Amex Business Platinum: 25,000 Bonus MR Points + $50 Amazon Credit

A duo of compelling new Amex Offers has dropped on the Business Platinum Card by American Express, which can earn you an additional 25,000 MR points upon spending $2,500, as well as a $50 statement credit on $100 worth of Amazon Business purchases.

If you’ve recently opened this card under the record-high signup bonus of 100,000 MR points, then these Amex Offers will sweeten the deal on this card even further, perhaps even entirely offsetting the value of the card’s $499 annual fee.

10x Bonus Points, Up to 25,000 MR Points

All existing Business Platinum cardholders should see both of the new Amex Offers in their dashboard. If an account has multiple Business Platinum Cards registered to it, then the offers would only show up on one of the cards.

Until September 14, 2021, you’ll be able to earn 10 bonus points for every $1 in purchases, up to 25,000 MR points in total (which corresponds to $2,500 in spending).

These 10x points are in addition to the 1.25x points you’re normally earning as a flat rate on the Business Platinum Card, meaning that you’re earning a tremendous 11.25x MR points per dollar spent on this $2,500 in spending.

Any purchase you make after registering for the offer counts as a qualifying purchase. The terms and conditions indicate that the 10x bonus points would be deposited within 90 days after September 14, although I wouldn’t be surprised to see them post to your account immediately.

Note that if you’ve recently applied for the Business Platinum Card to pursue the juicy welcome bonus of 100,000 MR points, and you haven’t yet completed the minimum spending requirement of $10,000 in the first three months, then you can effectively double-up on these offers and leverage $2,500 of your spending towards both the welcome bonus and this Amex Offer.

You’re looking at a total effective bonus of 125,000 MR points, which is an incredible return for a single credit inquiry.

On the other hand, if you’ve held the Business Platinum Card for a while now (perhaps for more than a year, in an effort to avoid cancelling too many American Express cards and damaging the relationship), then this Amex Offer effectively represents a way to offset an entire year’s worth of the $499 annual fee in one fell swoop.

We currently value Amex MR points at 2.1 cents/point, so the 25,000 bonus MR points on the table are worth $525 – handily beating out the card’s $499 annual fee.

And by redeeming your MR points for even higher value after you’ve earned them, you can come out even further ahead while still keeping your Business Platinum Card active (and ready to receive even more interesting Amex Offers in the future) for another year.

$50 Statement Credit on Amazon Business

In addition, until September 30, 2021, Business Platinum cardholders also receive a $50 statement credit upon making a purchase of $100 or more at Amazon Business. In particular, the offer makes note of a specific landing page at

Navigating to the landing page, it appears that prospective business owners are invited to set up a new Amazon Business account to receive a total of $100 in statement credits: $50 from Amazon Business upon singing up, and another $50 from American Express as part of this Amex Offer.

In theory, it appears that the $50 statement credit is offered in conjunction with Amazon Business, and that only a specific purchase made after registering through the landing page will qualify.

In practice, the way that the Amex Offer is structured reminds me of the previous Amex Offers with Dell Canada, in which the offer terms had made mention of a specific landing page, but it wasn’t actually necessary to click through the landing page to trigger the statement credits.

Therefore, I wouldn’t be surprised if any Amazon Business purchase (or indeed any purchase) ended up triggering this credit.

(Update: As I suspected, the $50 credit has posted after a cumulative $100 in purchases, with no need to set up an Amazon Business account or even click through the Amazon Business landing page.)

Either way, you should pay attention to the following item in the terms and conditions as you make your Amazon purchase:

Offer only applies to products sold by or Services LLC (look for “sold by” or “sold by Services LLC ” on the product detail page). Products sold by third-party sellers or other Amazon entities will not qualify for this offer, even if “fulfilled by” or “Prime Eligible”.

As a marketplace, Amazon both sells its own products and acts as a fulfillment service for products sold by third-party vendors. The terms do state that only products sold directly by Amazon will qualify, so it’s best to stick to those purchases if you want to trigger the $50 credit.

Don’t Forget: $100 in Statement Credits + Mobile Bonus

In addition to these two new offers, there are also another two Amex Offers on the Business Platinum Card by American Express that are running concurrently:

  • Spend $500 and earn a $50 statement credit, up to two times, until July 31, 2021.
  • Earn 2 bonus MR points for every $1 spent at mobile service providers, up to a total of 3,000 bonus points, until July 31, 2021.

Let’s say you made a $500 purchase at Amazon after registering for all the Amex Offers on your Business Platinum Card.

You’d earn $50 back as part of the “Spend $500, Get $50” offer, another $50 back as part of the Amazon offer, and a total of 5,625 MR points – 625 MR points as part of the regular 1.25x earning rate and 5,000 MR points under the 10x bonus points.


There’s been no better time than now to be a Business Platinum cardholder, in my view.

The new Amex Offers that we’re seeing today allow you to earn an impressive 25,000 bonus MR points for an incremental $2,500 in spending, thus more than recouping the $499 annual fee. A $50 statement credit on Amazon Business purchases is also a welcome addition, especially if it can be triggered by most Amazon purchases, as I suspect may be the case.

As usual, there’s no guarantee that new Business Platinum Card applicants will receive these offers, as they’re geared towards existing cardholders rather than new ones.

However, the current record-high welcome bonus of 100,000 MR points makes it the ideal time to pick up the Business Platinum Card if you don’t have it already, and you’ll then be able to receive more offers similar to these ones in the future.

American Express has been teasing that a series of smoking-hot offers may be coming our way on their premium travel credit cards this summer. These deals on the Business Platinum are only one piece of the puzzle, and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us over the next few weeks.