30% Transfer Bonus from RBC Avion to British Airways Avios

It’s once again a great time to convert your RBC Avion points to British Airways Avios. Until May 15, 2023, RBC Avion is offering a 30% transfer bonus when converting your points to Avios.

The last time we saw this transfer bonus was in Fall 2022, so this is a hopeful sign of regular transfer bonuses to come in the future.

The 30% Transfer Bonus

The usual conversion ratio from Avion to Avios is 1:1, so this bonus makes it an effective ratio of 1:1.3.

You need to transfer a minimum of 10,000 Avion points (which would equal 13,000 Avios), but you can transfer in increments of 1 point thereafter.

Remember that if you want to earn additional RBC Avion points to take advantage of this bonus, there are currently record-high offers of 55,000 Avion points on all of the personal RBC Avion cards (which last until April 30), which would translate into 71,500 Avios under this bonus.

If you opened, say, both the RBC Avion Visa Infinite and the RBC Avion Visa Platinum for 55,000 points each, that would earn you a total of 91,000 Avios with no minimum spend, or 143,000 Avios upon maximizing both offers. 

RBC Avion Credit Cards
Credit Card Best Offer Value
35,000 RBC Avion points
$120 annual fee
35,000 RBC Avion points $580 Apply Now
35,000 RBC Avion points $301 Apply Now

It’s worth noting that the bonus doesn’t show up on the RBC Avion Rewards website when you initiate the transfer. When you input the number of Avios you’d like to convert, it will show the regular 1:1 ratio.

However, the conversion indeed shows up when the points land in your Avios account. As long as you initiate the transfer within the valid time period, you’ll receive the 30% bonus.

Is It a Good Deal to Transfer Avion Points to Avios?

The best way to leverage this 30% bonus is to take advantage of existing sweet spots within the British Airways Avios program (i.e., redemption opportunities that would’ve been a good deal even without the 30% bonus in place).

Let’s remind ourselves of the best Avios sweet spots for Canadian travellers and how they can be supercharged to even greater value by the current 30% bonus from RBC Avion:

  • North America to Doha on Qatar Airways Qsuites normally costs 70,000 Avios, which is equivalent to only 53,847 Avion points with the 30% bonus.
  • North America to the Maldives on Qatar Airways Qsuites normally costs 85,000 Avios, which is equivalent to only 65,385 Avion points with the 30% bonus.
  • North America to Bangkok on Qatar Airways Qsuites followed by Qatar Airways First Class normally costs 95,000 Avios, which is equivalent to only 73,077 Avion points with the 30% bonus.
  • Toronto to Dublin on Aer Lingus normally costs 13,000 or 50,000 Avios in economy or business class, which is equivalent to only 10,000 or 38,462 Avion points with the 30% bonus.
  • Seattle to Hawaii on Alaska Airlines normally costs 16,250 or 62,500 Avios in economy or business class, which is equivalent to only 12,500 or 48,077 Avion points with the 30% bonus.
  • North American short-haul flights normally start at 9,000 Avios in economy class, which is equivalent to only 6,923 Avion points with the 30% bonus.
  • Oneworld short-haul flights around the world normally start at 6,000 Avios in economy class, which is equivalent to only 4,615 Avion points with the 30% bonus.
  • Oneworld multi-carrier awards allow you to build a fairly comprehensive round-the-world award in “economy class” for 100,000 Avios all-in, which would be equivalent to 76,923 Avion points with the 30% bonus.
Fly Qatar Airways Qsuites for only 53,847 Avion points

If some of these Avios sweet spots sound appealing to you, then it’s a great time to take advantage of the 30% transfer bonus and book an Avios sweet spot for your upcoming travel.

Indeed, this is the just the second time we’re seeing the RBC to Avios transfer bonus after Qatar Airways joined the program back in March 2022, which brought along many new and interesting sweet spots to the Avios program.

The ability to earn a Qsuites flight by converting a single RBC Avion welcome bonus over to Avios is highly attractive, and I’d imagine many Avion points collectors who had jumped on the recent all-time-high welcome bonuses would’ve been waiting for a transfer bonus just like this one to arrive. 


The recurring transfer bonus from RBC Avion to British Airways Avios is back again for 2023, offering those of us who’ve recently capitalized on record-high RBC welcome bonuses the opportunity to book flights through Avios with a 30% boost.

Despite some devaluations here and there, Avios still offers its fair share of sweet spots on Oneworld and its associated airlines around the world, and it remains the primary diversification option for Canadians who are largely tied to Air Canada and Star Alliance.

If you plan to book one of these sweet spots over the foreseeable future, then the 30% transfer bonus from RBC Avion is a great opportunity, so make sure to take advantage by May 15, 2023.

  1. Stefanie

    I transferred approximately 300K Avion points to Avios and they transfer went through a few days later, but no bonus points posted. Has anyone had any luck rectifying this issue? It looks like I’m not the only experiencing it.

    1. Paulk YYZ

      And same issue with me; transferred 32,000 points, received 32,000. Guess RBC put on the promotion and forgot to tell BA.

  2. Margot

    I have not received the 30% bonus Avios. RBC representative said I should talk to BA Avios, because they have no control on Avios points. But BA Executive Club representative sent me back to RBC. Now what?

    1. Stefanie

      I had the same issue. No bonus points were credited. What a pain in the ass to have to chase them down.

    2. Margot

      “Thank you for contacting the Club about earning Avios with Royal Bank of Canada.
      I have contacted them about your claim, and I appreciate your patience while we look into this for you.”
      That’s RBC, not BA. Even if RBC representative told me they have nothing to do with AVIOS and I should contact BA.

    3. Wyatt

      I’m having the same issue. Transferred 61,000 points on April 3 and 61,000 were deposited into my BA account. Any luck sorting this out?

    4. amish

      Same with me, I have not received the 30% bonus. I guess as this is BA Avios Promotion, nothing to do with RBC. I emailed BA about it & waiting for their response.

  3. Margot


  4. Canuck in EU

    @Mak, the best FFP site to search for Art Lingus’ availability is United.com. They are partners. Make sure you look for “X” fare.
    To login to Avions.com, you need either an Aerclub account (Aer Lingus’ FFP) or VUELING’s. I recommend Aerclub. You can transfer your BA Avios to Aerclub. The taxes are lower booking through Aerclub.
    Hope this helps.

  5. Saul

    What would be the best way to apply for both the Platinum and Infinite cards? One in-branch and one online? Or could you apply for both together in-branch/online/on the phone?

    1. David

      I have exactly the same question! Anyone have recent experience with RBC? My credit score is super high, but RBC doesn’t give me instant approval most of the time.

  6. Mak YYZ

    I pooled up quite a bit for redeeming the so call Oneworld Multi-Carrier Awards but due to these uncertain times, i would give it a shot by testing YYZ-DUB first.

    Can any one tell why i am not able to signup for AVIOS and the only options are available to sign in using FFP which is my BA account.
    Not sure how to search for YYZ-DUB as cannot signup to AVIOS directly and dont have
    appreciate any insights

  7. Jason Chacko

    U think mine will come through ? I literally transferred Last nignt lol

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