Review: Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney

SYD, Terminal 2
November 2022

On my way from Canberra to Hobart, I had a bit of time to kill in the Sydney airport and decided to check out the Virgin Australia Lounge before my flight. I had positive impressions of Virgin Australia lounges after visits in Canberra and Brisbane, and I was expecting no less from this location.

After a quick walk up from our arrival gate in Terminal 2, my wife and I followed the well-marked route to the lounge, and spent some time relaxing before our next flight.

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Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Access

The Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney is located immediately after the security checkpoint in Terminal 2.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Post-security access

If you’re accessing the lounge on a connecting flight, it’s located close to the food court either via an escalator or a well-marked elevator. Signs throughout the airport will direct you to “The Lounge”, which appears to be short-form for the Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Signage
Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Escalator access
Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Elevator access

The lounge is open daily from 60 minutes prior to the first departing Virgin Australia flight until the last Virgin Australia departure of the day.

In the check-in area, you have the option of scanning your boarding pass at a contactless entry point or checking in with an agent. 

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Contactless entry
Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Check-in area
Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Check-in desk

The Flying Maiden logo adorns the wall behind the check-in desk, which is accented by a purple glow from below.

When my wife and I arrived, the lounge was quite busy and appeared to be in the midst of a morning rush. There was a short line to enter, which cleared quickly.

We enjoyed access to the Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney on account of our Aeroplan Elite Statuses. Passengers with Aeroplan 50K, 75K, or Super Elite status can access Virgin Australia lounges with one guest when departing on a same-day flight in any class of service, thanks to an agreement between Air Canada and Virgin Australia.

Passengers who are travelling in business class on a Virgin Australia flight also enjoy access to Virgin Australia lounges, but may not bring a guest with them.

Anyone with Virgin Australia Velocity Platinum status can access the lounge, and may also bring up to three adults and three children with them. Virgin Australia Lifetime Lounge Members, Virgin Australia Lounge Members, and passengers with Velocity Gold status can also access lounges, and may also bring another adult and up to three children with them.

The Sydney and Brisbane lounges have Premium Entry, which is a benefit available to some passengers. You’ll need to have Virgin Australia Beyond, Velocity Platinum, Velocity Gold, or reciprocal partner airline status, or be travelling in business class to enjoy this benefit, and you must only be travelling with carry-on baggage. 

Premium Entry offers direct access to the lounge through a separate, dedicated check-in area and separate security screening point. In Sydney, eligible guests can use Premium Entry between 5–8am from Monday–Friday. 

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Premium Entry access

When it comes time to leave the lounge, there’s a separate escalator that leads right down to the concourse level. 

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Exit to concourse
Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Exit to gates

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Seating

The Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney is a massive space with a multitude of seating options scattered throughout the lounge.

Immediately upon entry, I noticed a cordoned-off staircase, which presumably leads to an upper level that has either yet to reopen following the pandemic or is used for exceptionally busy periods.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Staircase

There are a few chairs and tables dotted in the area just beyond the check-in desks.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Check-in area seating
Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Check-in area seating

The hallway then splits off into two directions, with the main seating and dining areas to the left and an alternative, and much quieter, seating area to the right.

Moving right will bring you by the help desk and through to an area near the Premium Entry doors.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Help desk

In the back corner of the lounge, facing the drop-off area for Terminal 2, is a small seating area with work stations, armchairs, and high-top seats. It’s tucked well away from the rest of the lounge, and is a nice place to relax if you’re looking for some privacy.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Rear seating area

Moving back into the main part of the lounge, there are many different seating options at your disposal.

In the dining area, there is a mix of low tables with a wooden partition in the middle and high-top seats around a tall table.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Dining area seating
Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Dining area seating

Through the right of the buffet area is a space conducive to working, with long tables set up under flowing lights.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Seating

Just behind here is another corner of the lounge, where you’ll find an official business centre complete with armchairs, a printer, and a long white table with a number of seats.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Seating

Moving along the windowsill, there are pairs of swivel chairs against the windows, as well as more long, white tables in the hallway. In this area is also a brown leather bench.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Seating
Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Seating
Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Seating

There are outlets available at most seats in the lounge, but be sure to bring an adaptor if you don’t need a USB-A or an Australian plug.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Power outlet & USB port

Heading through to the next corner of the lounge, there are more pairs of seats along the interior wall and the windows, as well as high-top seats closer to the window.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Seating
Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Seating
Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Seating

The views from this area are obstructed, but in the distance you can see planes taxiing between the runway and the gates.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – View

There’s another work area nestled just behind the barista station, and more seating close to the dining area separated by partitions. During my visit, this was the busiest part of the lounge.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Seating
Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Seating
Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Seating

Even though the lounge was busy, and as my wife noted on a subsequent visit a couple of weeks later, it still wasn’t hard to find a place to sit. I appreciated that there was a variety of seating available that made for a nice place to eat, work, relax, or socialize without having to settle just for what’s available.

We wound up grabbing a coffee and a seat by the windows and spent time chatting about our upcoming days in Tasmania.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Dining

The dining area is located in the heart of the lounge. A single counter takes up the majority of the space, and there’s a separate island with bread nearby. 

Our visit was in the morning, and breakfast was being served.

Hot items included streaky bacon, baked beans, and poached eggs, as well as a pancake machine and a station where you can toast bread.

The cold buffet selection had more items available, including cereal, muesli, fruit salad, a selection of yogurts with passionfruit, raspberry, and granola toppings, and some muffins.

At the left end of the buffet is a barista station, which offers made-to-order hot drinks. 

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Barista station

Alcohol is served as of 12pm, and the lounge features a selection of craft beer, wine, and pre-mixed cocktails. There is also a selection of self-serve soft drinks available, as well as a tap with sparkling and still water.

We had breakfast in the Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra earlier that morning, and opted to just sip on a coffee during this stay.

The food and beverage offering was nearly identical to what was offered in other Virgin Australia lounges during our trip to Australia, and next time, I’d like to visit in the evening to see how other meal service compares to breakfast.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Showers

The Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney features showers in the main restrooms, as well as in separate shower suites. 

The main restrooms are located close to the help desk. There is another set of restrooms in the rear seating area, next to where the Premium Entry is.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Restroom access

The restrooms were clean, which was surprising given how busy the lounge was. 

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Restroom
Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Restroom

The shower stalls are all nearly identical, and come with a toilet, sink, and shower area. You can request towels from the front desk, and you’ll have to look for an available shower.

Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Shower room
Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Shower room
Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney – Shower room

I opted to have a quick shower during my visit to the lounge, and I headed to our flight feeling very refreshed and relaxed.


The Virgin Australia Lounge Sydney is a spacious, bustling lounge that serves Virgin Australia passengers departing from Terminal 2. Despite being busy, the lounge’s size can easily handle large numbers of guests, and you shouldn’t have an issue finding a place to sit.

The lounge offers made-to-order barista coffee, as well as a modest selection of hot and cold buffet items. After 12pm, you can enjoy some craft beer, wine, or a number of soft drinks while you work, relax, or socialize.

Some guests can also enjoy fast access from the drop-off area with Premium Entry, while all guests can choose to freshen up with a hot shower. If you find yourself in Sydney with access to the Virgin Australia Lounge, it’s worth popping by for a long or a short visit.


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