Review: Adani Lounge Mumbai (Eastern Wing)

Before our flight from Mumbai to Mauritius, the second major leg of our trip, we made a pitstop in the Adani Lounge Mumbai (Eastern Wing).

With a few hours to spare before our flight, we decided to visit and see what the lounge was all about.

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Adani Lounge Mumbai (Eastern Wing) – Access & Entry

The Adani Lounge Mumbai (Eastern Wing) is situated within the international departures area of Terminal 2. There’s also the Adani Lounge Mumbai (Western Wing), which by all indications is quite similar.

After clearing security and immigration, proceed through the duty-free shops and you’ll find a sign with directions to lounges, gates, and a prayer room. The lounge is on Level 4, near Gate 45.

Adani Lounge Mumbai (Eastern Wing) – Access

The location is marked with conspicuous signage, making it easily identifiable, and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it.

Adani Lounge Mumbai (Eastern Wing) – Entrance

We had the privilege of accessing the lounge because we were flying in Vistara business class to Mauritius, a booking we made using Aeroplan points.

Many airlines use the Adani Lounges in the Eastern and Western Wings of Mumbai’s airport for business class and First Class passengers.

As it stands, access isn’t granted to anyone with lounge memberships; however, this may change in the future.

Adani Lounge Mumbai – Seating

Upon arrival at the lounge, you’ll find the reception desk sandwiched between two doors. 

Adani Lounge Mumbai (Eastern Wing) – Check-in desk

The interior of the lounge is fairly posh, with high ceilings and a colour palette that predominantly features rich brown and neutral earthy tones.

As you step inside, to the left of the entrance, you’ll encounter a seating area with a lush, towering wall adorned with foliage and vibrant plants.

Adani Lounge Mumbai (Eastern Wing) – Seating
Adani Lounge Mumbai (Eastern Wing) – Seating

Along the windows in the hallway are high-top seats, which look out onto the apron.

Adani Lounge Mumbai (Eastern Wing) – Hallway
Adani Lounge Mumbai (Eastern Wing) – Seating

The central area is furnished with rows of comfortable leather armchairs, flanked by lamps and large tables.

Adani Lounge Mumbai (Eastern Wing) – Seating
Adani Lounge Mumbai (Eastern Wing) – Seating

In this area, you’ll also find a departures board, as well as some more casual armchairs and leather couches.

Adani Lounge Mumbai (Eastern Wing) – Seating

Moving further down, the lounge has clusters of dining tables, accommodating both two and four-person groups.

Adani Lounge Mumbai (Eastern Wing) – Dining area seating
Adani Lounge Mumbai (Eastern Wing) – Dining area seating

Overall, I found the lounge to be quite large, and even though it was a bit busy during my stay, it didn’t feel crowded. I particularly enjoyed the seating area closest to the reception, as the greens from the foliage gave some pizazz to the space.

Adani Lounge Mumbai – Dining & Bar

Situated at the rear of the lounge, there’s a generously-sized buffet area with an array of hot and cold food options.

Adani Lounge Mumbai (Eastern Wing) – Buffet area

I found the spread available to be impressive, especially since I have a particular fondness for Indian cuisine. 

There are several Indian dishes available, including dawa pulao, wada lab with chutney and fried chili, vegetable manchurian, Makhamalli, and murg tikka, to name a few.

In addition to these, there are also small bites like wraps and sandwiches, and a dedicated counter for cakes, sweets, muffins, pastries, and fresh fruit.

Moreover, you can quench your thirst with a variety of cold beverages, such as juice, water, soft drinks, and self-serve coffee, at stations located in the dining area and throughout the lounge.

Adani Lounge Mumbai (Eastern Wing) – Beverage selection
Adani Lounge Mumbai (Eastern Wing) – Automatic coffee maker

I decided to sample some murg tikka from the buffet, and it didn’t disappoint.

Adani Lounge Mumbai (Eastern Wing) – Breakfast spread
Adani Lounge Mumbai (Eastern Wing) – Breakfast spread

The lounge also features a bar, conveniently situated between the dining area and the central seating area. You’ll also find some tan armchairs in this area, which would be ideal if you’re looking for a bit of privacy.

Adani Lounge Mumbai  (Eastern Wing) – Bar area
Adani Lounge Mumbai  (Eastern Wing) – Bar
Adani Lounge Mumbai  (Eastern Wing) – Bar area seating

While the bar has a modest selection, I opted not to indulge in a drink this time around, since it was still quite early in the day.

Adani Lounge Mumbai (Eastern Wing) – Other Facilities

Located within the lounge is Sohum Spa, which offers a variety of treatments to guests.

It was closed during my visit; however, I’d read that business class passengers were eligible for a complimentary treatment, so it’s worth inquiring about if you’re here.

Adani Lounge Mumbai (Eastern Wing) – Sohum Spa

Tucked into the corner of the lounge are the restrooms, which are well-kept. They’re also quite spacious, boasting a polished décor that aligns with the lounge’s overall atmosphere.

Adani Lounge Mumbai  (Eastern Wing) – Restroom
Adani Lounge Mumbai  (Eastern Wing) – Restroom


The Adani Lounge Mumbai (Eastern Wing) offers guests a pleasant lounge experience. Its design and layout have been carefully thought out, with distinct seating sections and attractive décor.

I’m fond of live walls, and I found this area of the lounge to be particularly appealing.

The variety of hot dishes and the focus on Indian cuisine also stood out to me, and added a nice touch to the overall lounge experience.

For those passing through the terminal, this lounge is well worth considering. If you have complimentary access prior to your flight, I’d recommend checking it out.

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