Video: How to Use Aeroplan Properly

Aeroplan is Canada’s most popular frequent flyer program with over 5 million members, and yet most of its members like to complain about never being able to find their desired flights, and even when they do find flights, being hit with hundreds or thousands of dollars in surcharges.

If you put some effort into understanding how to use Aeroplan properly, however, it can bring you to any destination around the world in some of the world’s best business class and First Class airlines.

In today’s tutorial video I walk you through the step-by-step process of moving beyond what Aeroplan’s clunky search engine shows you and piecing together your own custom-built Aeroplan itinerary.

We draw upon a variety of tools, like FlightConnections for researching airline routes and ExpertFlyer for searching for awards efficiently, to help you weave together your dream trip around the world while avoiding those pesky fuel surcharges.

Combine this knowledge with the incredible ease of earning Aeroplan miles in Canada, and you’ll be on your way to taking some killer trips in premium cabins in no time.

Without further ado, you can watch the video here:


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