Review: United Club London

LHR, Terminal 2
May 2023

During a lengthy layover at London Heathrow, we hopped through various lounges, with the United Club Lounge at Terminal 2B being our final stop.

Located conveniently near our departure gate for a United flight to Denver, we spent a relaxing hour here absorbing the lounge’s atmosphere.

United Club London – Access

Nestled near the B gates of Heathrow’s Terminal 2, the United Club Lounge is located in Terminal 2B.

Following a brisk 10-minute walk from security, and after passing through an underground tunnel outfitted with moving walkways, you’ll find the lounge entrance located opposite Gate B46.

United Club London – Access

The journey to the lounge is made easy thanks to clear signage guiding you to take the stairs or elevator up one level.

United Club London – Access
United Club London – Elevator access

Open daily from 5am to 6pm, the lounge is nicely situated near the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge and the Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge, which helped facilitate our day’s lounge-hopping adventure.

Access is exclusive to United or Star Alliance business class passengers, who, unlike their First Class counterparts, cannot bring guests. First Class passengers and those holding United Premier Gold or Star Alliance Gold status are each allowed to bring one guest.

For economy passengers flying with United Airlines or a Star Alliance carrier, lounge access is possible with a United Club membership or via a $59 (USD) guest pass.

Additionally, those with United Polaris business class tickets can also enjoy entry, which is how we accessed the lounge.

As you approach the United Club Lounge after your journey through the terminal, the entrance is marked by the United Club logo and a streamlined aesthetic.

The colour palette aligns with the airline’s branding, showcasing muted greys and accents of blue.

To enter the lounge, you present your boarding pass, and the staff behind the desk verifies your access.

United Club London – Check-in desk

With these formalities swiftly handled, we made our way into the United Club Lounge.

United Club London – Seating

The United Club Lounge at Heathrow Airport has a spacious layout, with a long and narrow design that can accommodate up to 280 guests.

The design has an eclectic mix of colours and novel elements like blue glass dividers and playful driftwood trees.

United Club London – Seating
United Club London – Seating

Floor-to-ceiling windows run along the entire length of the space, flooding the area with natural light and creating a bright, airy atmosphere. These windows also provide sweeping views of the Terminal 2 tarmac, which are particularly mesmerizing during the day.

United Club London – Tarmac view

The lounge was certainly bustling when we were there, yet it also felt uncrowded due to its size.

United Club London – Seating

There’s a diverse cluster of seating arrangements dotted around the space, with armchairs positioned near the windows in rows of three, perfect for those who want a view while they relax.

United Club London – Seating
United Club London – Seating
United Club London – Seating

Bench-style seating with dining tables offers a communal dining experience, while large marble-topped tables with high stools and conveniently located power outlets provide a space to work on laptops or to charge devices.

United Club London – Seating
United Club London – Seating
United Club London – Seating

There are also ample casual seating options with stylish, modern armchairs and small tables suitable for a quick rest or a casual chat.

United Club London – Seating

Additionally, for those seeking a quieter area, there’s a partitioned-off space with seating.

United Club London – Seating

Lastly, there’s an abundance of power ports, including USB ports, strategically placed throughout the lounge, providing easy access for charging electronic devices.

United Club London – Dining & Bar

Upon entering the lounge, one immediately notices the dining area discreetly tucked into a room near the entrance.

Having already filled up at the SilverKris Lounge as part of our lounge-hopping adventure, we didn’t partake in the food this time, but we did take note of the offerings for our next visit.

United Club London – Buffet area

The lounge provides a decent selection of Western options, and on display were hot items like scrambled eggs, sausages, baked beans, and bacon, along with a selection of pastries, meats, cheeses, cereals, fruits, and yogurt.

The self-serve beverage stations were well stocked, featuring coffee machines, and a variety of teas, juices, and soft drinks.

However, the real gem of this lounge was its bar area. Stretching along a generous length of the space, it showcased a fine range of beers on tap, and a diverse selection of handcrafted cocktails and other drinks.

United Club London – Bar
United Club London – Bar

During our visit, we found ourselves gravitating towards this space, where we enjoyed a pre-flight drink.

United Club London – Other Facilities

In the United Club Lounge, you’ll find eight large shower rooms available to provide a quick refresh, with each appointed with a walk-in shower and a well-lit vanity.

United Club London – Shower suite entrance

There are also single-room washrooms, which provide a pleasant and spacious private area. These facilities further display the lounge’s clean and functional design, maintaining the theme of marble and neutral tones.

The single-room washrooms are equipped with large mirrors and prioritize cleanliness and practicality.

United Club London – Shower room
United Club London – Shower room
United Club London – Shower room

Back in the main space, the lounge also provides a designated TV area for entertainment, perfect for catching up the news or your favourite shows.

United Club London – Entertainment area

For those who need a quiet space to work, there’s a dedicated room that’s suitable for business travellers, offering a quiet environment to focus and be productive during your layover.


The United Club Lounge at London Heathrow is notable for its inviting bar area and the generous infusion of natural light throughout the space. During our visit, even with several sports teams sharing the space, the atmosphere remained pleasant and welcoming.

For travellers with access, this lounge is certainly a worthy stop; however, it’s worth noting that the lounge’s location might be a bit out of the way for some flights, so plan your visit accordingly.

All in  all, this well-equipped lounge provides a delightful space to unwind, enjoy a drink at the convivial bar, or catch up on work in the quiet business area.

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