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November 2022

During my recent visit to the United Arab Emirates, I had the chance to stay at the newly opened W Dubai Mina Seyahi. 

The hotel had a soft opening in April 2022 and fully opened its doors in October 2022. This property became Dubai’s second W hotel, following in the footsteps of the W Dubai The Palm.

The hotel sits on the popular Jumeirah Beach coastline and caters exclusively to adults and young adults over the age of 16.

Having enjoyed a couple of stays at the W Dubai The Palm over the years, and as an admirer of the bold and boisterous designs of the W brand in general, I was looking forward to staying at this brand-new hotel shortly after its opening. 

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W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Booking

At the time of my stay at the W Dubai Mina Seyahi, it was much more favourable to book with points over cash. Cash rates were exorbitant across the UAE due to the Formula One race and the World Cup in Qatar, so I opted to redeem 80,500 Marriott Bonvoy points for a one-night stay.

Cash rates at this property usually hover around 1,700–2,300 AED ($630–890 CAD) at the standard rate, but at peak times, you could see rates as high as 3,919 AED ($1,457 CAD).

If booking on points, the rates typically fluctuate between 73,000–90,000 Bonvoy points per night. Considering our valuation of Bonvoy points, I was quite happy with the value of my redemption.

If you’re interested in a cash rate at the W Dubai Mina Seyahi, be sure to get in touch with a travel advisor with access to Marriott Luminous, a preferred partner program in which the hotel participates.

You’ll pay the same as the best publicly available rates, but you’ll enjoy a number of extra perks during your stay, including a $100 USD property credit, free breakfast for two, a room upgrade (subject to availability), and more.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Location

The W Dubai Mina Seyahi is located southwest of central Dubai in Mina Seyahi on a stretch of beach between The Palm and Jumeirah Beach.

The hotel is nestled directly in the middle of the Dubai Marina, an affluent residential area comprised of residential and commercial developments.

Once a bustling port, the waterfront promenade of Dubai has been transformed into a vibrant destination in its own right. You’ll find eateries, cafés, and pop-up craft markets, and it’s a popular area for expats and tourists alike due to its wide range of activities and entertainment.

Alongside these attractions are a host of hotels, waterparks, and beach clubs, providing plenty of options for an enjoyable visit.

Furthermore, Dubai’s most popular sights and sounds can all be reached in under 30 minutes by vehicle or taxi ride.

Just a short 20-minute drive north lies the renowned Dubai Mall, which is a neighbour to two of Dubai’s most popular attractions: the Dubai Fountain and the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower.

Lastly, the W Dubai Mina Seyahi offers convenient access to the area’s major air travel hubs. It’s just under a 30-minute drive from Dubai International Airport and around an hour from Abu Dhabi International Airport.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Check-in

Upon arriving at the W Dubai Mina Seyahi, I noted the ultramodern façade, designed to imitate the shape of a Saharan viper. Its striking serpentine structure was certainly a unique look compared to most other hotel exteriors.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Exterior

The hotel entrance is located on King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street. A sheltered driveway serves as both the pedestrian and vehicle entrance, extending to the lobby.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Entrance
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Entrance
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Entrance

The entrance area of the hotel is adorned with a Tree of Life motif, along with a W sign featuring documents with Arabic calligraphy.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Entrance motif
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Entrance

The overall design of the hotel pays homage to traditional Middle Eastern storytelling and the vibrant exchange of oral tradition to which Mina Seyahi has historically been host.

Upon entering the W Living Room, the hotel’s distinct interpretation of a traditional hotel lobby, I was immediately drawn in by its opulent and bold design.

The lobby draws inspiration from Middle Eastern souqs (bustling markets), with warm colours and golden accents. The area is divided into three distinct zones, unified by a central hub.

To the left of the entrance, you’ll find a spacious seating area in the lobby, consisting of curved benches, individual seats and a round bench with a striking deer motif suspended above.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Lobby lounge

Above the benches, a vibrant wallpaper provides the perfect backdrop for framed gold jewellery and artifacts.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Lobby lounge

Turning right from the entrance, there is another welcoming seating arrangement inspired by the traditional storyteller circles. There are ample plush sofas and cushy slipper chairs facing one another, adorned with colourful throw pillows and gold-embellished side tables.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Lobby lounge

Above the seating area, mesmerizing Arabian carpets have been transformed to create a series of modern, colourful lamps symbolizing Dubai’s journey through the ages.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Lobby lounge
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Lobby lounge

Opposite here, the check-in area has been designed to resemble a viper’s nest, with a mosaic-tiled path that mirrors snakeskin and a textured, curved backdrop.

It’s really not very often that you encounter a snake-themed hotel, but the W somehow makes it work.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Check-in desks

The check-in associate courteously greeted me as a Titanium Elite member upon my arrival. I was somewhat surprised to find that I had been assigned the Marvelous Suite instead of a Spectacular Suite, which I had confirmed using a Suite Night Award.

All of the Marvelous, Spectacular, and Fantastic Suites at this hotel are similar in layout, only differing in terms of which floors of the hotel they occupy. 

Note that the W Dubai Mina Seyahi does not contain a WOW Suite, but does offer an Extreme WOW Suite as the highest suite type. 

After confirming the details of my stay and benefits as an elite member, I had the opportunity to choose an additional perk from a set of W-branded tarot cards, which I thought was a creative touch.

The associate shuffled the deck of cards, offering them for me to choose from, and I picked the card that gave me a complimentary set of cocktails.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Tarot card welcome gift choice

My keys were then delivered, and I headed up to the 19th floor.

As I made my way to the elevator lobby, I passed a series of bespoke bulb installations adjacent to The W Store. Engraved on them were writings of Arabian Nights, which was another nod to storytellers in the Middle East.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – The W Store
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Art installation
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Ground floor elevators

The elevator lobby had a dim, sombre ambiance, illuminated solely by the ceiling. The hallways to the guest rooms mirrored this subdued atmosphere, with minimal lighting beaming down onto the floor.

This was very much in keeping with W’s traditional brand image, creating a dramatic entrance into my suite at the very end of the hallway.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – 19th floor elevators
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Hallway
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Room 1900

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite

Upon stepping into the Marvelous Suite, I was mightily impressed by my surroundings. I promptly called down to the front desk and asked for a 4pm late check-out, as I intended to fully maximize my time in this suite. 

The room consisted of metallic tones and warm colours that were intended to honour the sunset, an age-old symbol of storytelling. Upon entering, the left-hand wall features an artistic display of traditional Arabic calligraphy.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite entrance

To the right is a seating area with a curved contemporary sofa, accompanied by two distinctively stylish chairs, two velvet ottomans, and a multi-tiered coffee table. Tucked near the entryway is a small bathroom with a toilet and a sink.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvellous Suite living room
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite living room
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite secondary bathroom

A flat-screen TV is mounted to the adjacent wall, surrounded by a visually stimulating accent wall featuring striking indigo and gold lines.

Fronting the floor-to-ceiling windows is a high-top dining table with seating for four people. I was pleased to find a welcome note and two macarons emblazoned with the W logo in the basket, which held a familiar viper motif inside.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite table
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite welcome gift

To the left is the fully stocked minibar, equipped with a padded rotating cover that reveals the Nespresso machine and the coffee and tea selection.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite minibar
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite coffee maker

The adjacent plush upholstered column is initially unassuming, but opens up to reveal the W brand’s signature Mix Bar – a hide-and-seek bar design that felt thematically appropriate here in the Middle East.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite Mix Bar

At the base is a selection of snacks, including mixed nuts and chocolate.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite Mix Bar
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite Mix Bar

Two doors on the left side of the living area provide access to the bedroom.

The king bed is the centrepiece of the room, flanked by two round nightstands and pendant lamps. Every W hotel is distinguished by its signature throw pillow adorning the bed, which is one of the brand’s hallmarks. 

Just as remarkable as the suite itself are the sweeping views of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai Marina from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite bedroom
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite bedroom
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite bed

The bedroom is accentuated by an evocative headboard designed to resemble the full white sails of a traditional voyaging boat. The backdrop is a veil fringe, providing glimpses of the artwork beneath.

Fronting the bed is an oval-shaped upholstered bench, and below it is an array of colourful rugs.

The bed is thoughtfully positioned so that you can take in the breathtaking views of the glimmering waterscape through the expansive floor-to-ceiling windows. A second flat-screen TV is mounted to a half-wall in the left-hand corner of the room.

Behind the half-wall is an inviting seating area with several small ottomans and a full-length mirror, as well as a secondary mirror in the right-hand corner, all adorned in a captivating gold chevron wall pattern.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite bedroom seating area
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite seating area mirror
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite make up table

This area leads to a private balcony with seating for two, providing breathtaking views of the surroundings below.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite balcony
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite balcony

The hallway leads to the bathroom, as well as a generous amount of storage space.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite hallway

The bathroom is astoundingly glamorous and well-appointed, and comes with some retro touches. The space features a combination of chic black-and-white tiled floors, emerald green accent walls, and statement brass fixtures.

Immediately in front is a large double vanity with marble-clad countertops, vessel sinks, and mirrors held aloft by brass poles.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite bathroom
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite bathroom
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite vanity

Perched by the window is a freestanding tub, with the skyline and ocean as its backdrop for an indulgent bathing experience. To its right, concealed behind a glass door is the walk-in shower, which features both a handheld and a rain shower head.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite bathtub
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite shower

The bathroom has its own seating area in the form of an L-shaped bench, ostensibly designed to encourage conversation while enjoying drinks even in the bathroom. 

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite bench in bathroom

The space behind the glass doors to the left of the bathroom entrance is home to the toilet and bidet.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Marvelous Suite toilet & bidet

Overall, the Marvelous Suite at the W Dubai Mina Seyahi was stylish and spacious, laden with Arabian inspiration, creative interior fixtures, and just a hint of risqué. This was certainly one of the best uses of a Suite Night Award that I’ve experienced in recent memory.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Fantastic Room

I also had the opportunity to view a Fantastic Room with twin beds, although the room also comes in a standard king bed configuration.

This is the base-level room type at the hotel, and the Marvelous and Spectacular Rooms are similar in layout but sit on higher floors. 

The room displays many of the same elegant Arabian accents as the hotel’s suites. The two twin beds occupy the right-hand wall, and the flat-screen TV sits on the wall opposite the beds.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Fantastic Room bedroom

In the right-hand corner is a pair of chairs adorned with intricately detailed brass backs and a small table between them.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Fantastic Room bedroom seating

On the far left are the minibar and an adjacent vanity with a mirror and stool.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Fantastic Room bedroom

This room offers a private balcony with stunning views of the sea below, as well as two comfortable chairs for outdoor leisure. Similar to the Marvelous Suite, there is a spacious walk-in closet that leads to the bathroom.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Fantastic Room walk-in closet

The bathroom is adorned with green tile and boasts a single vanity and an alcove tub encased in glass on the left. For a touch of natural light, it features a large window open to the bedroom.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Fantastic Room bathroom

Overall, I was impressed by the detailed and thoughtful design of the rooms and suites at the W Dubai Mina Seyahi. The bathrooms in particular are quite remarkable, with unique elements such as retro tiling and unique brass accents.

No matter the room type, there will be no shortage of luxurious touches and stylish décor. The Fantastic Room is also quite spacious for a base-level room, and also affords the same beautiful sea views as the larger suites.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Breakfast

Ginger Moon, the boho-chic restaurant on the second floor, plays host to breakfast, all-day dining, and drinks in the evening.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Ginger Moon entrance

This space has a tropical ambiance, featuring luxurious vegetation, a wicker roof, and bamboo that stretches from the floor to the ceiling.

There is ample seating to find a quiet corner to yourself. Alternatively, the terrace boasts breathtaking views of Ain Dubai and the Dubai Harbour as a picturesque backdrop for a meal.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Ginger Moon indoor seating
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Ginger Moon indoor seating
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Ginger Moon outdoor seating

The buffet offers a wide range of items, presented in different ways throughout the spread.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Ginger Moon buffet area
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Ginger Moon buffet area

There are freshly baked pastries, cured meats, cheeses, and freshly-baked bread, as well as all the traditional Western staples such as sausages, bacon, hash browns, waffles, and pancakes.

There’s no shortage of healthy options with a salad bar, boiled eggs, porridge, and a selection of seasonal fresh fruits. Moreover, on the terrace was a juice station with fruit-infused water and smoothies.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Breakfast buffet

I indulged in a wide selection of items from the buffet and couldn’t resist making several trips back to restock.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Omelette

The breakfast items were of a good standard – the quality itself wasn’t particularly outstanding, though the sheer range of the selection was still impressive. 

In chatting with the breakfast wait staff, I also learned that the W Dubai Mina Seyahi has its own specialty coffee exclusively supplied to the hotel, using a hand-selected blend of Brazilian coffee beans for its morning roasts.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Dining

After breakfast, Ginger Moon presents a pan-Asian-inspired menu featuring a wide variety of dishes such as sticky lamb ribs, citrus-topped sashimi, and crispy calamari.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Ginger Moon lunch menu

The venue is conveniently situated adjacent to the WET Deck, transforming into an alluring poolside dining experience. The bar here faces out towards the pool, surrounding a vertical continuation of the Tree of Life from the hotel entrance below. 

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – WET Deck bar

On the first day of my stay, I had a club sandwich for lunch shortly after my arrival before my suite was ready, which was pretty good. 

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Club sandwich at Ginger Moon

I also met with a friend to enjoy some drinks at the WET Deck in the evening, making use of my complimentary drink vouchers from the tarot card I had picked at check-in.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Cocktail at Ginger Moon
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Cocktail at Ginger Moon

Farrago is the hotel’s bar and lounge located on the ground floor of the W Dubai Mina Seyahi. The inside features plush velvet and opulent décor, providing a sense of decadence. At the same time, the outdoor terrace is adorned with concrete benches with cushions, low tables, and loungers.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Farrago bar
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Farrago outdoor seating

Lastly, Attiko is the newly established rooftop bar at the W Dubai Mina Seyahi, located on the 31st floor of the hotel. The ambiance of the space is inspired by an Asian garden featuring floor-to-ceiling windows.

The bar offers a captivating yet lively atmosphere and a spacious outdoor terrace. While I didn’t get a chance to check out Attiko, it seems to be a great spot to for light bites, cocktails, and live music.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – WET Deck

The hotel’s crown jewel is a stunning crescent-shaped infinity pool.

The pool showcases an aesthetically pleasing design that is visible through the translucent waters and is further accentuated by the iconic W symbol adorning its perimeter.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – WET Deck
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – WET Deck

The well-appointed pool deck is lined with lush palm trees and comfortable lounge chairs and offers magnificent views where the Dubai Eye looms in the distance.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – WET Deck lounge chairs
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – WET Deck
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – WET Deck

During the day, the pool area offers a lively atmosphere, with upbeat music and relaxing vibes. At sunset, the pool is often illuminated with fire dancers and percussionists that entertain while you enjoy a moonlit dip.

It’s worth noting that W Dubai Mina Seyahi guests can also use the nearby Le Méridien Mina Seyahi and Westin Mina Seyahi’s beach, pools, and waterpark facilities – but not vice versa, as the W is for adults and guests aged 16+ only.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Other Facilities

The fitness centre is currently shared with Le Méridien and the Westin in the form of the Mina Club on the ground floor. Note that the W Dubai Mina Seyahi will open its own FIT facility in 2023.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Mina Club fitness centre entrance

The Mina Club offers access to a private white sandy beach, five temperature-controlled pools, a state-of-the-art gym, a fully-equipped water sports centre, and a kids club.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Mina Club fitness centre

I had the opportunity to visit the fitness centre for a brief workout and was pleasantly surprised.

The gym was spacious and fully equipped with a wide range of machines, free weights, and cardio equipment, easily allowing for a comprehensive workout.

W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Mina Club fitness centre
W Dubai Mina Seyahi – Mina Club fitness centre

Lastly, the Bar-B Spa is the W Dubai Mina Seyahi’s boutique spa, offering treatments, therapies, and cocktails all in one facility. 


Purpose-built for the brand, the W Dubai Mina Seyahi is one of the finest W hotels I’ve visited thus far.

Nestled amidst the vibrant Dubai Marina, the hotel affords an array of activities at your doorstep while still in proximity to many of Dubai’s foremost attractions.

The Marvelous Suite lived up to its name with stylishly appointed interiors that pay homage to its cultural and historical roots. Moreover, creative touches such as the hidden bars provided a delightful element of surprise.

The WET Deck pool along the outer edge of Ginger Moon is a true highlight, with panoramic vistas and a vibrant ambience to accompany a quality dining experience.

Ultimately, though, a big part of the experience here is simply absorbing all of the striking visuals that the hotel has to offer. From the serpentine symbolism to the lavish lamps of past and present, there are endless unique elements that capture the spirit of the city and neighbourhood to great effect.

Overall, the W Dubai Mina Seyahi is an exceptional hotel if you’re looking to spice up your time in Dubai with a beachside escapade and an amazing suite, with a healthy dose of sensory excess on the side. 

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