Aeroplan eStore Promotion: 7x Points on Apple Products


Aeroplan is among the most easily accessible points programs in Canada, due to the wide range of bonuses and promotions offered throughout the year. 

In addition to credit card welcome bonuses and transferring points from bank and hotel partners, the Aeroplan eStore is one of many methods available to earn Aeroplan points, especially during one of the frequent eStore bonus events.

Aeroplan’s latest eStore promotions offer members up to 7 Aeroplan points per dollar spent at many retailers until February 14, 2024, as well as up to 7 points per dollar spent on Apple products until February 12, 2024.

Earn 7x Points on Apple Products

From now until February 12, 2024, you can earn up to 7x Aeroplan points when purchasing eligible Apple products through the Aeroplan eStore.

If you’ve been holding out on a large Apple purchase, now is a great time to pad your Aeroplan balance with 7 points per dollar spent on phones, tablets, and more.

As always, it’s important to check the list of exclusions for the elevated earning rate prior to making a purchase. 

This time, the following Apple products are excluded from the elevated 7x earning rate:

Apple Vision Pro, all Apple Vision Pro Accessories ,Apple Pro Display XDR, gift cards, gift wrap, Apple Developer Programs, AppleCare+ monthly subscription, Employee Purchasing Programs and shipping.

Aside from these, all other Apple products should be eligible. 

Valentine’s Day: Up to 7x Points on the Aeroplan eStore

When making purchases through the Aeroplan eStore, the standard earning rate is 1 Aeroplan point per dollar spent before taxes and shipping.

With the concurrent Valentine’s Day eStore promotion, Aeroplan members can earn up to 7 Aeroplan points per dollar spent at select retailers until February 14, 2024.

A number of retailers are offering an elevated return of 7x Aeroplan points (or in some cases, even more), either as part of the Valentine’s Day offer or as a higher base rate:

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Aveda
  • Biotherm
  • Bumble & Bumble (10x points)
  • Columbia
  • Dyson
  • IT Cosmetics
  • Kerastase
  • La Roche-Posay 
  • Lolë
  • LookFantastic (10x points)
  • Lululemon
  • MAC
  • Marcelle
  • Mel Science (10x points)
  • Michael Kors
  • Noom Weight (10x points)
  • Nord VPN (10x points)
  • Penningtons
  • Reitmans 
  • RW & Co 
  • Sephora
  • The Body Shop (10x points)
  • Viator
  • Victorinox 
  • Watier 
  • Weightwatchers (10x points)

Other Ways to Earn Points at the Aeroplan eStore

While the above promotional earning rates can be a great deal, there are a couple of other ways that can help you boost your balance.

If you have Aeroplan Elite Status, you’ll earn an extra 2 Aeroplan points per dollar spent on all eStore purchases as part of your elite benefits. This means that you can earn a total of 9 Aeroplan points per dollar spent on purchases via this promotion.

And of course, if you pay with your Amazon purchase using your Aeroplan co-branded credit card, you’ll earn even more points as a result.

If you were to pay for your eStore purchases with, say, the TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite Privilege* Card, you could earn up to 10.25 Aeroplan points per dollar spent at the eStore: 7x points as a promotional base rate, 2x points with Aeroplan Elite Status, and 1.25x points from the base earning with a premium co-branded credit card.

Aeroplan Credit Cards
Credit Card Best Offer Value
Up to 100,000 Aeroplan points $819 Apply Now
Up to 40,000 Aeroplan points† $735 Apply Now
45,000 Aeroplan points $720 Apply Now
Up to 60,000 Aeroplan points† $714 Apply Now
Up to 75,000 Aeroplan points† $714 Apply Now
90,000 Aeroplan points $611 Apply Now
Up to 50,000 Aeroplan points† $609 Apply Now
Up to 20,000 Aeroplan points† $434 Apply Now
70,000 Aeroplan points $399 Apply Now
10,000 Aeroplan points†
$0 annual fee
10,000 Aeroplan points† $210 Apply Now

Keep in mind that some of the points earned through the Aeroplan eStore also count towards Everyday Status Qualification.

As part of the Everyday Status Qualification feature, members need to earn 100,000 Aeroplan points via eligible sources within the calendar year to qualify for the entry-level Aeroplan 25K status. With any bonus multipliers, you’ll be much closer to reaching that threshold than if you were just earning the base rate.

(Note that the extra 2x Aeroplan points on eStore purchases for existing Aeroplan Elite Status members doesn’t count towards Everyday Status Qualification).

Lastly, it’s worth noting that the eStore hasn’t historically been 100% reliable in terms of tracking and crediting every purchase. Therefore, it’s definitely a good idea to keep a record of the points you expect to receive and the date of your eStore purchase, in case you need to follow up on any missing points.

Previous Promotions

To help you decide decide whether this eStore bonus is a good opportunity for you, here’s a look back at the Aeroplan eStore’s past bonuses:


Start Date

End Date

Up to 7x bonus points (Apple)

February 8, 2024

February 12, 2024

Up to 7x bonus points

February 1, 2024

February 14, 2024

Up to 5x bonus points (Apple)

October 26, 2023

October 29, 2023

Up to 5x bonus points (Amazon)

October 10, 2023

October 11, 2023

Up to 5x bonus points (Apple)

August 21, 2023

August 25, 2023

Up to 7x bonus points

August 3, 2023

August 13, 2023

Up to 5x bonus points

July 17, 2023

July 23, 2023

Up to 10x bonus points (Amazon)

July 11, 2023

July 12, 2023

Up to 5x bonus points (Apple)

June 20, 2023

June 25, 2023

Up to 5x bonus points

June 5, 2023

June 18, 2023

Up to 5x bonus points

May 8, 2023

May 14, 2023

Up to 5x bonus points (Apple)

April 26, 2023

April 30, 2023

Up to 5x bonus points

March 13, 2023

March 19, 2023

Up to 7x bonus points

February 1, 2023

February 14, 2023


For Aeroplan members, the Aeroplan eStore is a great way to earn points quickly via your regular spending without having to fly. With over 200+ retail partners, there’s likely something of value for everyone.

Additionally, eStore promotions can be leveraged to achieve Everyday Status Qualification, giving members additional perks when redeeming Aeroplan points and flying with Air Canada.

Be sure to take advantage of the current promotion to earn up to 7x points on Apple products until February 12, 2024, and 7x points at select retailers at the Aeroplan eStore until February 14, 2024. 

This is a recurring article, regularly updated with the latest promotion. Some comments may refer to past promotions that are no longer available.
  1. Jason Wong

    Be sure to document everything about your purchase, and take lots of screenshots. The aeroplan estore regularly doesn’t give you the promised miles and you have to complain to get them.

  2. Stephen

    I’ve gone out of my way to get these bonuses in the past, and they don’t seem to register. I presume a technical matter at my end, but I have no idea what.

  3. Dani

    Does it work if you buy it from the Amazon app? I clicked on the Aeroplan estore button and it redirected me to the app but I’m not sure if it will actually work. Please let me know if you know! Thanks!

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