Amex Credit Cards: Double or Triple Refer-a-Friend Bonuses! (Ending Soon)

Never shy about putting out exciting promotions, American Express Canada brought back one of its best earlier this year. As a reminder, you have until March 4, 2024 to earn double or triple points for referring a friend!

Let’s take a look at how the offer works, how you can benefit, and why you should act soon.

Double or Triple Refer-a-Friend Points Until March 4

Until March 4, 2024, you can earn double or triple the standard referral bonus for each approved referral on your Canadian-issued American Express cards.

An “approved referral” is when a family member, friend, or colleague applies and is approved for a new American Express card, using the referral link from one of your existing American Express cards.

This offer is available on all American Express cards, as long as the card does referrals in the first place, with the exception of the Business Edge Card, the Marriott Bonvoy Business Card, and the Amex Green Card. Otherwise, all cards from the full spread of rewards programs are eligible, whether they earn the flexible Membership Rewards points, or points through co-branded Aeroplan or Marriott Bonvoy cards.

For the duration of this promotion, you’ll receive triple the usual referral bonus points with the following flagship cards:

Meanwhile, you’ll receive double the points with the rest of the Amex line-up:

Note that there is no elevated referral bonus on the Marriott Bonvoy Business Card or the Business Edge Card.

This promotion only affects the points earned by the existing cardholder who generates the referral link. The approved new cardholder’s welcome bonus is unchanged; however, it’s worth noting that referral offers tend to be better than the publicly available offers.

As a result, it’s a great time to work your referral network, for an even bigger win-win than usual.

What’s the Strategy for Double or Triple Refer-a-Friend Points?

First things first, you’ll need to be an American Express cardholder yourself to benefit from this promotion.

Whether you can make one referral or several, this promotion is really quite simple. You’ll benefit more if you can make more referrals, but you can still capitalize on this offer if your network is more limited.

This offer is quite strong for anyone using Miles & Points in multiplayer mode, where several members of the same household earn, pool, and redeem rewards together. 

Plus, if you’ve been trying to convince your significant other to start applying for Amex cards, you can use the larger total available to demonstrate the value of getting in the game.

As for the recommended sequence of cards to apply for, if you’re limited by the number of cards you can apply for in a short span of time, it’s best to focus on cards with a larger refer-a-friend bonus first.

For example, let’s say your partner applies for a new Business Platinum Card using your Platinum Card referral before March 4, as well as a new Cobalt Card using your Business Gold referral after March 4. In this situation, you (the referrer) would earn 30,000 points now (triple on the Platinum Card), plus 15,000 points later (regular on the Business Gold), for a total of 45,000 points.

If you applied in the other order, however, you’d earn 30,000 points now (double on the Business Gold) plus 10,000 points later (regular on the Platinum Card), for a total of 40,000 points.

As a reminder, these bonuses are based on the card that you refer from, not the card you refer to. These are the ideal cards to use to initiate a referral, and the eligible cards to which they each refer:

  • Business Platinum can refer to Business Platinum, Business Gold, and Platinum
  • Business Gold can refer to any Membership Rewards card
  • Aeroplan cards can refer to each other, but premium cards cannot refer to the core card
  • Bonvoy cards can refer to each other

For those looking to maximize the points you can earn from this opportunity, the annual limit for referral points earned on each card remains unchanged. These limits reset every calendar year, so there won’t be a reset during this promotion.

Here are the limits on a few key cards, which are the best ones to initiate referrals from:

  • Business Platinum Card: 225,000 Membership Rewards points
  • Business Gold Card: 75,000 Membership Rewards points
  • Aeroplan Reserve Card: 150,000 Aeroplan points
  • Aeroplan Card: 75,000 Aeroplan points
  • Bonvoy cards: 150,000 Bonvoy points

If you have no problem blowing through your annual referral limits, you may have to consider initiating a referral from a sub-optimal card. For instance, your Business Gold limit will be filled very quickly, after just three approved referrals with the current promotion.

In that case, if your peer group is looking to apply for Gold and Cobalt cards, you’d have to start generating those referral links from your own Gold or Cobalt cards. Even though the points per referral are lower than you’d get for initiating the process from your Business Gold Card, once your cup is full, you may as well grab an empty one and keep the points flowing.


American Express continues to set the bar with the best Canadian credit card offers. This time, they’ve put on an impressive bonus for existing cardholders to refer new cards to their friends and family.

Be sure to have your family and friends apply for new Amex cards using your referral links before March 4, 2024.

  1. NFMint

    Hello! Just referred my P2, but the application got instant approved. In the past the points showed up almost immediately into my account, but this time I don’t see it yet. Anyone else seeing a delay between approval and points posting?

    1. Tom

      I have just had the exact same experience … did your referral points eventually post?

      1. Tom

        Update: took an hour but the referral eventually posted.

        1. christopher

          Yes I noticed that too. Nowadays it takes 1hr to 1hr10min for it to post

  2. Seow

    “Business Platinum can refer to Business Platinum, Business Gold, and Platinum” – I thought Business Platinum can also refer ro Business Edge?

    1. steven

      That used to be the case, but now the Business Edge can only be referred to/from the Business Edge.

  3. Adam

    Can I refer someone to a different Amex card or does it have to be the same one?

    I have the platinum card now. Can I refer someone to the Amex business gold and still get the bonus?

    If not, if my partner completes application and is approved for the Amex platinum, do I get the points even if it’s not activated and annual fee isn’t paid? And then she could then just apply for the business gold rewards separately?

  4. Stew

    I have a Scotiabank gold Amex card and can not figure out how to refer a friend (My wife in this case). Any help on how to do this would be appreciated.

    1. Ricky YVR

      Scotiabank-issued Amex cards aren’t eligible for refer-a-friend.

  5. DM

    A quick data point – I previously had AMEX Cobalt card, which I had canceled (and kept P2’s card in the household) in Feb 2021. Under this bonus offers, I referred myself from P2’s business gold and applied for the Cobalt card again. The referral points were posted to P2’s account within 2 mins of my application being approved. That was the fastest I have ever seen referral points post.

    Now the question is – what do I do with P2’s Cobalt? The fee is manageable on these cards and we have actually made money on P2’s cobalt through various AMEX offers, but it becomes difficult to utilize AMEX offers with 8 AMEX cards (9 now with new Cobalt coming in a few days) in the household! Can I downgrade P2’s cobalt to Green Card now and keep her MR-S points alive?

  6. Boi

    Would it be a bad idea to refer each other now for business edge then Bonvoy in October? Is it too many cards in a short period? I am pretty sure we can meet the spend requirements

    1. Josh YVR

      Nothing wrong with that, just be absolutely sure you can meet the spend requirements.

      1. Boi

        Meeting spend requirements is usually not a problem. Other half got platinum in July and we met it within a week.

        Most of our spend is “wasted” as we spend more…I would say we spent 30k since getting that platinum and I am now holding off until we can get another card. I thought we each have to wait 90 days

  7. Nick

    Do the bonus Aeroplan points count towards Everyday Status Qualification?

    1. Josh YVR

      Referral bonuses likely do not count towards EDQ.

  8. steve

    Man!! I JUST referred a friend 2 days ago!!🤦🏼‍♂️

    thanks for letting us know, ill have to convince some others lol

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