Lufthansa to Debut Allegris Business Class on Canadian Routes

For years, Lufthansa has been planning to debut the Allegris economy, premium economy, business class, and First Class seats.

The launch of Allegris has faced many setbacks since the concept was first announced in 2017, due to delays with manufacturing and supply-chain issues, amongst others.

However, Lufthansa has now revealed that it will launch the Allegris business class cabin on two Canadian routes, beginning in May 2024.

Lufthansa to Debut New Allegris Business Class on Canadian Routes

Beginning later this year, Lufthansa will debut its newest Allegris business class cabin on two Canadian routes.

As announced in an email sent to HON Circle members, the first Airbus A350 with Allegris business class will fly from Munich to Vancouver, beginning in May 2024.

Lufthansa’s Allegris business class will debut on the Munich–Vancouver route in May 2024

An exact date hasn’t been set, and it’s worth noting that the Allegris seat map has yet to be loaded on any flights, and won’t be made known until shortly before departure.

As it stands, Lufthansa operates a daily non-stop flight between the two cities, according to data from Cirium, an aviation analytics company. 

However, Lufthansa doesn’t expect to offer Allegris on all flights at the outset, due to “operational reasons”. This means that there won’t be a 100% guarantee that you’ll be on a flight with the Allegris cabin, at least soon after the launch.

Beginning in May, Lufthansa will confirm the availability of Allegris seats on flights starting later in Summer 2024, which is when it will also launch the product on the daily Munich–Toronto route.

When the product is launched, passengers will be able to choose from a variety of seating options within the Allegris cabin, including The Business Suite, the Extra Space Seat with additional room, the Privacy Seat by the window, or the Extra Long Bed with a 2.20m reclining area.

Lufthansa Allegris business class

Typically, passengers would have to pay extra for a special seat; however, it’s believed that no additional fees will be charged until the availability of the Allegris cabin is made available in advance.

How to Book Lufthansa Business Class Using Points

If you’d like to make a speculative booking on either the Munich–Vancouver or Munich–Toronto route, with the hope of trying out Lufthansa’s latest product, the two best programs to book Lufthansa business class award flights are Aeroplan and Avianca LifeMiles. That’s because both programs offer competitive award pricing, and don’t pass along carrier-imposed surcharges.

To determine the cost of a one-way flight between Munich and either Canadian city using Aeroplan, we’d need to reference the “Between North America and Atlantic zones” section on the Aeroplan Flight Reward Chart.

The distance between Munich and both cities falls between 4,001 and 6,000 miles, according to Great Circle Mapper, which means that it’d cost 70,000 points to book a one-way flight in business class in either direction.

If you have a stash of Avianca LifeMiles at your disposal, a one-way flight in business class between Munich and Vancouver or Toronto would cost just 63,000 miles.

The biggest hurdle with using either of these programs to book Lufthansa business class is finding award availability. Your best options will be either booking far in advance, or within a month of departure.

Consider using the calendar search function on the United MileagePlus website to quickly search for direct flights with business class award availability, and then book with either Aeroplan or LifeMiles directly.


Lufthansa has revealed that it will launch its Allegris business class product on the Munich–Vancouver route in May 2024. Later in Summer 2024, the Munich–Toronto route will become the second to feature the carrier’s latest innovation in business class.

Initially, Lufthansa won’t load the seat map onto flights in advance, and passengers won’t know that their flight features Allegris business class until shortly before departure. As of May 2024, Allegris availability will be made known in advance.

If you’re able to find award availability, consider making a speculative booking and then check your account for any updates on new seat maps.

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