Review: Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra

November 2022

After a visit with a family member in Canberra, we headed to the airport to begin our journey to Tasmania. Our routing took us from Canberra to Hobart via Sydney with Virgin Australia, and we stopped by the Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra for a leisurely visit before our first flight.

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in the Virgin Australia Lounge Brisbane a few days earlier, and I was looking forward to seeing how a lounge in a smaller airport might compare.  

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Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Access

The Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra is located on Level 3 of the Western Concourse in Canberra Airport. To access the lounge, look for signage directing you up a set of escalators to the floor above the domestic departures area.

Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Access
Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Access
Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Escalator access

Once at the top of the escalator, the entrance to lounge is through a sleek glass entryway. You’ll find the Virgin Australia Flying Maiden logo prominently displayed on the wall immediately upon entry.

Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Entrance
Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Flying Maiden logo

The Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra is open daily from one hour prior to the first Virgin Australia flight until the last Virgin Australia flight departs.

Once inside, there are two options for gaining entry. You’ll find a contactless entry point immediately to your right, or alternatively, you can check in with the staff member at the desk.

Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Contactless entry
Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Check-in desk

When we arrived, the lounge was nearly empty, as it was quite early in morning. We had to check in with the agent, as we were flying in economy and didn’t have elite status with Virgin Australia.

Our access was granted on account of our Aeroplan Elite status. Guests with Aeroplan 50K, 75K, or Super Elite status may access Virgin Australia lounges along with one guest when departing in a same-day flight in any class of service through an agreement between Air Canada and Virgin Australia.

Travellers with a confirmed ticket in business class on a Virgin Australia flight also enjoy complimentary access to Virgin Australia lounges, but cannot bring a guest.

Passengers with Virgin Australia Velocity Platinum status may bring up to three adults and three children with them to a Virgin Australia lounge. Passengers with Velocity Gold status, Virgin Australia Lounge Members, and Virgin Australia Lifetime Lounge Members can also access lounges, and may bring another adult and up to three children in tow.

Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Seating

After a warm welcome to the lounge, I did quick lap around to take stock of the space. 

Immediately to the right of the entrance are two leather armchairs underneath flight information screens. 

Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Seating

A partition separates the main hallway from the rear seating area of the lounge. On one side of the partition are a few sets of brown or beige lounge chairs with coffee tables in between.

Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Hallway seating

On the other side of the partition, there is a spacious open seating area with plenty of tables for two. The area is carpeted, and you’ll also find some cream-coloured chairs here.

Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Seating
Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Seating
Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Seating

In between the rear seating area and the buffet, there are long, wavy counters set up with high-top chairs. A raised wooden partition provides a bit of privacy, so you’re not making eye contact with someone sitting across from you. 

Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – High-top seating

In the middle of the lounge, opposite from the buffet area and at the end of the long counters, you’ll find two white tables that are set up as work stations. At these tables, you’ll find six bucket chairs and an adequate amount of power outlets for all.

Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Work station

At the end of the buffet area are a number of high-top seats, which could either function as a work station or nice spot to sip on a cup of barista-made coffee. Power outlets are accessible at each seat, and you can enjoy views of the tarmac from this area.

Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Seating

In the corner opposite from the high-top seats and in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows is the lounge’s main dining area. Here, there are a number of seats set up in clusters of two, three, or four.

 Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Seating
Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Seating
Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Seating

Lastly, if you want to soak in some great views of the runway, saddle up at one of the single seats in front of the windows.

Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Seating
Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Tarmac view

Overall, I appreciated the set up of the lounge, as there were seats for individuals, couples, groups, and anyone looking to socialize or quietly get some work done. There are also a number of different types of chairs to choose from, which is great if you prefer a seat with a bit of a lean, a chair with a bit of height, or something with some more support.

We happened to visit the lounge during a particularly quiet and picturesque morning, so it wasn’t busy at all. I can’t imagine the lounge ever gets full, but even if it’s busy, there should be ample seating for all types of guests.

Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Dining

The buffet area at the Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra is set against the interior wall of the lounge. There are hot and cold buffet food options, as well as a range of beverages.

We visited the lounge at the crack of dawn, so breakfast was being served. For hot buffet items, we could choose from scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, pancakes served with maple syrup, and a selection of breads with a host of spreads.

There was also a modest selection of cold buffet items, including fresh fruit, vanilla yogurt with passionfruit or raspberry, a protein bowl with a hard boiled egg and spinach, and some muffins.

For beverages, you’ll find a water tap with sparkling and still water, juices, teas, and a number of cold drinks in a fridge. Alcohol is served after 12pm, and you can choose from a selection of draft beer, bottled beer, pre-mixed drinks, and wine.

At the end of the buffet area, you’ll find a barista station which offers freshly made hot drinks. 

Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Barista station

We grabbed some food from the buffet and ordered some drinks from the barista. I enjoyed a cappuccino, which came with the Virgin logo sprinkled on top of the foam, and my wife ordered a flat white.

Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Breakfast spread
Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Breakfast spread
Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Cappuccino

There wasn’t a vast selection of items available in the lounge, but we enjoyed what we had. By this point on our trip to Australia, I’d had passionfruit yogurt almost every day, and I was very happy to find it once again in this lounge.

The coffees were both outstanding, and it was a nice way to begin our travel day with a light meal and some exquisite drinks.

Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Showers

The showers in the Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra are located in the restrooms, as well as in separate shower rooms. The restrooms are located near the back of the lounge, behind the buffet area and the rear seating area.

Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Restroom access
Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Restrooms

The restrooms were clean and nicely maintained, with a jet-black interior and tall windows.

Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Restroom

The shower rooms are identical to the ones in the Virgin Australia Lounge Brisbane, and come with a toilet, a sink, and a shower stall.

Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Shower room
Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra – Shower room

Towels may be requested at the front desk, and the shower rooms are available on a first-come-first-served basis. There aren’t any curtains in the shower stalls, so make sure you grab a towel for the floor, too.

I imagine that having a cool shower on a hot summer day would be very refreshing, and as always, it’s great to see showers available in domestic lounges.


The Virgin Australia Lounge Canberra is a spacious, modern lounge with barista-made coffee, hot food, and shower rooms. You’ll find plenty of different seating options available, with some overlooking the airport’s tarmac and runway.

The food selection is modest in comparison with larger lounges, but there should be enough hot and cold options available to fill up before a flight. Be sure to grab a coffee and some passionfruit yogurt if you visit in the morning, as you won’t be disappointed.

I would have gladly spent more time in the lounge if we needed to, and I’d say that it’s worth arriving early to the airport to relax and fuel up prior to departure. 

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