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Prince Suite
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Hyatt Globalist
November 2022

Andaz Dubai The Palm made its debut in 2019 as the first Andaz-branded hotel in Dubai and the second in the UAE.

The Andaz brand by Hyatt is known for its distinct designs that draw inspiration from the local surroundings and immerse guests in the artistic expression of the local culture.

I’ve had a few good experiences at Andaz properties recently, so I was quite curious about this Dubai location which opened just three years ago.

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Andaz Dubai The Palm – Booking

I booked a one-night stay for 23,000 World of Hyatt points, which was an excellent value compared to the publicly available cash rates.

Andaz Dubai The Palm is a Category 5 property under World of Hyatt, and pricing varies between off-peak, peak, and regular dates.

My stay happened to be in November, which is considered one of the best months to visit the UAE as the temperatures are particularly pleasant during this time.

Due to visiting during the busy season, I encountered heightened cash prices, which were upwards of 2,000 AED ($743 CAD) for a one-night stay.

We value World of Hyatt points at 2 cents per point (CAD), so my redemption of 23,000 points was certainly worthwhile, as it netted me over 3 cents per point of value.

Keep in mind that if you’re paying with cash, you can take advantage of the additional perks that come with booking your stay through Hyatt Privé.

Even those who enjoy World of Hyatt status will still benefit beyond booking directly through the hotel, as you’ll enjoy extra perks such as a $100 (USD) property credit, a confirmed upgrade at the time of booking, and more, while paying the same price as the best available flexible rate.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Location

Andaz Dubai The Palm is situated on the trunk of Palm Jumeirah, one of Dubai’s two man-made palm-shaped archipelagos in the Persian Gulf.

The hotel’s location is ideal for beachgoers and those in pursuit of leisure, as it’s set along a 300-metre stretch of private beach, far away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Dubai.

Meanwhile, Andaz Dubai The Palm is perhaps less ideal for anyone keen on sightseeing. It’s a 20-minute drive from the hotel to Dubai’s most popular sights and sounds, such as the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa.

As a result, many guests who stay on The Palm tend not to leave the island; however, there’s certainly no shortage of leisure activities. The hotel is directly opposite from the St. Regis Dubai, The Palm and the Nakheel Mall, which is home to over 300 outlets.

Getting around the island is straightforward due to the convenient Palm Monorail, which runs from the bottom of the trunk up to the island’s peak. The monorail stops at key attractions on the island, such as Nakheel Mall, Ittihad Park, Golden Mile Galleria, and the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark.

It’s just eight minutes to travel from one end to the other, but taxis are also widely available and offer reasonable fares.

The nearest airport is Dubai International Airport, about a 30-minute drive south of Andaz Dubai The Palm. If you’re coming from Abu Dhabi International Airport, you’ll arrive at the hotel in around an hour by car.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Check-in

The hotel part of Andaz Dubai The Palm is a 16-storey tower, which is connected to private residential tower, Andaz by Palm Jumeirah Residences.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Exterior
Andaz Dubai The Palm – Exterior

I arrived at a contemporary but understated entrance that connected the two towers. The hotel’s name is modestly written to the left of the entrance, and the glass wall seamlessly blends with the doors.

Three abstract sculptures are placed symmetrically on either side of the doors, while a comfortable seating area is situated to the left of the entrance.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Entrance

As I stepped into the lobby, I was immediately drawn in by the tasteful blend of modern lighting, lush greenery, and vibrant furnishings that create an inviting, eclectic atmosphere.

There were small touches of regional influences, including artifacts, Arabic calligraphy, and art installations scattered throughout the lobby.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Lobby lounge
Andaz Dubai The Palm – Lobby lounge

I headed over to the check-in desks, which are located just to the left of the lobby entrance. When visiting an Andaz property, you’ll likely note the brand takes on a more relaxed and casual approach to luxury, which translates into its service style as well.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Check-in desks

My Hyatt Globalist benefits were confirmed, including complimentary breakfast in the morning. The hotel associate then informed me of a particularly generous upgrade that they had extended for my stay, to the second-largest and aptly named Prince Suite.

Now, this was most likely the result of the hotel knowing about my arrival in advance, so this isn’t necessarily an upgrade that guests should anticipate on account of their Hyatt Globalist status alone. However, Globalist members are entitled to upgrades to the standard Andaz Suite, subject to availability. 

With the formalities out of the way, I took my keys and headed up to Room 1501 on the 15th floor.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Elevators

The guest room hallways were adorned with stylish modern artwork, richly patterned carpets, and contemporary sculptures placed outside each room.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Hallway
Andaz Dubai The Palm – Room 1501

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Prince Suite

The Prince Suite boasts a luxurious and spacious layout, complemented by stunning curved floor-to-ceiling windows that provide ample natural light.

It’s the second largest suite type at this property, just one below the Two Bedroom Royal Suite.

I entered into a small foyer that leads to a spacious open-concept living room, dining room, and desk. The room was adorned with marble floors, patterned carpets, and many textures and artwork from Dubai.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Prince Suite foyer

To the left is the luxurious living area, which boasts an array of sophisticated yet mismatched furnishings. Two plush leather sofas and an egg chair are centred around a stylish coffee table, and a few modern wooden side tables add a contemporary flair to the space.

A flat-screen TV sits on an adjustable stand near the windows, allowing for an optimal viewing angle from any seat in the room.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Prince Suite living room

Gold partitions dotted along the floor-to-ceiling windows lent a heightened sense of opulence to the space.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Prince Suite living room
Andaz Dubai The Palm – Prince Suite living room

Right by the living area lies a dining area with a large oak dining table that can accommodate up to 10 people.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Prince Suite dining area

This area also plays host to the minibar, which is equipped with a coffee and tea station, as well as complimentary snacks – a signature of the Andaz brand. A second flat-screen TV was mounted on the wall here.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Prince Suite minibar
Andaz Dubai The Palm – Prince Suite coffee maker

To the right of the living area, leading towards the bedroom, is a spacious office area with a comfortable desk. A third flat-screen TV is mounted on the adjacent wall.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Prince Suite desk
Andaz Dubai The Palm – Prince Suite desk

The primary bedroom is located to the right of the suite, beyond the desk. It’s beautifully designed, with a more luminous and pristine aesthetic compared to the eclectic look of the living area.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Prince Suite bedroom
Andaz Dubai The Palm – Prince Suite bedroom

The king bed sits on the right-hand wall. The headboard is flanked by gold partitions and ascends to the ceiling, creating a curved canopy overhead, designed to evoke a traditional Bedouin tent.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Prince Suite bed

Fronting the bed is the suite’s fourth flat-screen TV, accompanied by two high-back armchairs.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Prince Suite bedroom flat-screen TV & armchairs

At the back of the room lies the entrance to the main bathroom, which doubles as a walk-in closet. Inside is a fluffy bathrobe and a small vanity with an accompanying chair.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Prince Suite walk-in closet
Andaz Dubai The Palm – Prince Suite walk-in closet vanity

The bathroom is spacious and boasts a stunning, floating double vanity. The dark vessel sinks complemented the light wood countertop well, and hexagonal mirrors and decorative lights added a finishing touch.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Prince Suite primary bathroom vanity

On the left side of the room, a luxurious bathtub and rain shower are tucked away behind glass doors in a single wet room. The space had a beautiful silver texture wall, while the tub was wrapped in wood, which extended into the ceiling.

And yes, here in the bathroom, you’ll find the Prince Suite’s fifth television set for optimal viewing from the bathtub.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Prince Suite primary bathroom wet room

On the right, a toilet is discreetly tucked away behind a separate door.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Prince Suite primary bathroom toilet

A second half-bathroom is situated at the entrance of the suite. It’s generously sized, with marble walls and floors, and a single vanity.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Prince Suite secondary bathroom

Lastly, the Prince Suite features a truly almighty balcony that’s accessible from the bedroom and living area. It extends the length of the suite, with sweeping views of the Palm and Jumeirah Beach.

There are ample seating areas with varying functions, from dining to lounging. At the far left end, it jets out with two chaise longues.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Prince Suite balcony
Andaz Dubai The Palm – Prince Suite balcony
Andaz Dubai The Palm – Prince Suite balcony

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Terrace Suite

I also had the opportunity to tour some of the other suite and room types at the hotel. As implied by its name, the Terrace Suite offers a remarkable amount of outdoor space.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Terrace Suite terrace
Andaz Dubai The Palm – Terrace Suite terrace

The interior is in keeping with the other suites; however, it caters well for socializing and would be ideal for a family or larger group.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Terrace Suite living room
Andaz Dubai The Palm – Terrace Suite bedroom
Andaz Dubai The Palm – Terrace Suite sitting area

Although the layouts differ, the hotel’s suites in general have a similar design and arrangement of furnishings. You’ll find eye-catching mosaic glass panels, plush leather couches, and intricately patterned carpets.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – King Room

In the interest of making our review as useful as possible for guests who weren’t necessarily staying in the hotel’s top-tier suites, I also asked to tour a base-level King Room, which the hotel was able to arrange even though they were near maximum occupancy at the time. 

The base-level rooms are fairly spacious at 38–40 square metres large, with a small seating area, desk, and bathroom. Once again, there’s a curved canopy overhanging the king-sized bed and several pops of colour throughout.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – King Room overview
Andaz Dubai The Palm – King Room seating area
Andaz Dubai The Palm – King Room desk

The bathroom in the base-level room is stylish, and features a single wooden vanity, a circular mirror, and dark accents.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – King Room bathroom
Andaz Dubai The Palm – King Room bathroom vanity
Andaz Dubai The Palm – King Room toilet

The adjacent bathtub and shower are separated by a half-glass wall. An automated drape can be lowered to cover the stained glass for additional privacy.

I thought the intricate stained-glass partitions that separated the bedroom from the bathroom was an artful touch, and it’s in fact a recurring motif throughout many of the Andaz’s room types. 

Andaz Dubai The Palm – King Room bathtub & shower

Overall, the eclectic design of the rooms and suites at this property very much encapsulate the Andaz’s overall ethos of combining luxury and lifestyle into a unified brand identity.

While the assortment of colours in each room might not be to everyone’s liking, even the base-level rooms have a generous amount of square footage and striking views of either the city or the sea, and the suites only get more impressive from there.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Breakfast

Breakfast is hosted at The Locale from 7:30–11:00am daily. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the hotel and has a bright and airy setting with a contemporary and chic feel.

The eatery is inviting, with a bright and airy atmosphere and modern, stylish décor. You can eat breakfast indoors or take it outside and dine al fresco with views of The Palm.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – The Locale indoor seating
Andaz Dubai The Palm – The Locale indoor seating
Andaz Dubai The Palm – The Locale outdoor seating

There is an à la carte menu and a good breakfast buffet spread that mirrors other top Dubai hotels with Western, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine available.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Breakfast buffet

Western staples included waffles, scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns, and baked beans.

There was an abundant selection of cured meats, including smoked trout and honey dill salmon, as well as a variety of cheeses, including brie, halloumi, and labneh balls, all accompanied by fresh chutneys.

You’ll also find the usual selection of cereals and muesli, as well as a yogurt station with a range of fresh and dried fruit toppings. For those seeking lighter fare, there was a salad bar, chia pudding, couscous, baba ghanoush, and hummus.

Mediterranean and Middle Eastern options included a variety of savoury dishes such as shakshouka, herb-roasted potatoes, pesto-marinated tomatoes, and foul medames (cooked fava beans).

Asian options included fried rice, steamed vegetables, and dumplings.

The buffet had a wide selection of sweet treats, including cakes, compotes, and pastries, and also had several vegan options.

Overall, I’d say the spread is comparable to other Andaz properties I’ve visited, with a very broad range of selections and a comprehensive overall selection of dishes. I also appreciated a special touch in the coffee, where the day of the week is emblazoned in the foam.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Coffee at The Locale

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Dining

There are several distinct dining venues at Andaz Dubai The Palm beyond The Locale.

La Coco is akin to elegant dining in coastal California or the Mexican Riviera, and would make for an excellent backdrop for a photoshoot. It’s a stunning setting right along the beach with natural finishes, pastel hand-plastered walls, raw wood, and linen seats with woven cushions.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – La Coco
Andaz Dubai The Palm – La Coco seating

For those seeking a more sophisticated evening, Hanami is a perfect spot for those who appreciate cosmopolitan vibes with an edgy and lively atmosphere. The venue offers a unique combination of fine dining and traditional Japanese fare, but seems to be particularly ideal for sipping on a delightful evening cocktail.

The Andaz Lounge serves as the social hub of the hotel situated on the second floor, inviting guests to work, relax, and engage with one another. The library and a fully stocked bar give off a playful and vibrant atmosphere.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Andaz Club
Andaz Dubai The Palm – Andaz Club

Note that the Andaz brand typically provides guests with a complimentary Happy Hour in the evenings, which often features complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres.

Alas, I was disheartened to discover that the Dubai location doesn’t offer a Happy Hour, as it had been a major highlight of my previous stays with the brand.

Lastly, there’s a small coffee shop at the entrance of The Locale for those looking to grab a quick coffee or snack.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Pools & Beach

The Cabana pool is an adult-only oasis located on the 14th floor of the hotel, connecting both Andaz towers and accessible from both sides.

The pool is tastefully decorated with artful tiles, plush benches, and poolside cabanas. A luxurious pool bar occupies one side of the pool for drinks and light bites to enjoy while admiring the Dubai skyline.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Cabana pool
Andaz Dubai The Palm – Cabana pool
Andaz Dubai The Palm – Cabana pool bar

Meanwhile, the main pool is a large infinity pool along the beachfront of the resort. Along with the beach, this area is shared with the residences on either side of the hotel.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Main pool
Andaz Dubai The Palm – Main pool
Andaz Dubai The Palm – Main pool

The deck has plenty of sun loungers for you to relax and soak up the hot sun. There’s also a small wading pool for the kids to enjoy.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Main pool lounge chairs
Andaz Dubai The Palm – Wading pool

The 300-metre stretch of beach is accessible directly from the pool area, facing out into the waters of The Palm.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Beach

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Other Facilities

The fitness and spa facilities at the hotel are situated on the 14th floor, on the residences side. The Ora Spa has four private treatment rooms and connects to the adult-only cabana pool on the 14th floor.

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Fitness centre entrance

The fitness centre is on the smaller side, featuring some of the essential equipment, but not much more. There are treadmills, bicycles, ellipticals, two cable machines, and free weights.

I didn’t come for a workout at this hotel gym, but if I had, I might’ve found the available equipment to be somewhat limiting. 

Andaz Dubai The Palm – Fitness centre
Andaz Dubai The Palm – Fitness centre


Having stayed at a few Andaz properties so far, I’d say that the Andaz Dubai The Palm matches the brand’s reputation of understated luxury – certainly by Dubai standards, where outlandish ostentatiousness is very much the norm – without necessarily reaching the heights of a must-visit property.

The well-appointed guest rooms are laden with both comfort and style. The breakfast buffet was very impressive, and rivals many of the other great breakfasts I’ve enjoyed at other Andazes around the world, like the Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills.

If you’re looking for a relaxing stay on The Palm with a pop of colour in your room and a casual feel-good factor about the property, the Andaz Dubai The Palm will certainly meet your needs, especially if you’re a Hyatt loyalist.

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