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Earning and redeeming points for travel can be a complex undertaking, and it’s natural to have many questions on your mind as you’re getting into the game. The Prince of Travel Knowledge Base is your encyclopedia for the most common questions that people encounter along the learning curve.

New items are added to the Knowledge Base on a regular basis. Got a question that’s not on the list? Contact me so I can add it!


Credit Cards

  1. Can you "churn" credit cards and get repeat signup bonuses?

  2. How long should you wait before cancelling and reapplying for a credit card?

  3. What happens to your points when you cancel a credit card?

  4. When does a credit card’s minimum spending window begin?

  5. Can you get a pro-rated refund on your credit card's annual fee?

  6. How frequently can you apply for new credit cards?

  7. Can you apply for a credit card if you don’t meet the income requirement?

American Express

  1. Can you get American Express business credit cards?

  2. What is the difference between a charge card and a credit card?

  3. How do American Express referrals work?

  4. How do you cancel an American Express credit card via secure message?

  5. How do you link a new loyalty program to American Express Membership Rewards?

  6. What is the difference between Membership Rewards, MR First, and MR Select?


  1. What is the value of an Aeroplan mile?

  2. How do you search for flight availability with Aeroplan?

  3. Can you book stopovers using the Aeroplan search engine?

  4. How do you find the Aeroplan MPM?

  5. Can you pool miles across different Aeroplan accounts?

  6. Can you make changes to an Aeroplan itinerary?

  7. Can you cancel an Aeroplan itinerary?

  8. What happens if there is a schedule change on your Aeroplan itinerary?

  9. What types of mileage earning activity count towards Aeroplan status?

  10. What are the best perks of Aeroplan status?

Alaska Mileage Plan

  1. Can you hold multiple MBNA Alaska credit cards at once?

  2. How do you use the MBNA Alaska companion voucher?

  3. How quickly do miles from the MBNA Alaska credit card post to your account?

  4. How do you book partner awards using Alaska miles?

  5. Can you pool miles across different Alaska Mileage Plan accounts?

Air Miles

  1. What's better: Cash Rewards or Dream Rewards?

  2. How can you earn Air Miles faster?

  3. Can you get greater value than $10 per 95 Air Miles from Cash Rewards?

  4. Does Air Miles use dynamic award pricing?

  5. Why are the fees so high when using Air Miles to fly overseas?

Marriott Bonvoy

  1. What is the value of a Marriott Bonvoy point? (new this week)

  2. Can you pool points across different Marriott Bonvoy accounts? (new this week)

  3. How quickly do points from the Amex Bonvoy credit cards post to your account? (new this week)

  4. How do you transfer Marriott Bonvoy points to airline programs? (new this week)

  5. Are the Marriott Flight & Hotel Packages a good deal? (new this week)

Award Travel

  1. What are the major differences between award flights and regular flights?

  2. How do you select seats on award flights?

  3. How many checked bags can you bring on award flights?

  4. What happens to checked bags on a stopover or layover?

  5. Are award flights covered by my credit card insurance?

  6. How do I get access to airport lounges before my flight?

US Credit Cards

  1. What are the major differences between US and Canadian credit cards?

  2. How do you set up a US mail forwarding service?

  3. How do you set up a TD Bank account in the US?

  4. Do you need a US phone number to apply for US credit cards?

  5. How do you initiate an American Express Global Transfer?

  6. Is it worth getting started with US credit cards?

  7. On what basis can Canadian residents obtain an ITIN?

  8. How do you fill in the W-7 form to obtain an ITIN?

  9. When you apply for US credit cards, are you claiming residency in the US?

  10. How much US credit history do you need to be approved for Chase credit cards?

  11. How does the Chase 5/24 rule work?