Video: Getting US Credit Cards for Canadians

In the penultimate episode of my Intro to Miles & Points video series, we’re talking about one of the key diversification strategies for Canadian points enthusiasts: getting into US credit cards.

The credit card marketplace is much more open in the US, with larger signup bonuses and a wider range of frequent flyer programs and hotel loyalty programs in which it’s easy to earn points through credit cards. By setting up an address, bank account, and unique credit bureau identifier down in the States (whether that’s with the traditional SSN or the alternative of an ITIN), Canadian residents can get in on the action as well.

In the video, we talk about the process of choosing a mail forwarding service, obtaining a US bank account, initiating an Amex Global Transfer for your first US credit card, and obtaining an ITIN for the purposes of expanding your US game beyond Amex. While the video provides a visual walkthrough, you can also read about the exact procedures in my detailed guide on Getting US Credit Cards for Canadians.

Below is the episode list for the Intro to Miles & Points video series. There’s only one more episode after this, and it should be a good one!

  1. An Introduction to Miles & Points

  2. How Does Your Credit Score Work?

  3. The Major Points Programs

  4. Booking Your First Trip on Points

  5. The Aeroplan Mini-RTW

  6. Getting US Credit Cards for Canadians

  7. What Is Manufactured Spending?

And you can watch “Getting US Credit Cards for Canadians” below:


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