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King Room with City View
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November 2022

At the tail end of my Middle East trip, the FIFA World Cup 2022 brought us back to Doha for one night to watch Canada play against Morocco.

We wound up spending the night at the Westin Doha during our visit, which happens to be a relatively new property and the first Westin location in Qatar.

Although my partner Jessy’s flight departed at 2am after the game, I myself had a later departure time of 10am the following day. I had briefly considered simply spending the night at the Al Safwa First Class Lounge at Doha International Airport; however, I ultimately decided that staying at the Westin would be more comfortable and a good opportunity for me to review the property.

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Westin Doha – Booking

Similar to my stay at the Agora Doha, award availability had opened up in the days leading up to the stay, as the hotel had blocked off seats during the World Cup festivities. I booked a one-night stay here on a last-minute basis using just 20,000 Marriott Bonvoy points.

For the most part, cash rates throughout the year fall between 450–800 QAR ($170–300 CAD). However, during periods of high demand, rates can skyrocket to 1,000–4,000 QAR ($370–1,500 CAD) per night.

When it comes to booking on points, the rate falls consistently between 16,000–21,000 Bonvoy points, which is indeed quite an attractive rate compared to the cash price.

Based on our valuation of Marriott Bonvoy points at 0.9 cents per point (cpp), it can definitely be worthwhile to book on points here at the Westin Doha, exactly as I had done. 

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Westin Doha – Location

The Westin Doha is nestled in the heart of the Fereej Bin Mahmoud district on the lively Salwa Road, immediately across from the Radisson Blu Hotel Doha.

I wouldn’t say that the hotel has the best location in Doha, as it’s a little far from the city’s best attractions. The Museum of Islamic Art, Souq Waqif marketplace, and the Doha Corniche are all approximately a 10- to 15-minute drive away.

Indeed, the immediate area is primarily geared towards vehicles, and can be quite busy when walking.

The hotel is part of a larger complex made up of the Salwa Road Mall and commercial towers. The Al Fardan Center is accessible by foot, just a few minutes north of the hotel, while the Fereej Bin Mahmoud Mosque is a five-minute walk north of the hotel.

If you’re flying into Doha, the Westin Doha is a short 15-minute drive southwest of Doha International Airport by car, taxi, or rideshare.

Westin Doha – Check-in

Upon arriving at the Westin Doha, we were greeted by a friendly associate who immediately approached us to offer assistance with our luggage.

I noted the hotel’s modern façade featuring a blend of limestone and glass. Moreover, the arrival entrance was highlighted by lush greenery and a tranquil water feature.

Westin Doha – Exterior

As we stepped inside, we were greeted by an atrium-like foyer with high ceilings and plenty of natural light pouring inside.

Westin Doha – Foyer

The lobby had a varied mix of seating options. An array of armchairs and couches positioned along the left-hand windows while vibrant blue chairs adorning the right-hand side, and individual and paired seats dotted throughout the area.

Westin Doha – Lobby lounge

Hanging from the centre of the lobby is a striking custom art installation, which serves as the focal point of the entire room. Additionally, a glass table in the centre played host to a collection of beautiful floral arrangements.

Westin Doha – Lobby lounge
Westin Doha – Lobby lounge

Making my way through the lobby, I was directed to the check-in desks positioned at the far left-hand side of the lobby. An associate confirmed my booking for a base-level room and outlined my breakfast entitlements as a Titanium Elite member.

Westin Doha – Check-in desks

No suite upgrades were available for this stay; however, as this was a last-minute stay during a peak period, I wasn’t feeling too fussed. I gladly took our keys and headed up to the room.

The elevator lobby displayed an awe-inspiring chandelier and mood lighting. Stepping inside, the elevator climbs through the hotel, affording crystal-clear views of the atrium.

Westin Doha – Elevators
Westin Doha – Atrium view

Westin Doha – King Room with City View

Upon entering our King Room with City View, a small foyer greets you before revealing a generously sized room bathed in ample natural light and warm tones.

Westin Doha – King Room with City View foyer

Thecomfortable king bed is positioned on the right-hand side of the room, adjoined by a plush bench at its foot.

Westin Doha – King Room with City View bedroom
Westin Doha – King Room with City View bedroom
Westin Doha – King Room with City View bed

Opposite the king bed is a desk and shelf combo, complete with two chairs. Near the desk, a flat-screen TV is mounted on the wall for your optimal viewing pleasure. 

Westin Doha – King Room with City View desk & flat-screen TV
Westin Doha – King Room with City View closet

Adjacent is an armoire equipped with a minibar and a Nespresso coffee maker.

The bathroom is seamlessly integrated into the bedroom through an open window that enhances the overall flow and size of the room. Positioned immediately on the other side of the window is a freestanding bathtub.

Westin Doha – King Room with City View bathtub

The bathroom features a dual vanity with elegant vessel sinks and a striking dark marble countertop and a spacious walk-in shower.

Westin Doha – King Room with City View dual vanity
Westin Doha – King Room with City View shower

Housed behind glass doors, both a regular toilet and a bidet toilet are partitioned off from the rest of the bathroom.

Westin Doha – King Room with City View toilet & bidet

The room overlooked some of the resort’s outdoor spaces, as well as the highway and a mix of residential and retail areas in the distance.

Westin Doha – King Room with City View bedroom view

For a base-level room, I thought the King Room with City View was a well-appointed and modern space that came with a good amount of space in both the bedroom and bathroom, along with some nice views of the city.

Westin Doha – Breakfast

Breakfast is hosted at the hotel’s flagship restaurant, Seasonal Tastes, from 6:30–10am on the ground level of the hotel.

Westin Doha – Seasonal Tastes

Although I had an impending flight on Qatar Airways Qsuites shortly after, I decided to stop by to check out what was on offer.

The buffet had the usual selection of hot items, including eggs, bacon, sausage, fried tomatoes, pancakes, waffles, and porridge. There were also stations with cold items, such as cured meats cuts, cheeses, cereals, granola, and yogurt.

Apart from the Western classics, there was an impressive number of local Arabian specialties and international dishes, ranging from noodles and dumplings to tacos and shakshouka.

Seafood options were also available, including smoked mackerel and salmon.

Westin Doha – Breakfast buffet seafood selection

The salad bar was amply stocked with fresh greens, and there was a comprehensive selection of fruits including dates, a local delicacy.

Westin Doha – Breakfast buffet dates selection

For those with a sweet tooth, the pastry and dessert selection was equally impressive, with various cakes, pastries, and sweets available.

Westin Doha – Breakfast buffet sweets selection
Westin Doha – Breakfast buffet pastry selection
Westin Doha – Breakfast buffet baked goods selection

To top it all off, there was even an ice cream station with varied toppings.

Westin Doha – Breakfast buffet ice cream station

The breakfast at Seasonal Tastes was a solid start to the day, with an impressive assortment of hot and cold dishes on offer. Moreover, the restaurant’s setting was also quite pleasant, with ample seating and natural light.

I only helped myself to a small plate, knowing that I had a long-haul flight with ample delicious meals onboard coming. However, if I were staying for longer, I certainly would’ve appreciated having such a hefty breakfast buffet available each morning. 

Westin Doha – Dining

When it comes to dining, the hotel offers quite a wide range of options that caters to a diverse range of tastes, whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a more fulsome meal.

Sabai Thai is an option for those who appreciate authentic Thai cuisine and is open for lunch, dinner, and happy hour. 

Hunters Room & Grill offers a contemporary steakhouse experience. The restaurant is open from 6–10pm and with mostly steak dishes but also offers some vegetarian alternatives.

The Mix Bar, Lounge, & Terrace is a popular nightlife venue in Doha on account of its lively atmosphere, live DJ, and wide drink selection.

Luxe Lounge is the hotel’s executive lounge and coffee house, located on the first floor. It features coffee, snacks, and pastries throughout the day.

Additionally, there’s a colourful terrace with greenery accessible from the lounge.

Westin Doha – Terrace

Lastly, the Wave Pool Cafe is the hotel’s poolside eatery. The menu consists of refreshing fruity mixed drinks and light bites including pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and salads to enjoy by the pool.

Westin Doha – Other Facilities

At the time of our stay, Team Brazil was staying here, and had reserved a lot of the facilities for their exclusive use, such as the main fitness centre and the wave pool.

As a result, only a tiny makeshift gym was available for hotel guests, which was disappointing. This was basically a meeting room converted into a small gym with a token amount of fitness equipment inside. 

Westin Doha – Fitness centre entrance
Westin Doha – Fitness centre
Westin Doha – Fitness centre

The regular fitness centre at Westin Doha should be noticeably larger with a wider range of equipment, and is likely to be much more conducive to an effective workout than what was available during World Cup season.

The main pool was quite nice to take a dip in. Jessy and I came to relax for a few hours prior to heading out to the match.

The pool deck is dotted with palm trees and sun loungers, and there’s a small kids’ wading pool as well.

Westin Doha – Pool
Westin Doha – Pool
Westin Doha – Wading pool

While we didn’t have the opportunity to experience it firsthand, the Heavenly Spa at Westin Doha appears to be a major attraction of the hotel. In addition to offering the usual range of massages and facials, the spa features four swimming pools of its own, which is quite impressive.


The Westin Doha makes for a comfortable, if somewhat unremarkable home base in the capital of Qatar. Our King Room with City View was tastefully appointed and generously sized, with a good amount of room for working and relaxing.

I was most impressed with the hotel’s breakfast offerings, which were comprehensive and elaborate. The hotel’s dining and pool facilities also count among its strengths, though some parts of our experience was limited by our stay during the FIFA World Cup peak season.

Overall, the Westin Doha offers great value for both cash and points, as long as you don’t mind staying somewhere that’s a little out of the way from Doha’s city centre. 

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