Status Match to WestJet Rewards Silver, Gold, or Platinum


WestJet has just announced a status match campaign, which entitles passengers with existing status with Air Canada, Porter, and British Airways to match with various tiers of WestJet Rewards status.

By enrolling between September 14 and September 30, you’ll enjoy an equivalent status with WestJet through to December 15, 2022.

There’s no requirement to do any flying to get a status match, so this is an easy in-road to leveraging status with WestJet for any upcoming trips.

Matching Status with WestJet

Depending on your current status with Air Canada, Porter, or British Airways, you can status match to various tiers of WestJet Rewards. By matching status during the promotional period, you’ll enjoy complimentary status with WestJet until December 15, 2022.

The equivalent status tiers are broken down as follows:

  • WestJet Silver will be awarded to anyone with proof of Aeroplan 25K, VIPorter Passport, British Airways Executive Club Bronze, or British Airways Executive Club Silver.
  • WestJet Gold will be awarded to anyone with proof of Aeroplan 35K, Aeroplan 50K, Aeroplan 75K, VIPorter Priority, or British Airways Executive Club Gold.
  • WestJet Platinum will be awarded to anyone with proof of Aeroplan Super Elite status.

If you already hold status with Air Canada, Porter, or British Airways, and you have an upcoming flight with WestJet this fall, you shouldn’t hesitate to enroll in this status match opportunity.

Rare are the occasions such as these, so be sure to submit your application by September 30, 2022. Simply fill out a form and upload proof of your current status on WestJet’s website, and you’ll be all set.

Easily Extend Your WestJet Rewards Status

Once you’ve matched your status with WestJet, extending it through to the end of 2023 is very easy with the current promotion. In fact, the qualifying spend requirements are only 20% of what they usually are under this promotion.

Indeed, this makes renewing WestJet Rewards status quite easy through to the end of 2023. 

  • To renew Silver status, you’ll only need to have $600 in tier qualifying spend, down from the usual $3,000.
  • To renew Gold status, you’ll only need to have $1,000 in tier qualifying spend, down from the usual $5,000.
  • To renew the top-tier Platinum status, you’ll only need to have $1,600 in tier qualifying spend, down from the usual $8,000.

This represents a very easy fast track to elite status with WestJet for anyone with qualifying statuses with other airlines.

WestJet Status Benefits

While WestJet hasn’t received a lot of press for its status offerings, with such a low barrier, it’s worthwhile to take a look at what’s in it for you with this status match offer.

If you match to WestJet Rewards Silver, you’ll benefit from a higher 3% WestJet Dollars earning rate on WestJet flights, four advance seat selection vouchers, free first and second checked bags on WestJet flights, Zone 2 priority boarding, and four airport lounge passes at WestJet-affiliated lounges in Canada and internationally.

If you match to WestJet Rewards Gold, you’ll earn 5% in WestJet Dollars on WestJet flights, six advance seat selection vouchers, free first and second checked bags on WestJet flights, Zone 1 priority boarding, and unlimited airport lounge access with up to five immediate family members travelling together.

Enjoy unlimited lounge access with WestJet Rewards Gold status

Moreover, you’ll also have upgrade priority as a Gold member when flying with WestJet, giving you the chance at paid or complimentary upgrades to WestJet’s business class on their Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

If you match to WestJet Rewards Platinum, you’ll earn 8% in WestJet Dollars on WestJet flights, unlimited advance seat selection, free first, second, and third checked bags on WestJet flights, Zone 1 priority boarding, and unlimited airport lounge access with up to five immediate family members travelling together.

Obviously, the more you fly with WestJet on a regular basis, the more useful these perks will be to you. I imagine that WestJet’s objective with the status match is to entice travellers who mostly fly with Air Canada, Porter Airline, or British Airways to give WestJet a try instead.

VIPorter elite members in particular would probably enjoy a far more comprehensive flying experience on WestJet, benefiting from lounge access and upgrades to the Premium cabin. Both are improvements upon Porter’s limited premium offering on its fleet of turboprops.

Get free upgrades to business class with WestJet Rewards elite status

Meanwhile, Aeroplan Elite Status members might be tempted by this status match to switch some of their business over to WestJet, particularly when the fares are lower on the routes they fly. They’ll continue to enjoy a level of elite benefits similar to what they’d have as an Aeroplan Elite member.

With status match campaigns, the rule of thumb is always to take advantage of them even if you don’t have a pressing need for it.

Who knows, another status match promotion might pop up at any moment somewhere in the loyalty space, and they might well pay more attention to your WestJet Rewards status earned through this status match opportunity.


WestJet’s status match until September 30 is a great opportunity for you to curry some extra perks on your WestJet flights. These perks include lounge access, priority boarding, and free checked bags.

WestJet has also been quite generous this time around by reducing the tier qualifying spend to only 20% of the norm to extend your newly earned status through 2023.

This is a recurring article, regularly updated with the latest promotion. Some comments may refer to past promotions that are no longer available.
  1. Jonathan

    I wish there was a reverse option: Holding Gold with WestJet, looking for status matching with another program.

  2. Greg

    Westjet does not know how to run a loyalty program. Expect glitches and exceptions with status matches, and pretty limited benefits. Super Elite’s will likely be disappointed with Westjet Platinum. Pretty much no free upgrades as a Platinum. Earning WJ Dollars only on base fare, excludes WJ fees and airport fees. So maybe $5-$15 earned on a Canadian flight as a Platinum which is better than the $1 – $5 earned as a base member. Lounge access is for departure only unlike AC which allows for arrivals too. So overall think Westjet Platinum is more similar to AC 25k status

  3. Paul-77

    Got my 35K to Gold status match in 2 hours.

    Now let’s check out all those lounges……there’s 1 lounge in Calgary. The rest are all 10-20% other lounges.

    1. Steven

      I’ve been denied – I can’t find a screen where it shows my full name, my status and my expiration date. Can you please help.

      1. Paul-77

        Air Canada mobile app – Aeroplan tab – tap the aeroplan card – it opens up with all your details.

        Screen shot that and send it.

    2. Paul-77

      10-20% discount at other lounges

  4. Todd

    Submitted right after the article was updated, but still no response from WS.

  5. DM

    DP: I submitted the request today morning (right after receiving the email from WestJet about Status Match) and about 9 hours later, received confirmation email that my request was approved. My WestJet account was also immediately updated with the new status and benefits are showing there (lounge passes, seat selection passes, etc.)

    Interestingly, WestJet is currently allowing Silver and above members to accumulate tier qualifying miles even when redeeming WestJet dollars for flights booked until Oct 31, 2022 and flown until Dec 31, 2022. So, if you have WestJet dollars sitting in your account, you could theoretically spend those to get equivalent tier qualifying dollars and meet the reduced requirements for extending status for another year. You could also generate WestJet dollars from RBC Credit Card (+ AVION transfers) for this purpose, if the status is helpful for you. For me personally, I am tempted by this option and am considering an almost free (I will still have to pay taxes and fees on award tickets) mileage run to extend Silver by another year (and keep as back-up for my Aeroplan 25K in 2023).

  6. drofmab

    I applied yesterday (well outside the promotional window) by email, and was approved 8minutes after sending the email – matched 35k to Gold (Guest Lounge passes, and Seat Selection credits in my WestJet account immediately).

  7. Mike

    DP: I Applied 13 days ago and no response or status change yet. (sent in screenshots of Aeroplan Black status along with name and membership numbers)

  8. Ron Sigal

    Update: my Status Match came through an hour after I posted the comment below.

  9. Ron Sigal

    Has anyone received their confirmation of Status Match yet? I submitted my documentation April 23, one hour after receiving an email notifying me of this opportunity, but so far (as of noon April 29) the Status Match has not occurred. I realize it is supposed to take "up to seven days".

  10. Charles

    Wow what did you buy to get 47k and 68k points?

    1. Ricky YVR

      Clearly stuff that’s way too far out of my budget for me to keep 😉

      1. Eric

        so curious

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