Welcome to Prince of Travel, Rohin!

Our team here at Prince of Travel continues to grow. I’m very pleased to introduce you to Rohin Jain as our new Food & Beverage Writer and the latest addition to the writing team. 

Rohin has actually been working with us behind the scenes for a few months now, having joined as our Brand Manager in mid-2021 to look after our social media, event planning, and physical merchandising efforts.

Indeed, you’ll already have had the pleasure of meeting Rohin if you had attended the Prince of Travel Signature Event Vancouver 2021, which Rohin had played a key role in organizing.

While Rohin is a passionate practitioner in the Miles & Points space who always builds upon the energy of his fellow enthusiasts at in-person events and in the Prince of Travel Discord community, the reason that I’m bringing him onto the writing team is actually due to his expertise in all things gastronomy and hospitality.

Food and drink are a huge motivation for why we travel the world, and I’ve found that those who like to fly in premium cabins tend to also take great enjoyment in the finer gastronomic indulgences around the world, too. 

As an avid traveller, discerning diner, and seasoned sommelier, Rohin will bring a unique voice to Prince of Travel to guide our readers as they seek out the best food and drinks along their travels.

Rohin will offer reviews of his gastronomic pursuits around the world – from Michelin Star restaurants to cheap street eats – as well as expert guidance on everything from developing a keener eye for high-end service to making sense of the business class wine list.  

Expect to hear from Rohin about once per month as he supplements our regular content on tried-and-true travel strategies with additional perspectives on the food & beverage side. 

Without further ado, I’ll let Rohin introduce himself to the Prince of Travel community in his own words. Expect to see his debut – a three Michelin Star restaurant review – later this week. 

Hey everyone my name is Rohin! 

For the past few months I have been working behind the scenes at Prince of Travel as the Brand Manager, I am now excited to also be contributing to the website as a Food & Beverage Writer.

For the better part of my working life, I have been employed in the food and hospitality industry, only recently departing in 2018. Over the course of many years, I have had the pleasure of an all-encompassing career across almost every position within a restaurant. 

At the height of my career, I was proud to work at Hexagon Restaurant, one of Canada’s Top 100 restaurants, as a Sommelier. I have also had the privilege to lead and consult on several beverage programs both locally and overseas. 

I am a strong believer that food is a powerful force, a universal language symbolic to the cultures and crafts of a specific place on this planet. My passion for food and travel are driven by the same energy – a pursuit of exploration and adventure.

I like to think of food as the foundation to the memories I have created during my travels: hawkers’ markets in Singapore, tapas in Barcelona, dim sum in Hong Kong, and street food in New Delhi. 

It was this strong desire to pursue global adventure and culinary curiosity that had initially led me to Miles & Points, a fascinating hobby that has changed my life for the better.  

When I first came across the pursuit of travelling the world on points, I must admit I was wary of the idea of signing up and converting credit card points into First Class or business class tickets. Why? Truth be told, I really didn’t know any better at the time. 

But I am forever grateful that I stumbled upon the helpful content shared here on Prince of Travel, as it instilled the know-how and confidence in me to achieve what I have thus far.

In my two short years of collecting points, I feel I have learned and experienced so much. From one credit card to 20, from 0 elite qualifying nights to 100, and from sitting in Seat 36K to Seat 1A. The overall positive effect has been astounding not only for myself but for my family as well, giving access to opportunities which would’ve otherwise never been.

My feelings for Miles & Points, however, do not end with the excitement of luxurious travel. The friends I have made along the way and the community of fellow Miles & Points enthusiasts are now an integral part of my day-to-day life. 

After meeting so many great people and hearing so many great stories, I am very excited to contribute to Prince of Travel and the community by sharing with you my perspectives and knowledge from many years of leveraging my industry experience to seek out the best food and drink experiences around the world.

  1. colonel

    Welcome aboard !
    From Montreal

  2. Lisa

    Hi Rohin,
    I share your passion for food whether good restaurants or street food. I look forward to read you.

  3. DMoon

    I get all my churning tricks from Rohin at 4am

  4. SoyMexicano

    Welcome (officially) Rohin, I’m looking forward to your posts!!

    1. Rohin YYZ

      Thank you!

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