Which Airports Have Arrivals Lounges?

Many travellers are familiar with airport departure lounges, and enjoy access to them through credit cards, business class or First Class tickets, or elite status.

What many travellers may not know is that there are also airport lounges that are designated specifically to be used after your flight, when you arrive at your destination.

In this guide, we’ll explore everything there is to know about arrivals lounges, including what they are, where you can find them, how to access them, and why you might want to take advantage of these spaces after a flight on your next trip.

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What Are Arrivals Lounges?

As the name suggests, arrivals lounges are meant as a place of respite after your flight arrives at your destination airport.

The lounges typically offer showers, a space to get refreshed after a long journey, a place to work or make a phone call, free Wi-Fi, and a selection of food and drinks.

Generally speaking, arrivals lounges are much smaller than departure lounges, and they typically have stricter access requirements, with entrance often reserved solely for business class and First Class passengers.

Qatar Airways Arrivals Lounge Doha – Entrance
Airline arrivals lounges have stricter entry requirements

Arrivals lounges can be particularly handy in a number of situations, such as getting refreshed after a long flight and before a big meeting, or if your hotel check-in time is hours away, and you need a quiet place to work or relax.

Additionally, some lounges also provide unique and helpful services (e.g., ironing your clothes), which we’ll highlight in detail below.

Accessing Arrivals Lounges

Arrivals lounges are hosted by individual airlines, as well as by hospitality groups like Plaza Premium.

Their hours of operation vary depending on the airport and its flight schedule, as the lounges are generally open to service passengers coming in on long-haul flights.

Access varies for each individual lounge, and we’ll explore this further in the section below.

Some arrivals lounges can be accessed with a lounge membership

Generally speaking, arrivals lounges hosted by airlines are made available for business class and First Class passengers of the associated airline and for passengers with related elite status (e.g., airline elite status, Star Alliance elite status).

For passengers travelling in economy class without elite status, some lounges are accessible through lounge pass memberships, such as Priority Pass and DragonPass, while others offer day-rates that can be reserved ahead of time or purchased at the entrance.

Which Airports Have Arrivals Lounges?

In this section, we provide details about a number of arrivals lounges from around the world to give you an idea about what you might expect on your visit.

Although the list is not exhaustive, it does showcase how arrivals lounges can range from incredibly luxurious to very basic, and everything in between.

London Heathrow (LHR)

Heathrow Airport is the United Kingdom’s largest airport, and one of the busiest airports in the world. As of early 2024, the airport is home to four arrivals lounges spread across three of its four passenger terminals.

Terminal 2

The Arrivals Lounge is used by both United Airlines and Air Canada. The lounge is located in Terminal 2, and is open from 6am to 2pm.

The lounge is accessible to United Polaris business class passengers and Air Canada business class passengers arriving on an international flight, plus Aeroplan Super Elite 100k members (who may also bring one guest).

Arrivals Lounge London – Seating

Visitors to the lounge can enjoy showers (17 suites in total), basic personal amenities to help get refreshed after a long flight, free Wi-Fi, buffet and à-la-carte food and drink options, and a few different seating options.

Terminal 3

The American Airlines Arrivals Lounge is used by both American Airlines and British Airways. The lounge is located in Terminal 3 and is open from 6:30am to 3:30pm.

Access to the lounge is granted to those who flew on a same-day American Airlines flight, and who are, or who possess, the following:

  • Flying in Flagship First, Flagship Business Plus, or Flagship Business
  • AAdvantage Executive Platinum or AAdvantage Platinum Pro status
  • ConciergeKey status
  • Oneworld Emerald status
  • British Airways Premier status
American Airlines Arrivals Lounge at London Heathrow (LHR)

You may also access the lounge if you flew on British Airways on a same-day, long-haul international flight that arrived in Terminal 3, and you are or have the following:

The Arrivals Lounge offers shower suites (30 in total) stocked with towels and amenities, and the unique feature of valet ironing.

Each shower suite has a two-way closet where you can hang your clothes. You then ring a bell to inform the staff, and they will press your outfit while you freshen up.

The lounge also provides visitors with both buffet and à-la-carte food and drink options, a coffee and champagne bar, a business centre, free Wi-Fi-, and a selection of magazines for you to enjoy.

The Virgin Atlantic Revivals Lounge is also located in Terminal 3 and provides access to passengers flying Virgin Atlantic and Delta.

The lounge is open daily from 5am to 12:30pm, and can be accessed by the following passengers arriving at London Heathrow:

  • Passengers travelling in Virgin Atlantic Upper Class
  • Flying Club Gold members travelling with Virgin Atlantic or Delta
  • Passengers travelling in Delta One
  • Delta SkyMiles Diamond Medallion cardholders (travelling from the US on either Virgin Atlantic or Delta)
  • Delta SkyMiles Platinum Medallion cardholders (travelling from the US on either Virgin Atlantic or Delta)
  • Virgin Australia Velocity Club Platinum cardholders (travelling on Virgin Atlantic)
  • Virgin Australia Velocity The Club cardholders (travelling on Virgin Atlantic)

The Virgin Atlantic Revivals Lounge offers shower suites, luxury amenities, free Wi-Fi-, both buffet and à-la-carte food and drink options, a range of seating options, and, like the American Airlines lounge, you can also have your outfit ironed before you head out to continue your day.

Terminal 5

The British Airways Galleries Arrivals Lounge is located in Terminal 5 and is open from 5am to 2pm.
The lounge is available for the following guests:

  • British Airways customers arriving in First Class or business class (Club World) cabins
  • British Airways Executive Club Gold cardholders arriving on a long-haul British Airways flight
  • American Airlines customers arriving in First or business Class cabins
  • American Airlines ConciergeKey cardholders arriving on a long-haul American Airlines flight

The British Airways Galleries lounge offers showers (94 of them!), an à-la-carte food and drink menu (with a full English breakfast available until 12pm), a few small buffet items (mostly pastries and fruit), a variety of seating options, free Wi-Fi, and a small business centre.

Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)

The Frankfurt International Airport is home to two arrivals lounges, the Lufthansa Welcome Lounge and the LuxxLounge, both located in Terminal 1.

Lufthansa’s Welcome Lounge is located on the arrival level, immediately behind baggage claim area B, and is open from 5:15am to 12:30pm.

Lufthansa’s Welcome Lounge

Access is granted to the following passengers:

  • First Class and business class passengers, as well as Lufthansa status passengers arriving on intercontinental Lufthansa or Discover Airlines flights
  • HON Circle members arriving on a flight operated by Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian, or Discover Airlines
  • United Airlines Global Services Card members arriving on a United flight
  • First Class passengers arriving on an Air China flight

The Lufthansa Welcome Lounge spans two floors and has lockers to store your luggage immediately upon entry. The lounge offers ample seating options, a business centre, free Wi-Fi-, a buffet with a substantial selection of hot and cold food and drinks, and 28 shower suites, which provide towels and amenities.

The LuxxLounge is the first arrivals lounge that we’re looking at that is open to the general public, allowing those with and without premium boarding passes or elite status to enjoy the space for a fee of €35 for three hours.

The lounge can be found between Concourses B and C on the gallery level of Terminal 1, and is open from 6:30am to 9:30pm.

The space offers a range of seating options, some snacks and drinks, free Wi-Fi, and shower facilities.

As a unique feature, the LuxxLounge also provides a six-person conference room that you can book for an additional fee.

Zurich International Airport (ZRH)

Zurich International Airport, the largest airport in Switzerland, has one arrivals lounge located in Terminal 2.

The Swiss Arrivals Lounge is the open from 6am to 1pm and can be found after customs near Arrivals 2.

The lounge is accessible to First Class and business class passengers flying with Swiss and Lufthansa, as well as Miles & More HON Circle, Senator, and Frequent Travellers members.

Swiss Arrivals Lounge

Passengers who do not qualify for access based on the above list are welcome to purchase access through the Swiss website for 69 Swiss Francs ($110 CAD, $80 USD).

Similarly to the other lounges, the Swiss Arrivals Lounge offers a breakfast buffet with a range of hot and cold food and drink options, shower suites with amenities, free Wi-Fi, business rooms, and a variety of seating options, including “quiet” rooms with reclining chairs.

Notably, the lounge also provides visitors with the opportunity to reserve an actual bedroom to enjoy a private nap after a long flight. Unsurprisingly, these rooms are quite popular, so if you’re hoping to partake, you’ll want to note your interest with the staff as soon as you arrive at the lounge.

Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG)

Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris is home to two arrivals lounges, both located in Terminal 1.

The Qatar Airways Premium Lounge grants access to First Class and business class passengers arriving on either a Qatar Airways flight or any Oneworld airline, as well as to Privilege Club members with Gold elite status or higher.

Qatar Airways Premium Lounge

The lounge is open from 5am to 10pm daily and can be found on the 11th floor of Terminal 1, offering views all the way to the Eiffel Tower.

The Qatar Airways Premium Lounge provides a luxurious lounge experience with beautiful seating areas for relaxation, socializing, and working, and it offers a wide array of high-end dining options.

The space is also quite unique in that it has a fountain, two outdoor terraces, incredible views, male and female prayer rooms, shower suites, and more.

Alternatively, the Star Alliance Lounge is open to Star Alliance members with Gold status or higher, as well as to passengers with eligible lounge memberships and premium credit cards, making it considerably more accessible.

Furthermore, if you don’t have any free passes available through your lounge membership program, you can purchase a day-pass for $35 (USD).

The Star Alliance Lounge is open from 5:30am to 10pm and offers three buffets with rotating food and drink options, showers, free Wi-Fi, and a range of seating options.

Notably, the lounge also has an open-air terrace, which doubles as a designated smoking area. It’s worth noting that there are two Star Alliance Lounges in Paris; however, the newly opened Star Alliance Lounge is located airside, while this lounge is located prior to security.

Rio de Janeiro/Galeão–Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport (GIG)

The Plaza Premium Lounge in Terminal 2 is part of Plaza Premium’s network of lounges, so access is available to anyone with an eligible credit card, members with available passes, and those who wish to purchase a single-entry pass.

The fee for single use is $35 (USD) per person, and the lounge is open 24/7, making it very convenient regardless of when you land.

Plaza Premium Lounge at Rio de Janeiro (GIG)

Lounge visitors can enjoy a range of food and drink options, lots of seating options, free Wi-Fi, showers and amenities, and more.

The space also has relaxation suites that can be pre-booked (for an additional fee) if you’d like to grab a nap, plus a VIP room and a meeting room for your convenience.

Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport (SYD)

Passengers arriving in Sydney are prime candidates for an arrivals lounge, given that this airport serves many long-haul and ultra-long-haul flights.

Terminal 1 is home to a Plaza Premium Lounge for arriving passengers, which can be accessed via an eligible premium credit card that offers Plaza Premium visits, or by paying the single-entry fee of around $40 (CAD) for an up to five-hour stay.

Plaza Premium Lounge at Sydney Airport (SYD)

This large lounge offers a variety of food and drink options, free Wi-Fi, and loads of seating.

For an additional fee, you can also make use of their shower facilities, private relaxation suites, VIP room, and meeting room.

Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport (JNB)

At OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, there’s the South African Airways Arrivals Lounge, located in Terminal A.

Access to this lounge is open to the following passengers:

  • Voyager Lifetime Platinum, Platinum, and Platinum Elect members (plus one guest) when arriving on South African Airways
  • Business class passengers and Voyager Gold and Gold Elect members when arriving on South African Airways (no guest privileges)
  • Discovery Bank Purple cardholders and Investec Enigma cardholders, regardless of airline flown (no guest privileges)
South African Airways Arrivals Lounge

The lounge offers its guests a variety of food and drink options, spaces to rest or to work, shower suites, clothes pressing services, an enclosed smoking area, and free Wi-Fi.

Dubai International Airport (DXB)

At the Dubai International Airport, there are two arrivals lounges in Terminal 3.

The Their Patio Lounge by Plaza Premium Group offers complimentary access to guests holding an eligible credit card or lounge membership, and to those who purchase a single-entry pass, which costs around $50 (CAD) for a two-hour stay.

Notably, the Their Patio Lounge is actually designed as a co-working space rather than a normal arrivals lounge, so it doesn’t have many of the usual lounge offerings.

Their Patio Lounge by Plaza Premium Group

There are no shower suites, and there is only the smallest range of snacks and beverages. However, the space does provide meeting rooms, a conference room, a co-working space, printing and photocopying, and a concierge service.

Uniquely, the lounge services also include a consultancy centre to help with business set-up, visa sponsorship, residency inquiries, and more.

The other arrivals lounge at the Dubai International Airport is the Jumeirah Airport Lounge, which is a high-end lounge reserved exclusively for passengers who’ve requested an airport transfer to one of Jumeirah’s hotels or resorts.

Given that this space is run by a luxury hotel chain, it’s not surprising that it’s a stunning space and functions more like a private spa than an airport lounge, offering food, drink, showers, and a range of bespoke concierge services to make your travel experience seamless.

Hamad International Airport (DOH)

Home to Qatar Airways, Hamad International Airport in Doha has two lounges for arriving passengers, one which is fairly exclusive, and the other which is considerably more accessible.

The Qatar Airways First and Business Class Arrivals Lounge is, as the name suggests, exclusively for Qatar Airways business class and First Class passengers.

Qatar Airways immigration lounge – Seating area
Qatar Airways Arrivals Lounge – Seating area

The arrivals lounge is an extension of the dedicated premium immigration facility that exists to streamline the process for First Class and business class passengers.

The arrivals lounge is nicely appointed with many seating areas, a business centre, free Wi-Fi, shower suites, a buffet selection of food and drinks, and a small à-la-carte menu.

Another lounge option at the Hamad International Airport is the Al Maha Arrival Lounge, which is open 24 hours a day.
Lounge access is complimentary for Platinum and Gold Privilege Club members and is also made available to passengers with eligible lounge memberships (though this access may be restricted during peak times).

Access is also available for the day-rate fee of 230 QAR ($85 CAD, $65 USD) for adults and 115 QAR ($42 CAD, $31 USD) for children.

If you’ve got an abundance of Avios points, you could choose to pay the entrance fee using your points by booking the services online.

The Al Maha Arrival Lounge is quite large and offers all the standard lounge amenities, including hot and cold food and drinks, first-come-first-served shower suites, free Wi-Fi, luggage lockers, loads of seating options, and a business centre.

More unique features of the lounge include family rooms, quiet rooms with reclined chairs suited for naps, and a smoking room.

Tokyo Narita International Airport (NRT)

Narita International Airport in Tokyo has four arrivals lounges on offer, two in Terminal 1 and two in Terminal 2.

The ANA Arrivals Lounge in Terminal 1 is open from 2pm to 5:55pm (or until the departure of the final ANA-operated domestic flight). These odd hours are because the lounge is also a departure lounge for domestic flights, so the space is shared with outgoing passengers as well.

ANA Arrivals Lounge in Tokyo Narita (NRT)

Access to the lounge is reserved for passengers travelling on long-haul ANA flights in business class and First Class, as well as ANA elite members holding Diamond, Platinum, or Super Flyers Club status, and those with an ANA Million Miler Program’s lounge access card.

Additionally, each passenger may bring one guest to the lounge, with the exception of passengers travelling in business class.

The ANA Arrivals Lounge is quite large, with ample seating, and it offers shower suites, business facilities, free Wi-Fi, and a small offering of snacks and drinks.

Narita Airport also has two IASS Executive Lounge locations, one in Terminal 1 and the other in Terminal 2.
The lounges are open from 7am until 9pm and provide free Wi-Fi, a quieter place to seat, and complimentary drinks (though alcohol is limited to a single drink).

It’s noteworthy that neither lounge has showers, though as discussed below, there’s a separate shower area in Terminal 1.

Access to both IASS Executive Lounges is available to those with eligible credit cards or membership to lounge pass programs, and the only notable difference between the two locations is that the Terminal 2 lounge has seating for over 130 people, while the lounge in Terminal 1 can only fit around 80 people.

IASS Executive Lounge at Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT)

If you’re hoping to have a shower when you land at Narita Airport, Terminal 1 is home to the Narita Airport Showers, which offers any passenger the opportunity to get refreshed after a long flight for a fee of ¥1,050 ($10 CAD, $7 USD).

A final option in Terminal 2 is the Rassurants Traveler’s Lounge, which, similarly to the IASS Executive Lounges doesn’t offer food or showers and charges a fee of around ¥1,000 ($10 CAD, $7 USD).

Given the lack of amenities, the space is mostly available to provide a quiet area to rest or work before venturing on to the next part of your journey, and we’re not sure that we’d really call it an “arrivals lounge.”

Tokyo International Airport – Haneda (HND)

Tokyo Haneda International Airport (HND), the city’s second major airport, currently has one arrivals lounge.

The Power Lounge Central is operated by Haneda Airport itself, and is located in Terminal 1.

The lounge offers some light food options as well as showers for an additional charge. You can purchase access to this lounge at ¥1,080 ($10, $7 USD) per person.

Power Lounge Central at Tokyo-Haneda Airport

In Terminal 3, the airport also operates designated shower rooms for all passengers to enjoy. The TIAT Shower Rooms can be accessed for ¥1,030 ($10 CAD, $7 USD).

Additionally, in the past, ANA has had an arrivals lounge in Terminal 2, but unfortunately it’s temporarily closed. The lounge is currently scheduled to re-open in 2025.

Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL)

India’s main airport, the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi has one arrivals lounge in Terminal 3.

The Encalm Lounge is open 24 hours a day, and access is available to passengers with lounge memberships and eligible credit cards.

Encalm Lounge at Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL)

The lounge is fairly simple, with free Wi-Fi, some seating, and a small selection of food and drink options. Notably, the lounge does not have shower suites, so it is mostly designed to be a quieter place to relax or work before you leave the airport.

Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (BOM)

In Mumbai, at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, the Aviserv Lounge in Terminal 2 is available to welcome guests who are in transit. While it’s not exclusively an arrivals lounge, this space provides similar amenities.

Sleeping pods at Aviserv Lounge in Mumbai (BOM)

Access to the lounge can be enjoyed by passengers with a Priority Pass and DragonPass membership, and it can also be purchased, with the prices ranging based on which amenities you’d like to use.

Prices range from around $15 (CAD) just for lounge entry, a meal, and Wi-Fi, to around $115 (CAD) for eight hours of access, including a sleeping pod, shower, meal, and Wi-Fi.

The lounge also offers à-la-carte pricing for the sleeping pods, showers, and clothes steaming.


Arrivals lounges provide travellers with a place to unwind, get refreshed, and do a bit of work after a long flight.

Many of the lounges offer refreshments, which range from very modest selections to high-end dining experiences, and most lounges provide shower suites to help revitalize you before the next part of your journey.

The next time you travel, consider looking in to whether your destination airport has an arrivals lounge, as it can be a great way to decompress after your flight.

  1. Ana

    LHR arrivals lounge came in handy when I traveled with my 5yo and we had to wait a few hours for our bus to depart for a nearby town in the UK. No lounges at the bus terminal, lol!

  2. David

    Puerto Vallarta had a small arrival lounge the last time I flew in there which turned out to be very useful during COVID times.

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