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June 2021

Following a stay at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, which embodied classic opulence, the third and final stay of my 2021 trip to Hong Kong would be the much more vibrant W Hong Kong.

The W Hong Kong first opened its doors in 2008, marking the brand’s debut in the region. As someone who generally admires W properties, I was indeed looking forward to checking it out for myself.

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W Hong Kong – Booking

At the time of my stay, I paid just 1,624 HKD ($277 CAD) for a one-night stay. The cash rate was more favourable than redeeming Bonvoy points at this time, as the rates were significantly lower due to the closure of Hong Kong to foreign travellers.

Typically, cash rates at the W Hong Kong fall within the range of 2,600–3,100 HKD ($444–530 CAD), but can occasionally climb upwards of 3,700 HKD ($630 CAD) for a one-night stay.

For a points redemption, you can expect to pay between 53,000–70,000 Bonvoy points per night, with most nights landing in the middle of that range.

Compared to our Points Valuations, which value Marriott Bonvoy points at 0.9 cents per point (CAD), there isn’t a particularly compelling reason to redeem points here unless the cash rates are sky-high.

If you’re heading to W Hong Kong and plan to make a cash booking, be sure to get in touch with a travel advisor who has access to Marriott Luminous. You’ll pay the same as the best available, refundable rate, but you’ll also enjoy extra perks like free breakfast, priority for room upgrades, and more at no additional cost.

W Hong Kong – Location

The W Hong Kong is situated in West Kowloon, across Victoria Harbour from Hong Kong Island, just above the popular Elements Mall.

The hotel is the highlight of a mixed-use skyscraper that’s directly adjacent to the ICC and The Ritz-Carlton, where I had the pleasure of staying prior to this stay.

The hotel’s ground-floor lobby connects directly to the Elements Mall and provides easy access to many restaurants, boutiques, luxury retailers, movie theatres, and amusement centres.

Furthermore, the W Hong Kong is conveniently just two levels above the Kowloon Station on the Tung Chung MTR and Airport Express lines, from which it’s a breezy 30-minute journey to Hong Kong International Airport.

W Hong Kong – Check-in

During the day, the W Hong Kong blends seamlessly among neighbouring high-rises that together make up the large Union Square complex.

The façade features a large W on a glass box surrounding the main entrance. At night, curtains of branches with thousands of custom-made LED points simulate fireflies, lighting up the façade.

W Hong Kong – Exterior

There’s a pedestrian entrance located within the Elements Mall, while the main entrance is on the South side of the building, off Nga Cheung Road.

W Hong Kong – Entrance

Upon entering, a grand diagonal feature wall captures the eye, showcasing another iconic “W” symbol and one of many throughout the hotel.

W Hong Kong – Entrance

The space is anchored by a large column mimicking the texture of a tree. From here, a set of elevators takes you up to The Living Room, the W’s term for the lobby lounge, on the sixth floor.

Stepping out into The Living Room, the dynamic and imaginative aesthetic synonymous with the W brand is front and centre, although perhaps understated when compared to many of the other more dramatic locations around the world.

Immediately at the entrance is a candy station, and then there’s an eclectic mix of decorative pieces, including butterflies on the ceiling.

W Hong Kong – Candy station

The lobby is rather small, with a few leather couches lined against the wall for seating. A large mural inspired by antique Chinese Chinoiserie looks over the seating area, adding to the playful and whimsical feel of the brand.

W Hong Kong – Lobby lounge

Check-in was smooth, quick, and professional. The associate welcomed me as a Titanium Elite member and confirmed an upgrade to a Fabulous Room.

W Hong Kong – Check-in desks

Unfortunately, no suite upgrade was forthcoming, and even though I’d applied a Suite Night Award to my booking, it was ultimately denied.

This stay was during a time when Hong Kong was closed to foreign travellers, and the hotel’s suites was filled with local guests on staycations.

Unlucky, as I had certainly been hoping to experience a nice suite here at the W Hong Kong, but it simply meant that I’d have a reason to return next time.

Stepping into the elevator, I was greeted by a “Good Morning” LED screen built directly into the floor, another staple of a W hotel.

W Hong Kong – Elevators
W Hong Kong – Elevator interior
W Hong Kong – Elevator interior

W Hong Kong – Fabulous Room

Outside of each guest room at the W Hong Kong is a large faux book with a room number written on it.

W Hong Kong – Room 2903

Upon entering, there’s a small foyer with the bathroom to the right, and then the room opens up to the bedroom.

The interiors of the Fabulous Room were contemporary and simple in a style that’s quite typical of Ws. There were light purples, green hues, and butterflies over the wall intended to express the “sparkle of nature”.

W Hong Kong – Fabulous Room bedroom
W Hong Kong – Fabulous Room bedroom

A comfortable king bed is set against the back wall, flanked by bedside tables with electronic buttons to control the room lighting.

W Hong Kong – Fabulous Room bed

Adjacent is a chaise longue, accompanied by a side table strategically placed to admire the sweeping views of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

(Note, however, that the hotel’s Victoria Harbour views are west-facing, so you won’t get the same direct view of Hong Kong Island as you would from, say, the Ritz-Carlton.)

W Hong Kong – Fabulous Room chaise longue
W Hong Kong – Fabulous Room view

On the wall opposite the king bed is a desk with a good amount of surface space and an ergonomic chair. Above is a wall-mounted flat-screen TV, positioned for watching from the chaise longue or the bed.

W Hong Kong – Fabulous Room ergonomic chair & flat-screen TV
W Hong Kong – Fabulous Room ergonomic chair & desk

To the left of the desk is space for your luggage or personal items, and then to the right is a Nespresso coffee maker, minibar, and a little stuffed animal in a W-branded bag.

W Hong Kong – Fabulous Room coffee maker & minibar
W Hong Kong – Fabulous Room coffee maker & minibar

The bathroom is housed behind a set of two perpendicular sliding doors, which reveal a single vanity with a decorative mirror, a tub, and a shower and toilet housed within a single wet room.

W Hong Kong – Fabulous Room bathroom
W Hong Kong – Fabulous Room bathtub
W Hong Kong – Fabulous Room toilet

Overall, the Fabulous Room offered some impressive harbour views, with thoughtful touches like double faucets and sliding bathroom doors for privacy. However, I thought the décor and amenities were somewhat simple compared to other W properties I’ve stayed at in the past.

W Hong Kong – Breakfast

Breakfast was served in The Kitchen, the hotel’s bistro-style restaurant located on the ground floor. I headed down fairly early in the morning to check out breakfast, as I had a flight to catch.

W Hong Kong – The Kitchen entrance
W Hong Kong – The Kitchen seating
W Hong Kong – The Kitchen buffet area

The breakfast spread was diverse, comprising a wide array of international dishes, served buffet-style. The hot dishes included a variety of Western staples, such as scrambled eggs, baked beans, sausages, and hash browns.

W Hong Kong – Western buffet selection

The Asian options were equally as impressive, encompassing everything from dim sum to handmade sushi, curries, and stir-fried noodles.

The buffet also offered a range of egg dishes, including boiled, poached, sunny-side up, and baked variations, catering to a diverse palate.

W Hong Kong – Eggs station
W Hong Kong – Eggs station
W Hong Kong – Eggs station

There was also an impressive waffle station with various toppings, including whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

W Hong Kong – Waffle station

For those looking for a lighter option, there’s also a selection of cereals, a salad bar, and the usual suspects of cured meats and cheeses.

Moreover, you can take advantage of the noodle bar or the made-to-order omelette station, both with an extensive selection of accompaniments.

W Hong Kong – Noodle bar

Naturally, I made sure to sample some of everything amidst the cornucopia of Western and Asian dishes – including multiple servings from the noodle bar – before heading out to catch my flight.

W Hong Kong – Breakfast spread

W Hong Kong – Dining

The Kitchen is one of three dining options at the W Hong Kong.

Sing Yin Cantonese Dining is an ideal spot for those who seek the traditional flavours of Hong Kong with a modern touch. The restaurant is located on the ground floor and offers a unique blend of authentic Cantonese cuisine in an urban atmosphere.

Woo Bar is located on the sixth floor, along with The Living Room and The Kitchen. It’s a sleek and sophisticated space during the day, whilst at night, the bar transforms into a lively hub with live music and a bustling happy hour crowd.

W Hong Kong – Woo Bar

W Hong Kong – Other Facilities

The FIT fitness centre is located up on the 73rd floor of the hotel. It’s a modern space with vibrant mood lighting and stunning views of Hong Kong Harbour while working out.

W Hong Kong – Fitness centre
W Hong Kong – Fitness centre
W Hong Kong – Fitness centre

The fitness centre was well-equipped with a good range of cardio machines, weight machines, and free weights. Additionally, access to the hotel’s steam room and sauna is available through the changing rooms.

The Bliss Spa is located adjacent to the gym. The spa features two luxurious couple suites and nine treatment rooms and also offers breathtaking views of the harbour.

For even better panoramic views of Victoria Harbour and the ICC building, you can visit the WET Deck, located on the 76th floor. The WET Deck is a staple of Ws around the world, and here in Hong Kong, it takes the form of a sky-high swimming pool with a jacuzzi, loungers, and a bar area.

W Hong Kong – WET Deck
W Hong Kong – WET Deck
W Hong Kong – WET Deck

The hotel also has a few other unique amenities, such as the Handsome Factory Barbershop and the WOOFBAR, a pet-friendly zone, both situated on the ground floor. 

W Hong Kong – Handsome Factory Barbershop
W Hong Kong – Woofbar


The W Hong Kong embodies many hallmarks of the W brand, with creative and playful touches dotted throughout its public spaces, albeit to a lesser extent than other W properties.

Its prime location, linked to the Elements Mall and the Kowloon Station, affords convenient access to various parts of Hong Kong via the MTR.

The Fabulous Room, though modest in décor, provided me with all the necessities for a comfortable overnight stay along with a satisfying westerly view of Victoria Harbour.

Throw in the impressive breakfast selection and the sky-high WET Bar, and while the W Hong Kong may not rank among the top-tier properties of the W brand, it remains a noteworthy choice of accommodation for those seeking to spice up their Hong Kong experience.

  1. Marcus

    Great review on W hotels. I am quite a fan of W hotels as they have really good service. Thank you!

  2. Here Hare

    We stayed here a year before C19. Review mirrors our experience (also denied a suite upgrade!). Restaurants tended to get super crowded. Elements mall is also like Fort Knox. You can easily arrive/leave in a car, or on the metro, but it’s nearly impossible to exit as a pedestrian and walk into the neighborhood.

    1. Ricky YVR

      Haha, that’s certainly an apt description of the place.

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