Amex Personal Cards: $50–100 Statement Credits on Dining!

Earlier this year, the American Express Platinum Card added some incredibly lucrative Amex Offers for $175 in statement credits on eligible dining purchases. 

Other Amex cardholders would’ve been forgiven for feeling left out on this promotion – but they need not feel that way any longer. 

As of today, we’re seeing American Express offering $50–100 in statement credits on all dining purchases on many of their personal travel credit cards, valid between November 15 and December 31, 2021.

$50–100 in Free Food

You’ll find this offer on the major personal travel credit cards by American Express, including the following cards:

(Note that if you had received the Platinum Card’s September 2021 dining offer for a $175 statement credit at select high-end restaurants, then you wouldn’t be receiving this round of dining offers on the same card, but you might get it on other cards.)

Unlike the Platinum Card’s previous $175 statement credit, this round of dining offers is valid at all restaurants and food delivery services, making it a lot more flexible to use:

To be eligible for a $100 (CAD) statement credit, a qualifying purchase of at least $100 (CAD) in a single transaction, after taxes and applicable fees, must be charged to your registered Card in store, on the mobile application, or online at (i) restaurants, quick service restaurants, coffee shops, drinking establishments in Canada, and (ii) merchants with delivery of food in Canada as a primary business during the offer period and subsequently posted to your account.

Any purchases made on dining or food delivery will earn a statement credit of equivalent value, up to a maximum of $100 in total credits across each registered. The offer is valid until December 31, 2021.

Since the offer is based on a single transaction, you do have to spend the full $50 or $100 in one go – you can’t make a series of smaller purchases that add up to $50 or $100.

Meanwhile, if your dining bill comes to more than $100, you’ll only get a single $100 credit. If there are multiple eligible cardholders among your party, it would certainly make sense to split the bill accordingly.

The terms and conditions of the offer do specify that the credits will be applied to your account “within 90 days after 31/12/2021”. However, in practice, they should show up within a few business days of competing your purchase.

Remember to register all of your household members’ cards for the dining offer too. Indeed, if you’re maximizing credit cards in multi-player mode, you can walk away from this offer with a vary handsome sum of free food indeed. 

Also: $15 or $20 Off $50 on Online Shopping

Simultaneously to the new $50–100 in dining offers, American Express has also rolled out a few Online Spend Offers for $15 or $20 off a $50 online purchase.

Eligible purchases include online and in-app purchases at the following retailers:

  • Best Buy
  • Hudson’s Bay
  • Indigo
  • Simons
  • Urban Barn

There are two such offers floating around on all types of products. Personally, I’m seeing them on my Business Platinum Card and Aeroplan Reserve Card:

  • Spend at least $50 and get a $20 credit, equivalent to a 40% discount
  • Spend at least $50 and get a $15 credit, equivalent to a 30% discount

The terms do state that “purchases made online and picked up in-store may not be eligible”, so it’d be best to order something that you get delivered to your house. 

Otherwise, these offers are pretty straightforward, and they’ll be good for a few nice discounts on your holiday season shopping. 


American Express has introduced its latest full-rebate Amex Offer to the tune of $50 or $100 towards dining or food delivery on the major personal travel credit cards.

For those who had felt left out of the Platinum Card’s $175 dining credits from earlier this year, we can now eat, drink, and be merry in equal measure as we head into the holiday season. 

Make sure to register for the offers across all your cards and indulge in a meal (or 10) courtesy of American Express before the end of the year! 


    If I buy $100.00 Tim card from Tim Horton’s (coffee shop) as terms & conditions show coffee shop is acceptable, will I get $100.00 credit
    pls. advise if some one knows about it.

    Thanks, Amish

  2. Kevin

    Used the $100 statement credit on my aeroplan reserve last night on an amazing meal in whistler!

  3. Onkar

    Would grocery delivery from Instacart qualify under this offer?

  4. Christine

    Please write an article on actually getting the Aeroplan buddy pass once you have fulfilled the spending requirements. I was told by the bank to speak to Aeroplan in order to get the buddy pass. Aeroplan said that it is the bank’s responsibility to give the buddy pass so that it shows on my account. Aeroplan said that they heard that it can take 6 months (although it isn’t their responsibility). It would be useful to know when it is available when planning a trip.

  5. Luis

    Remember to register all of your household members’ cards for the dining offer too. This statement is not correct and second card household cannot participate in the promotion for AMEX Bonvoy Credit Cards

    1. Ricky YVR

      I said household members’ cards, not supplementary cards.

      1. Luis

        Thanks Rick for the clarification

  6. Kyrie English

    Please write an article on how to spend $100 in one meal for one person in Vancouver..

    1. Adele

      If there is a restaurant you frequent, you can certainly buy a gift card for the full value, and use it later for smaller meals.

  7. Sergi

    It works only for personal card from what I see.

  8. RBW

    Thanks for the heads-up, Ricky. Do you know whether the purchase of a $100 gift card from a qualifying restaurant/coffee shop would qualify for the $100 statement credit? I reviewed the “Offer Terms” on my Amex landing page but it didn’t speak to this.

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