Can you cancel an Aeroplan itinerary?

If it's 22 or more days before the date of departure, you can cancel for a full refund of the miles and taxes for a cancellation fee of $150 (or $30 if you're an Aeroplan Diamond member).

Within 22 days, you won't be able to get the miles redeposited into your account. However, you can change the ticket and rebook the trip on a date further than 22 days out, and then cancel to receive a full refund of the miles and taxes.

The cancellation fee is $150 per person, regardless of whether you booked a round-trip, one-way, or multi-city itinerary. If you’re a Diamond member, cancellations are $30 per person (if done online) or $100 (if done over the phone).

Online cancellation is the best option, as it’s fairly easy to log in to the Aeroplan site, head to Manage Your Bookings, and click the Cancel button.


Within 22 days and up to two hours before departure, cancellation is free, but you won’t receive a refund of miles and taxes. Instead, you can use these miles and taxes towards a future trip within a year from the date the trip was booked.

Simply call Aeroplan with the original ticket number to rebook your trip for a future date. Should the taxes be more expensive, you’ll be charged the difference; however, if the taxes are less expensive, the difference is forfeited. If you’ve already flown a segment of the trip, the portion not flown will remain valid for a year from the date of the first flown segment. You’ll pay a change fee of $100 per direction ($75 per direction for Aeroplan Diamond members) instead of a cancellation fee.

If you don’t have plans to travel in the next year (or if you’d rather receive all the miles back in your account), there is a workaround! You can call in to change the award to a future date that’s further than 22 days out, and then cancel the award. The caveat is that you’ll end up paying both a change fee ($100 per direction) and a cancellation fee ($150), so you’ll have to decide whether it’s worth it.

Last updated 8 June 2019. Any questions? Contact me.