RBC Cash Back Mastercard

Last updated: August 13, 2021
  • $0 Annual fee
Annual fee:
Earning rate:
2% cash back on grocery purchases up to $6,000
1% cash back on grocery and non-grocery purchases above $6,000
0.5% cash back on non-grocery purchases up to $6,000

The RBC Cash Back Mastercard is a basic credit card. It’s a fine entry-level choice to earn more rewards on groceries if you already bank with RBC and are looking to open your first credit card, but otherwise there’s limited appeal.

Bonuses & Fees

Currently, there is no welcome offer on the RBC Cash Back Mastercard.

There is no annual fee and supplementary cards are also free.

Earning Rewards

The RBC Cash Back Mastercard earns 2% cash back on groceries up to $6,000 and 1% on groceries above $6,000. Otherwise, it earns 0.5% cash back on non-grocery purchases up to $6,000 and 1% cash back on non-grocery purchases above $6,000.

This is a relatively weak offering, especially in comparison to the Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card, which allows you to earn 2% cash back in up to three categories (including groceries).

Redeeming Rewards

There are two ways to redeem RBC cash back:

  • Upon reaching a cash back balance of at least $25, call RBC to credit the entire amount to your account
  • Automatically credited every January and appears on February statement


The RBC Cash Back Mastercard offers a doubling of the manufacturer’s warranty up to one additional year as well as provides 90 days of purchase protection.

Apply Now

As a basic no-fee product, the RBC Cash Back Mastercard has no minimum income requirement.

Follow the below link to the RBC website to learn more about this card and submit an application.

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