Air Canada Signature Suite Vancouver Reopens

As anticipated, Air Canada’s Signature Suite in Vancouver International Airport has reopened. The exclusive lounge, which briefly opened in March 2020 before being shuttered due to the pandemic, offers eligible passengers a premium experience before flying in Air Canada’s Signature Class.

Let’s have a look at the experience, including eligibility on some Aeroplan reward bookings, as well as the introduction of Porsche chauffeur service at the airport.

What Is the Signature Suite?

The Signature Suite is a premium lounge introduced by Air Canada for a select group of passengers travelling in Air Canada Signature Class. Signature Class is Air Canada’s premium business class product, available on select aircraft on some routes within North America and to international destinations.

The Signature Class product, which offers lie-flat seats and elevated cuisine, can be found on select Boeing 767, Boeing 777, Boeing 787, and Airbus A330 aircraft. Eligible passengers travelling from Vancouver to international destinations in Asia, Europe, and Oceania may access the Signature Suite prior to their flight.

Air Canada 777 business class – Backdrop
Air Canada 777 Signature Class

As a whole, Air Canada Signature Class is an end-to-end experience, beginning with priority ground services at check-in and security and ending with priority baggage claim after your flight. In between, concierge assistance, a Porsche chauffeur service, and premium food and beverage options are included as part of the experience.

Eligible passengers may also access the Signature Suite in Toronto or Vancouver.

The Signature Suite is a step up from Air Canada’s Maple Leaf Lounges, which are found in most Canadian airports and in select airports outside of Canada. Let’s have a look at what to expect. 

What Does the Signature Suite Offer?

As an exclusive, premium experience, the Air Canada Signature Suite offers a refined airport experience.

Unlike Maple Leaf Lounges, which may be accessed through Aeroplan Elite Status, holding a co-branded premium Aeroplan credit card, such as the American Express Aeroplan Reserve Card, or with a business class ticket, the Signature Suite is reserved for passengers travelling on paid business class tickets.

Fortunately, anyone with an Aeroplan reward booking in Business Class (Flexible) or First Class (Flexible) may also access the Signature Suite before a long-haul, international flight with Air Canada.

Air Canada Signature Suite Vancouver – Dining room seating
Air Canada Signature Suite Vancouver – Dining room seating

This restricted access makes for a private experience with a significantly improved offering. The Signature Suite features custom design, à la carte dining with a menu designed by Air Canada’s house chef David Hawksworth, and premium beverages such as Moët & Chandon champagne.

Air Canada Signature Suite Vancouver – Moët champagne
Air Canada Signature Suite Vancouver – Moët & Chandon champagne

Aside from à la carte dining, a buffet is available in the Signature Suite, perhaps for those who don’t have time to sit down and order. At the opening of the Signature Suite in Vancouver, the buffet included an array of dishes, including butter chicken, pork belly and jackfruit baos, Montreal smoked meat sandwiches, seared red tuna served in lettuce wraps, and a variety of cheeses and sweets.

Air Canada Signature Suite Vancouver – Buffet

Aside from the dining and bar areas, there is a private area reserved for Air Canada VIPs, which is an invite-only status that cannot be attained by any other means. If the space isn’t being used, it may be assigned to families.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any showers in the Air Canada Signature Suite in Vancouver. Showers are available downstairs in the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Vancouver (International).

How to Access the Signature Suite

The Signature Suite in Vancouver International Airport is located within the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge in the international departures area. The main entrance is just after security, near gate D52.

Air Canada Signature Suite Vancouver – Entrance
Air Canada Signature Suite Vancouver – Entrance

If you’re flying on a paid business class ticket, your booking class must be “J”, “C”, “D”, “Z”, or “P.” Additionally, your destination must be in Asia, Oceania, or Europe: Signature Class passengers to North American destinations are not eligible to access the Signature Suite.

If you booked on an Aeroplan redemption, your booking class must be Business Class (Flexible) or First Class (Flexible) to access the Signature Suite. Furthermore, you must be travelling on an Air Canada flight with Signature Class to destinations in Asia, Oceania, or Europe.

Business Class (Flexible) tickets tend to cost around 10,000 Aeroplan points more than a Business Class (Lowest) fare. Should you wish to try out the Signature Suite, paying the extra points could be worthwhile.

All other Aeroplan redemptions, and all other fare booking classes, including eUpgrades, bid upgrades, and Star Alliance Upgrade Awards, will not have access to the Signature Suite. 

Passengers eligible to access the Signature Suite may not bring an ineligible guest with them.

Porsche Chauffeur Service

Air Canada recently reintroduced its chauffeur service in Toronto, and as expected, now offers this service to eligible Signature Class passengers in Vancouver.

For eligible Signature Class passengers connecting in Vancouver from a domestic to an international flight, the Porsche chauffeur service may be offered. Eligibility for the chauffeur service is identical to that of the Signature Suites.

Air Canada Porsche chauffeur service

If you’re selected for this service, which cannot be booked in advance and is rather offered on a surprise and delight basis, an Air Canada concierge will greet you at the arrival gate from your domestic flight. From there, you will be escorted down to the tarmac and into a Porsche hybrid or electric vehicle.

You will be transferred to the international terminal and through to the Air Canada Signature Suite, affording you a seamless, elevated transfer. From here, you’re welcome to relax in the Signature Suite until it’s time to head to the gate for your flight.

While there is no published guide for who gets selected for the chauffeur service, it’s likely that those with higher Aeroplan Elite Statuses will have preference over those with lower statuses or those without status at all. 


Air Canada has reopened its Signature Suite at Vancouver International Airport. This is a very welcome development, as it offers a refined ground experience when compared to all other lounge options.

Paired with the reopening of the Signature Suite is the introduction of Porsche chauffeur service. As the only airline in North America who offers a premium ground transfer to eligible passengers, Air Canada is setting the bar for a premium ground experience in North America.

I plan on booking a Business Class (Flexible) Aeroplan booking in the near future so I can give the Signature Suite, and hopefully the Porsche chauffeur service, a try. 

  1. Ann Smithers

    Do eligible passengers have ahead to access the Signature lounge in YVR?

  2. Victor I

    The ACSS YVR does not currently offer the Porsche VIP treatment yet. Its expected to start in late June or July 2022.

  3. HereHare

    You wrote “may also access the signature suite in Toronto or Vancouver” – did you mean Montreal?

  4. Trevor Russell

    Forgive me if I missed this, but I booked Flex Business class on ANA from Vancouver to Tokyo with Aeroplan points, thanks to guidance from PoT. I don’t see if that makes me eligible for the Signature experience.

    1. Rachel YYZ

      Unfortunately not, as it’s only for Air Canada passengers booked business-flex (if using points).

  5. Andrew

    yes, for my next business reward seat to Asia, will defintiely pay extra for the FlexReward just for this Signature Suite Vancouver….

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