Aeroplan eStore Promotion: 7x Points for Back to School!


Aeroplan points are among the most easily accessible points programs in Canada, due to the wide range of bonuses and promotions offered by the program. 

In addition to credit card welcome bonuses and transferring points from bank and hotel partners, the Aeroplan eStore is one of many methods available to earn Aeroplan points, especially during one of the frequent eStore bonus events. 

Aeroplan Back to Schoool Event: Up to 7x Points Until August 14

When making purchases through the Aeroplan eStore, the standard earning rate is 1 Aeroplan point per dollar spent before taxes and shipping.

With the latest eStore promotion for the Back to School season, Aeroplan members can earn up to 7 Aeroplan points per dollar spent across all retailers. 

The following retailers are offering the full elevated return of 7x Aeroplan points (or in some cases, even higher):

  • Aldo
  • Apple (until August 7)
  • Aveda
  • Clearly
  • Dyson
  • Indochino
  • Lenovo 
  • Noom (10x points)
  • Persona (10x points)
  • Sephora
  • Simons
  • Telus (10x points)

Meanwhile, other retailers are offering 2x–5x Aeroplan points as part of the Back to School event as well, though not quite the full 7x rewards. 

Either way, this can be a great opportunity to knock out some major purchases that you’ve been planning and rack up 7x points along the way.

The Back to School event is fairly time-sensitive, as it only lasts for the next two weeks through August 14, 2022.  

Note that if you have Aeroplan Elite Status, you’ll earn an extra 2x Aeroplan points on all eStore purchases as part of your elite benefits, meaning that you can earn a total of 9x Aeroplan points via the eStore on this promotion.

Five Days Only: 5x Points on Apple Purchases

Aeroplan members can also earn 7 Aeroplan points per dollar spent on Apple purchases, but only until August 7, 2022. Apple’s bonus points events typically run for a shorter duration than the other eStore brands.

This can be a great opportunity to knock out some bigger Apple purchases that you’ve been planning and rack up 5x points along the way.

However, note that there are a few important exclusions, as is common for Apple bonus events:

Please note the following items are not eligible for the accumulation of Aeroplan points: Mac Studio, Studio Display, MacBook Air (M2), MacBook Pro, Apple Pro Display XDR, gift cards, gift wrap, Apple Developer Programs, Employee Purchasing Programs and shipping. Orders purchased on the Government or Military and Veteran’s Stores are not eligible for additional Aeroplan points. Apple sells and ships products to end user customers only; you may not purchase for resale. Eligible only to a customer for up to five (5) units per eligible product, except iPhone, in which case only two (2) units within a thirty-day (30-day) period are eligible.

It’s fairly typical for Apple to exclude their latest-generation products from shopping portal bonuses like the Aeroplan eStore for a few months after launch, since they know the organic demand is extremely strong anyway.

If you’re interested in Apple’s newest products like the M2 MacBook Air, you may have to wait a few months before those purchases will be eligible for eStore bonuses.

How to Use the Aeroplan eStore

Navigating the Aeroplan eStore is relatively simple. Visit the Aeroplan eStore website, and you’ll immediately see a banner with details on the current promotion. You can find the login button just above at the top right.

Once logged in, there are a few ways you can choose to explore the eStore. You can use the search bar to look for something you may already have in mind, or select the “For You” tab to view suggestions based on past searches and history.

You can also browse by categories or by retailers. When browsing, under the individual brand, you’ll see the current promotion labelled in red. 

Each store may have exemptions on which items are eligible to earn Aeroplan points, so be sure to read the fine print for your chosen retailer before completing your purchase.

Once a purchase is complete, the points will be automatically added to your Aeroplan account; however, keep in mind this process can take six to eight weeks.

To ensure you earn the Aeroplan points that you’re due from an eStore purchase, take note of the following:

  • You must complete your purchase during the same shopping session you start.
  • Avoid visiting other sites before completing your purchase, using a third-party browser extension, or using coupons not provided by eStore.
  • Ensure cookies are not disabled on your computer, as cookies are used to authenticate your session and allocate points to your account.

It’s definitely a good idea to keep a record of the points you expect to receive and the date of your eStore purchase to follow-up on any missing points if necessary, as the eStore historically hasn’t been perfectly reliable in terms of tracking every purchase. 

If, for some reason, your points haven’t been received within 10 weeks after your purchase was shipped, you can visit Aeroplan’s missing points page and submit a claim. The purchase will then be verified and deposited into your account if approved.

Use Aeroplan eStore Bonuses for Everyday Status Qualification

Not only do eStore promotions allow you to rack up Aeroplan points quickly, they can also go a long way toward achieving Aeroplan Elite Status via Everyday Status Qualification.

As part of the Everyday Status Qualification feature, members typically need to earn 100,000 Aeroplan points via eligible sources within the calendar year to qualify for the entry-level Aeroplan 25K status.

“Eligible sources” includes credit card spending, eStore bonuses, and flying activity, but excludes “easier” earning methods like credit card welcome bonuses and transferring points from other programs.

Consider the current eStore promotion of up to 7x Aeroplan points for Back to School. That would allow you to spend just $14,286 via the eStore and qualify for Everyday Status Qualification.

Furthermore, if you use a premium Aeroplan credit card earning 1.25x points to pay for your purchase, that amount drops to just $12,121.

Aeroplan Premium Credit Cards
Credit Card Best Offer Value
115,000 Aeroplan points $1,942 Apply Now
115,000 Aeroplan points $1,921 Apply Now
105,000 Aeroplan points $1,869 Apply Now
Up to 75,000 Aeroplan points $425 Apply Now

Despite Aeroplan 25K status being the lowest tier, achieving it comes with many perks that can boost your Aeroplan and Air Canada travel experience. 

When you qualify, you’ll receive 25 eUpgrade credits that can help you upgrade to a higher class of service. Additionally, you’ll receive Maple Leaf Lounge passes, free checked bags, and preferred pricing on Air Canada award tickets.

Note that existing the extra 2x Aeroplan points on eStore purchases for existing Aeroplan Elite Status members doesn’t count towards Everyday Status Qualification.

Previous Promotions

To help you decide decide whether this eStore bonus is a good opportunity for you, here’s a look back at the Aeroplan eStore’s past bonuses:


Start Date

End Date

Up to 7x bonus points

June 12, 2022

June 19, 2022

Up to 7x bonus points (Apple)

May 4, 2022

May 6, 2022

Up to 5x bonus points

May 2, 2022

May 8, 2022

Up to 7x bonus points (Apple)

March 29, 2022

April 2, 2022

Up to 5x bonus points

March 7, 2022

March 13, 2022

Up to 7x bonus points

January 31, 2022

February 14, 2022

Up to 5x bonus points

December 20, 2021

January 2, 2022

Up to 10x bonus points

December 3, 2021

December 14, 2021

Up to 10x bonus points

November 18, 2021

November 28, 2021


For Aeroplan members, the Aeroplan eStore is a great way to earn points quickly via your regular spending without having to fly. With over 200+ retail partners, there is likely something of value for everyone.

Additionally, eStore promotions can be leveraged to achieve Everyday Status Qualification, giving members additional perks when redeeming Aeroplan points and flying with Air Canada.

The current Back to School bonus event only lasts until August 14, 2022, and we’ll look out for more elevated offers popping up in the future, including offers of up to 10x points on annual shopping events such as Black Friday. 


  1. K

    Has anyone tried to purchase AppleCare by going through the e-Store? Would this be included in the current promo? ( Just missed this for a new iPhone purchase by one day!)

  2. William

    It’s easier to shop with Aeroplan e-store by installing the Aeroplan extension in Chrome. No need to log in manually to Air Canada.

  3. Seth

    I was quite excited about the eStore when I first found out about it – I do lots of shopping online! Nope – the points never arrive. I’m sure Aeroplan collects and sells our shopping data, but they don’t deliver the points. Don’t bother.

  4. don

    I have had very poor experience with getting credits for e-store purchases, including nothing for my last three purchases and it is too much trouble to follow up. So every now and then I will give them a try, only to be disappointed. Probably will be a long time before I try them again.

  5. Larry

    With the addition of Marriott Bonvoy, would a purchase done via AP estore be considered third party? Would Bonvoy status/points still be recognized/awarded?

  6. Linda

    I love the e-store but I wish Aeroplan could get the e-store fixed to be consistent in crediting. Some points take forever to credit and then inquiries filed take weeks longer to resolve. I’ve had points taken back in error and then had to file and wait again. When I called they couldn’t help, just told me to file the request on-line. They credit just by date of credit not purchase date so it takes great effort to figure out if you’re missing something. They keep promoting Amazon yet the categories there constantly shift. I’ve tried the new button on one browser and it has not sped anything up. Yes the e-store has good promotions but keep screenshots of promos and file receipts.

  7. Kothar

    I bought a qualifying ipad pro during black friday promo with black card email i got, so 10x points effective. I had to chase Amex and estore for 5 months afterward before I got my points, but only after multiple phone calls, and uploads of receipts. Quite a bit of hassle for something supposed to be clear.

  8. Rob Adams

    When I clicked the link to ship, it just brought me to site.
    Do I just shop direct there?? Would I still get the points if I followed linked through the aeroplane store??

  9. chris oreilly

    I bought something yesterday (Monday) and all items showed as 7X points ?
    Checked again today and all sow as 5X points again ?
    Maybe just a 1 day deal – will see how many points I receive.

    1. Chris W YCD

      I noticed that the eStore seems to show your status bump points if you are logged in – for example it shows me 5x points before I sign-in to the portal, but 7x points once I am logged in. This seems new

  10. John

    Is Indigo no longer an aeroplane store retailer? 😔

    1. Rachel YYZ

      Looks like it’s gone.

  11. Chris W YCD

    Ricky – I spent about $15k on the 2021 Black Friday e-store promotion with the 5x bonus multiplier for Aeroplan Premium Credit Card – I received my base points plus bonus points multipliers, but I did not ever receive any of the bonus points from putting the spend on my credit card. For instance, if I spent $1000 with Apple when they were 5X + 5X bonus for Premium Aeroplan Card, I got the 1.25 points on my CC statement, 5X as the e-store apple bonus, 2x for my 35K status, but no 5x for the premium card perk. This was the case with everything I bought on the estore during that promotion. Did anyone else receive the bonus? I feel like it has been long enough to have the points credited now? RewardOPS is telling me I have to submit a points query for every item I bought. Does that sound right?

    1. Paulk YYZ

      I had a similar experience. I received the same as you (1.25x CC and 5X apple bonus + 2X 25K Elite bonus, but no credit card 5X.). I’m also confused whether the credit card bonus would come through the credit card side or the e-store side, as this was not clear. Since I made 5 purchases between Nov 26-28 2021 and now it is March 2022, I guess I’ll have to put my queries. And wait to see if it does anything.

      1. Chris W YCD

        I thought for sure they would come through the e-store side once they verified the purchase was made with a premium card, but maybe it will be easier to raise the issue with CIBC? Its going to be a huge pain to submit those queries to RewardOPS as I don’t remember the bonuses on some of the retailers I bought from. I wonder if anyone actually got those points and could comment on how they came through. The e-store’s communication needs work…

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