The American Express Credit Card Flowchart

Prince of Travel β€’ September 2019

American Express offers by far the most generous signup bonuses here in Canada, as well as a lucrative refer-a-friend program. By maximizing both of these points-earning techniques, you can rack up a spectacular amount of points in a short time.

The various Amex cards can be grouped into a few different β€œfamilies”. The refer-a-friend program only allows you to refer from/to the specific cards within each family.

Below you’ll find a comprehensive flowchart showing you the optimal strategy for applying for, and referring to, the various Amex cards, based on the specific welcome bonus and referral bonus offers on each card.

American Express Credit Card Flowchart (1).png

Amex Flowchart 2p - Final (1).png

Offers come and go all the time.
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