Video: WestJet RBC World Elite, The Best Card for Domestic Travel

It seems quite likely that domestic travel in Canada will resume earlier than international travel, and many Canadian travellers I’ve spoken to have said that they’d love to spend some time this summer and fall exploring our own backyard.

There’s one credit card that stands out as ideally suited to domestic travel, and that’s the WestJet RBC World Elite MasterCard. With a signup bonus of 350 WestJet Dollars, an annual companion voucher, a first free checked bag, and free wifi on WestJet flights, this credit card will treat you to a smooth and enjoyable journey with our country’s second-largest airline.

Moreover, WestJet’s Member Exclusive fares program is where you can unlock truly unbelievable value even if you’re only flying domestically in economy class. Almost every domestic flight can be booked for only 125 WestJet Dollars one-way, even if the cash fare is far higher than $125.

And if you run out of WestJet Dollars (which you shouldn’t, thanks to the lucrative World Elite credit card!) then you can always purchase WestJet Dollars straight from the program at a rate very close to par.

That’s why I consider the WestJet loyalty program and credit card to be one of the best for domestic travel, and whether you’re headed to Banff, Bathurst, or Baffin Island, I hope you find this video helpful as you plan your upcoming domestic getaways.

Without further ado, you can watch the video below:


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  1. Bob

    Answer to RBC World Elite earn rate;
    1.5% back in WestJet dollars˜ on everyday purchases
    2% back in WestJet dollars on flights or packages with WestJet or WestJet Vacations˜
    Use WestJet dollars like cash toward all or part of a WestJet flight or WestJet Vacations package
    (The information above was from the RBC website current to date posted.

  2. Leon YYC

    It seems that you cannot book member exclusive rewards for domestic transcontinental dreamliner flights.

  3. JC

    Good video..I would add the earn rate for the card…I don’t remember you mentioning how many WJ$ you earn for each dollar you spend.

    1. JC

      or just putting the earn rate among the bullet points about the benefits of the card on the screen for easy reference for viewers 🙂

  4. Blake Mccullough

    Hey Ricky,

    Can the person who has the WJ world elite MC book a ticket for someone else to fly so the flying individual gets the various MC benefits on the flight (free checked luggage, wifi, westJest members exclusive fare discount), or does the person who’s name’s on the MC have to show up and be the one flying to get all the benefits?

    1. Leon Lau

      The cardholder must be on the reservation in order for everyone in that reservation to get free checked luggage.

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