Disney+ Amex Offers: Free or 50% Off Subscriptions!


The latest Amex Offers have come out, and the most interesting one is for Disney+ subscriptions.

This is one of the best Amex Offers of the year on premium credit cards, and still an excellent offer on mid-tier cards.

What Is Disney+?

For the unfamiliar, Disney+ is Disney’s own streaming service. It’s well worth a look because it offers a lot more than what you might think Disney would.

Disney also owns the Marvel franchise, Star Wars, and 20th Century Fox, so there are plenty of options for children, teens, and adults alike. What’s more, Disney+ Canada also offers many Hulu originals from the United States.

Amex Aeroplan Reserve and Platinum Cards: Spend $120, Get $120

From now until September 28, 2023, American Express Aeroplan Reserve and American Express Platinum cardholders may register their card and then earn a $119.99 statement credit upon spending $119.99 with Disney+.

This is exactly the pre-tax cost of a one-year subscription, so you can think of this as a one-for-one offer that requires no additional spending on your end to take advantage. It’s refreshing to see a return of the straightforward Amex Offers that do not require monthly spending for a certain period of time.

Note that in order to qualify for the $119.99 credit, you must meet the spend on a single qualifying purchase in one transaction. Cumulative purchases will not count, so you must register for an annual Disney+ subscription rather than opting for the monthly option.

Furthermore, be sure to sign up on the Disney+ website and not via another medium, such as the iPhone app. Paying through Apple Pay or any other way will count as a third-party platform, and may disqualify you from receiving the statement credit.

If you are already a Disney+ subscriber, you can reach out to Disney+ support via live chat or phone and cancel your current subscription for a prorated refund, before making a new account and/or resubscribing. Prince of Travel team member Rachel was successful in doing this earlier today.

The terms and conditions of the offer specify that the credit will be applied to your account “within 90 days after 28/09/2023”. However, in practice, it should show up within a few business days of completing your purchase.

Amex Cobalt, Bonvoy, and Gold Rewards Cards: Spend $12, Get $6, 12 Times

From now until September 28, 2023, anyone with an American Express Cobalt CardAmerican Express Gold Rewards Card, and Marriott Bonvoy American Express Card may register their card, and then will earn a $6 statement credit upon spending $11.99 with Disney+, up to 12 times in total. This results in a total of up to $72 in statement credits over the course of the year. 

Unlike the one-time spend of the Amex Aeroplan Reserve and Amex Platinum cards, taking advantage of the Disney+ offer on the mid-tier cards requires spending monthly in order to take advantage. Each transaction must be at least $11.99 to be eligible for a $6 statement credit.

A $6 statement credit is essentially a 50% discount on a monthly subscription of Disney+. It’s not quite as lucrative as the $120 one-time credit on the premium cards, but 50% off sure helps to reduce the cost.

The terms and conditions neither state that the $11.99 must be spent monthly, nor that the $6 statement credit must be earned monthly. So, you could theoretically spend $11.99 12 times in one month and earn your full $72 credit this way.

Stack with the Aeroplan eStore

If you’re signing up for a new Disney+ subscription, be sure to stack this Amex Offer opportunity with extra Aeroplan points via the Aeroplan eStore.

Disney+ is currently offering 5x Aeroplan points via the eStore, so that’s equivalent to an extra 600 Aeroplan points just for signing up, or an extra 840 Aeroplan points as an Aeroplan Elite Status member factoring in the 2x bonus earn rate.

If you’re a premium Amex cardholder, it’s certainly worth taking advantage of the free Disney+ subscription and some extra points on the table even if you aren’t an avid Disney watcher!

Do Disney+ Gift Cards Count?

Disney+ sells their own gift cards directly on the Disney+ website. This Amex Offer doesn’t include any specific language excluding gift cards in the terms and conditions, so these purchases ought to qualify as well. 

Gift cards only come in one-year subscriptions, so this will only work for Amex Aeroplan Reserve and Platinum cardholders. Furthermore, gift cards can only be applied towards new subscribers, and cannot be used towards an existing subscription.

Therefore, if you have access to multiple Amex Offers across your household and wish to take advantage, you can purchase gift cards to unlock the Amex Offer by September 2023 and use them towards subscriptions in future years.


American Express has put out one of their best Amex Offers for a long time. Eligible Aeroplan Reserve and Platinum cardholders will see a “Spend $120, Get $120” offer, in which you can obtain a free Disney+ annual subscription.

Cobalt, Gold, and Bonvoy cardholders can register for a different “Spend $12, Get $6, 12 times” offer, in which they’ll get 50% off a monthly Disney+ subscription.

This offer expires September 28, 2023, and there are no registration caps this time around. The offer should show up as long as you’ve held an eligible Amex card for at least a few months.

Go ahead and claim your free or discounted Disney+ subscriptions courtesy of American Express. Alternatively, you can always pick up a gift card for future use if you’re not looking for a Disney+ subscription right this instant.

This is a recurring article, regularly updated with the latest round of offers. Some comments may refer to past offers that are no longer available.

  1. IceH

    Has anybody got statement credit back yet already?

  2. Cavica

    I have it on my Cobalt but not on my Business Reserve

  3. K

    I have both Cobalt and Platinum, and unfortunately only the 50% off offer showed up for my Cobalt, nothing on my Platinum.

  4. RNG

    Don’t see it on my cobalt.

  5. V3ER

    Don’t see it on any of my cards. Wonder if it’s selective.

  6. E

    Did not see it on my platinum. Is the offer selective?

  7. Kendall

    Received on my Gold, but not Platinum

  8. Joe

    I only see the offer on my Platinum, not on Aeroplan Reserve.

    Is it one or the other? I certainly would prefer doubling down with the AP store 🙂

  9. Snelly Ko

    This is unfortunately not available on Business Platinum

    1. Winnie

      I have the offer on my Platinum card. Can I double down by purchasing the subscription in the AP sure and Jayingwith my Platinum card?

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