Video: New CIBC Aeroplan Credit Card Offers!

CIBC’s new Aeroplan credit card offers for Spring 2021 have been released this week, significantly bumping up the bonuses on three out of four co-branded credit cards compared to before.

In this video, let’s go through all the details of the new CIBC credit card offers and discuss a few optimal strategies around which CIBC Aeroplan card to get, the year-long time horizon on the Visa Infinite Privilege, and combining multiple applications into one credit inquiry.

Without further ado, you can watch the video below:


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  1. Marco

    Anyone know what the all time high sign up offer is on the CIBC Privilege card? Was hoping they would match the TD offer as I currently Bank with CIBC and could have a part of the annual fee waived.

  2. Jason L

    Let me add a few good points on this offer: 1) To generate spending on this card, you can use CIBC global money transfer to either send money or fund your USD domicile bank account using your CIBC credit card. It is counted as a purchase not cash advance. With the privilege you earn 1.25 points per $4 CAD money transferred. There is also a promotion to get like $50 to $75 off your first transfer. They often have promotions and referrals so good to look out for those.

    The other point is that you save $139 if you have a Smart Account as it can be taken off the card fee even on the Privilege card.

  3. Dan

    Newbie question – is there a limit on the number of Aeroplan credit cards someone can have across financial institutions? For instance applying and maintaining all of the core Aeroplan credit cards with CIBC, TD and AE?

    1. Ricky YVR

      No limit on the number of cards. Just a limit on the number of Buddy Passes you can earn in a 12 month period, which is three: one per card “type” across core, premium, and business cards.

  4. Peter

    Besides, the higher and longer requirements for the welcome bonus, CIBC Privilege fee is $100 higher than that of AE. The Maple Leaf Lounge access could be well set off with Centurion Lounge and unlimited Priority Pass Lounge visits.

    1. Leah

      Reserve doesn’t have priority pass

      1. Brent S

        Is it possible to apply for two or three of the non-Business Aeroplan cards at once? Or does the advice for signing up for two or more cards only apply to a joint Personal and Business application?

  5. Jerry

    Had no idea that AC is flying 787-8 to FLL from YYZ. That’s pretty awesome

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