Vote Now: 2021 Prince of Travel Awards (Airlines & Hotels)

Welcome back to Week 3 of the 2021 Prince of Travel Awards. Thanks to those of you who had cast your votes back in Weeks 1 and 2!

2021 Prince of Travel Awards Categories

As a reminder, the 28 categories for the 2021 Prince of Travel Awards are as follows:

Credit Cards

  • Best Premium Travel Credit Card
  • Best Travel Credit Card
  • Best Small Business Travel Credit Card
  • Best Credit Card Signup Bonus
  • Best Visa Card
  • Best Mastercard
  • Best Credit Card Perk
  • Best Cash Back Credit Card
  • Best No-Fee Credit Card
  • Best No FX Fee Credit Card
  • Best New Financial Product
  • Best Amex Offer

Loyalty Programs

  • Best Transferable Points Currency
  • Best Fixed-Value Points Currency
  • Best Airline Loyalty Program
  • Best Hotel Loyalty Program
  • Best Hotel Elite Status
  • Best International Award Sweet Spot
  • Best Domestic Award Sweet Spot
  • Best Promotion
  • Best Positive Change

Airlines & Hotels

  • Best Domestic Business Class
  • Best Domestic Economy Class
  • Best International Business Class
  • Best International First Class
  • Best Airport Lounge in Canada
  • Best Hotel in Canada 
  • Best Resort in Canada 

Week 3: Airlines & Hotels

In Week 3 of voting, it’s time to cast your vote on the seven Airlines & Hotels categories, with a shortlist of nominees among each category for you to choose from.

Best Domestic Business Class

There are a variety of both narrow-body and wide-body business class products in Canadian skies. Considering price, comfort, and convenience, which is your favourite?

Best Domestic Economy Class

Considering price, comfort, and convenience, which airline offers the best experience in economy class when travelling within Canada? 

  • Air Canada
  • Flair Airlines
  • Porter Airlines
  • Swoop
  • WestJet

Best International Business Class

When travelling outside of Canada, what’s your favourite aspirational business class product to book on points?

Best International First Class

First Class is, undoubtedly, the best way to travel the world in true luxury. Of the major aspirational First Class cabins that are bookable on points, what’s your favourite?

Best Airport Lounge in Canada

It’s customary to head to the lounge for a bite, a drink, and a nice place to rest prior to boarding your flight. What’s your favourite airport lounge in Canada?

Best Hotel in Canada

What’s your favourite Canadian city hotel to redeem points for a luxurious stay?

Best Resort in Canada (points)

What’s your preferred Canadian resort to redeem points for an indulgent, relaxing getaway?

Week 3: Vote Now

As part of the voting process, you are invited to select your top choice among the candidates in each category.

It’s up to you how you vote: feel free to vote based on either your personal experience with any of the candidates or your impressions of each candidate as a savvy points collector.

The order of the candidates is randomized as part of the survey to avoid introducing bias into your vote. After you’ve completed your vote and picked the winner in all 9, hit the Submit button and your vote will be counted! 

Without further ado, you can submit your vote for Week 3 of the 2021 Prince of Travel Awards below:

Week 3 of voting will close at the end of Sunday, November 28.

The winners of the 2021 Prince of Travel Awards will be announced on Monday, November 29. Happy voting!

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