Vote Now: 2023 Prince of Travel Awards

Voting for the 2023 Prince of Travel Awards is now closed. Thanks to all who voted, and stay tuned for the 2024 edition later this year!

Welcome to the 2023 Prince of Travel Awards, our fourth edition of annual community awards to recognize excellence in travel, rewards, and loyalty programs.

This year, our awards have been tailored to include 30 distinct categories: 15 focused on the Canadian credit card landscape and another 15 on travel, hospitality, and loyalty programs.

We’re excited to hear your opinions, and invite you to help shape this year’s winners by casting your votes!

Together, let’s take stock of how things have played out over the past year, and which offerings are looking the most appealing as we head into 2024.

2023 Prince of Travel Awards Categories

The 30 categories for the 2023 Prince of Travel Awards are split between two themes this year. You’ll have your choice of 15 awards to hand out for credit cards, and 15 for travel, hospitality, and loyalty programs.

The breakdown of the 2023 Prince of Travel Awards is as follows:

Credit Cards

  • Best Overall Travel Rewards Credit Card
  • Best No Annual Fee Credit Card
  • Best Airline Credit Card
  • Best No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Card
  • Best Premium Credit Card
  • Best Small Business Travel Rewards Card
  • Best Cash Back Credit Card
  • Best Overall Mastercard 
  • Best Overall Visa Credit Card 
  • Best Credit Card for Travel Insurance
  • Best Credit Card for Frequent Flyers
  • Best Aeroplan Credit Card
  • Best Scene+ Credit Card
  • Best American Express Credit Card
  • Best Credit Card for Hotel Stays

Travel, Hospitality, and Loyalty Programs

  • Best Transferable Points Currency
  • Best Fixed-Value Points Currency
  • Best Airline Loyalty Program
  • Best Hotel Loyalty Program
  • Best International Award Sweet Spot
  • Best Domestic Business Class in Canada
  • Best Domestic Economy Class in Canada
  • Best International Business Class
  • Best International First Class
  • Best Airport Lounge in Canada
  • Best International Business Class Lounge
  • Best International First Class Lounge
  • Best City Hotel in Canada Bookable on Points
  • Best Resort in Canada Bookable on Points
  • Best Aspirational Hotel Bookable on Points

Vote Now!

As part of the voting process, you’re invited to select your top choice among the candidates in each category.

It’s up to you how you vote: feel free to vote based on either your personal experience with any of the candidates, or your impressions of each candidate as a savvy Miles & Points enthusiast.

If you’d like to abstain from voting in any category, simply leave it blank. 

The order of the candidates is randomized as part of the survey to avoid introducing bias into your vote. After you’ve completed your vote, hit the Submit button and your vote will be counted! 

As a token of our appreciation for your participation, respondents who subscribe to our newsletter by entering their email address on the voting form will be entered into a draw to win a $100 prepaid digital gift card of your choice.

If you’re already subscribed to our newsletter, please enter in your email address to the form to be entered into the draw.

Without further ado, you can submit your vote for the 2023 Prince of Travel Awards by clicking on the image below until December 22, 2023:

We look forward to sharing the results as we close out the year on December 29, 2023!


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