Porter Airlines to Expand Fleet and Enhance In-Flight Experience

Porter Airlines has announced that it will soon begin to take delivery of Embraer E195-E2 aircraft, thus expanding its fleet and also shifting some of its operations to Toronto Pearson International Airport. The airline will also provide a revamped economy class flying experience for all passengers.

This announcement comes as Porter Airlines plans to expand its network from its regional service in the eastern part of the continent to destinations throughout North America.

Porter Airlines to Take Delivery of Embraer E195-E2 Aircraft

Currently, Porter Airlines exclusively operates a number of De Haviland Dash 8-400 turboprop aircraft out of its hub at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. The airline will continue to fly these aircraft on upwards of 20 regional routes, but is shifting its focus to a brand-new set of planes.

Beginning in late December 2022, the airline will begin to take delivery of up to 100 Embraer E195-E2 aircraft, which it will operate out of Toronto Pearson International Airport. As Porter Airlines continues to add to its fleet, it has announced plans to also operate the Embraer E195-E2s out of Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax in the future.  

Porter Airlines will become the first North American airline to add these Brazilian-made aircraft to its fleet. The E195-E2s are purported to be the quietest narrow-body aircraft available, and provide the lowest fuel consumption per seat and per flight amongst aircraft with between 120–150 seats.

The single-aisle aircraft will feature 132 seats in a 2-2 configuration, which is surely a boon for any traveller who dreads being in a middle seat. There is an all-economy cabin setup; however, Porter Airlines will have three different options for legroom:

  • The first four rows (16 seats) will feature 36 inches of seat pitch
  • There will be 20 seats with 34 inches of seat pitch (to be known as “PorterStretch” seats)
  • The remaining seats will feature 30 inches of seat pitch

The addition of the Embraer E195-E2 will enable Porter Airlines to fly to destinations it has yet to include in its network. While the exact locations have yet to be announced, the airline has listed regions in the western and southern United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean as some of the eligible candidates. 

It is expected that Porter Airlines will announce its first scheduled destinations in the near future, likely once delivery of the first batch of E195-E2s has been confirmed. Since the jets have a range of around 2,500 nautical miles, most of North America falls within the possible range when flying from Toronto.

All of the Embraer E195-E2 aircraft will come equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi available to all passengers at no extra cost, which is a feature not offered by most North American airlines.

Porter Airlines to Offer Two New Bundles

As part of the announcement, Porter Airlines also revealed the imminent launch of two branded flying experiences: PorterReserve and PorterClassic.

PorterReserve is the airline’s all-inclusive economy experience. Passengers who select this will enjoy a range of included benefits, such as a dedicated airport check-in area, early boarding, extra legroom, fresh meals on longer flights, two free checked bags, and no change fees, as well as beer, wine, cocktails, and premium snacks.

Passengers who book PorterReserve will enjoy a seat pitch of 36 inches on the Embraer E195-E2

On the Embraer E195-E2, PorterReserve fares include seats in the first four rows, while passengers flying on the Dash 8-400s will enjoy extra room (32 inches of seat pitch) in the first two rows of the aircraft.

PorterClassic will become Porter Airlines’s à la carte option. Rather than having all of the extras included, as will be the case on PorterReserve, passengers will pay less and can choose to add to their in-flight experience as they wish.

Passengers will still enjoy Porter’s signature complimentary beer and wine served in glassware on flights, as well as premium snacks, but will have to purchase everything else. On flights longer than two and a half hours, travellers can pay to enjoy the same meals and cocktails that are served to passengers flying in PorterReserve.

All passengers will continue to enjoy complimentary beer and wine served in glassware

The airline claims that these inclusions are set to “disrupt” the North American economy class flying experience, as all passengers will enjoy an enhanced flight without having elite status or paying a premium for it.


Porter Airlines is set to begin receipt of up to 100 new Embraer E195-E2 aircraft by the end of 2022. The Toronto-based airline will begin expanding its network to further destinations in North America departing from Toronto Pearson International Airport, while continuing to fly to regional routes out of Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport with its existing roster of De Haviland Dash 8-400 turboprop aircraft.

Porter Airlines is also set to debut two new flying experiences in the coming days: PorterReserve and PorterClassic. The former will feature an all-inclusive, enhanced bundle of options, while the latter is the airline’s à la carte, less expensive choice.

All passengers will continue to benefit from no middle seats, complimentary beer and wine served in glassware, and snacks on all flights.

It’s expected that the airline will announce the first routes to be served by the new aircraft in the coming days, which could include destinations on the west coast, the southern United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

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