path to all my travel goals.

– Tyler C., February 2019
Josh B. wanted to chat about manufactured spending.

I booked a points consulting session with Ricky to discuss manufactured spending in a more private setting.

While I already had some ideas, Ricky was able to provide additional value in providing some tips for opportunities to look into (expect tips, not laid out guides!).

I’ve been more easily able to meet minimum spends whereas in the past I had to carefully plan out all of my organic spends. Thanks Ricky for taking my points addiction to the next level!

– Josh B., January 2019