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Junior Suite
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Marriott Titanium
July 2022


I stayed at The Socialist, part of Marriott’s Tribute Portfolio, for just one night during my stay in Copenhagen.

Although I was staying at the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel previously, I decided to switch to this property at the recommendation of some Prince of Travel readers who had stayed here recently. 

This would be my first-ever stay at a Tribute Portfolio property. Having experienced a few of Marriott’s collection-type brands in the past, such as Design Hotels and Autograph Collection, I was curious about what might set Tribute Portfolio apart from the rest.

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The Socialist Copenhagen – Booking

I was able to book a one-night stay here at the Socialist for a cash rate of $330 (CAD). This wasn’t necessarily cheap for a property that seemed somewhat less than full-service, but it was within my expectation during the high season of the European summer.

An award redemption at this property typically falls between 48,000–60,000 Bonvoy points. On this particular night, the option to redeem points came in slightly lower at 45,000 Bonvoy points; however, that still wasn’t entirely worth the points in my books, so I opted to pay cash instead.

We value Bonvoy points at 0.9 cents per point (cpp), so I wouldn’t be getting spectacular value if I were to use points here instead of a more aspirational hotel in the future. 

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The Socialist Copenhagen – Location

One of the hotel’s greatest strengths is its incredibly convenient location. The Socialist sits in the heart of Copenhagen, within easy reach of many shops, cafés, and restaurants.

By simply stepping outside the hotel, you’re in the heart of Strøget, one of the most famous shopping areas of Copenhagen with the Illum department store right next door.

Moreover, popular attractions are either nearby or readily accessible. The colourful Nyhavn waterfront is a 10-minute walk away, while the Kongens Nytorv Metro station is less than a three-minute stroll from the hotel, making it that much more convenient to get to all parts of town. 

The Vesterbro district is another sought-after tourist hub, with plenty of restaurants and bars to discover. It’s a a 10-minute journey by vehicle to Vesterbro, which sits just outside the city centre.

The hotel is around 20 minutes north of Copenhagen Kastrup Airport if travelling by vehicle. There is also a direct public transit route from the airport to the nearby Kongens Nytorv Metro station, which is how I headed to the airport upon my departure.

The Socialist Copenhagen – Exterior

The Socialist gives off an intriguing first impression from the look of its exterior, compared to its surroundings. Its bronze industrial façade looks somewhat like a disco club.

Indeed, as I pulled up to its doors, the unconventionality of the building and the hotel’s unique name had me feeling quite curious as to what the experience would be like.

The Socialist Copenhagen – Check-in

The Socialist’s lobby feels like a combination of a hotel, café, bar, and restaurant, creating a more casual atmosphere as you enter.

The Socialist Copenhagen – Entrance

The bar is the centrepiece of the lobby, and then you’ll find a café and restaurant to your left, and a lounge-style space to your right. It almost doesn’t feel like a hotel lobby in the slightest.

The Socialist Copenhagen – Lobby area
The Socialist Copenhagen – Lobby bar

The check-in desk is small and tucked away in the corner, where a single staff member was stationed, ready to assist me with my check-in.

The hotel staff’s outward appearance and service style felt very informal. They were indeed friendly and personable, but very relaxed in the service approach.

I had requested a suite upgrade, which was fortunately granted into the Junior Suite. Some readers had mentioned they were upgraded to the One-Bedroom Suite, a step up from the Junior Suite, so that’s another option to pursue as well if you’re in the mood for “suite-talking”.

After a quick check-in, I was handed my room keys and headed upstairs to Room 407.

The Socialist Copenhagen – Hallway
The Socialist Copenhagen – Room 407

The Socialist Copenhagen – Junior Suite

My first impression upon entering the suite was that it was a relatively small size for a Junior Suite, but the environment seemed quite cozy. The carpeting and plush furniture made for an inviting atmosphere, despite the limited square footage of the suite. 

The Socialist Copenhagen – Junior Suite room overview

The king bed was tucked into the left-hand corner of the room. I found the spaceship-like appearance of the bed quite interesting, and I was somewhat surprised to find that it was extremely comfortable – more so than the vast majority of hotel beds I’ve slept on.

Furthermore, there were bedside plugs and charging outlets, which is always convenient for topping up your devices.

The Socialist Copenhagen – Junior Suite bedroom
The Socialist Copenhagen – Junior Suite bed
The Socialist Copenhagen – Junior Suite side table

Opposite the bed was the living area of the suite. The space features a sofa, some rather eccentric artwork hung above, a small coffee and tea station, and what looked like a desk chair. Curiously, though, there was no desk to be found.

The Socialist Copenhagen – Junior Suite living area
The Socialist Copenhagen – Junior Suite living area
The Socialist Copenhagen – Junior Suite coffee maker

In my view, there was a very minimal separation between the living and sleeping areas, which blurs the lines of the definition of a Junior Suite. But then again, hotel rooms tend to be on the small side here in Northern Europe, so perhaps I’ll give them a pass on this one.

On the other hand, the bathroom was also relatively small and felt pretty cramped. This was especially so with the sink, which was essentially a tiny attachment to the wall, making it a bit difficult to use.

The Socialist Copenhagen – Junior Suite bathroom
The Socialist Copenhagen – Junior Suite bathroom
The Socialist Copenhagen – Junior Suite sink

One notable feature of the bathroom was the faux marble cladding, which was a decorative touch that I appreciated. As this isn’t a top-tier luxury hotel, I wouldn’t necessarily expect authentic marble, but the elevated design didn’t go unnoticed.

The Socialist Copenhagen – Junior Suite shower

Two plush bathrobes could be found in the closet, which added to my comfort over the evening as well. 

The Socialist Copenhagen – Junior Suite bathrobes

The windows of my Junior Suite faced an interior courtyard, without too many views to look at. Nonetheless, the other side of the building simply faces the street outside, so I wouldn’t expect outstanding views while staying here no matter which side of the building you end up on.

The Socialist Copenhagen – Junior Suite courtyard view

One last oddity: there are no phones anywhere in the room. Instead, the hotel staff can be reached via WhatsApp if you have any questions or requests. 

Despite the room’s snazzy visual appearance, my overall impressions of the Junior Suite at The Socialist weren’t too high. I would’ve appreciated some more space in the room, and I can only imagine that the hotel’s standard rooms must have even less space, with bathrooms that feel even more cramped.

The Socialist Copenhagen – Breakfast

Breakfast is complimentary for Platinum Elite members and above, served at the in-house restaurant Bobo Food Studio. There is a breakfast menu; however, the only complimentary item for elite members is the Socialist Breakfast.

The Socialist Copenhagen – Breakfast menu

If you’re looking for more, then it comes at an additional charge, even as an elite member. This policy felt stingy on the hotel’s part – if I were staying for multiple nights, I’d be annoyed at only getting to eat the same thing each morning as part of my elite benefits.

The Socialist Breakfast is your standard eggs, toast, fruit, and potato croquettes with a dipping sauce, as well as a fruit plate on the side. For drinks, orange juice and coffee are provided.

The Socialist Copenhagen – The Socialist Breakfast
The Socialist Copenhagen – The Socialist breakfast

The quality of the food was pretty good; however, I definitely think that the portion size could’ve been more generous for elite members. Better yet would be the option to order off the whole menu.

The Socialist Copenhagen – Other Facilities

The Bobo Food Studio is the primary dining facility in the building, offering four separate dining venues, all of which are open from 7am–12am. In fact, my sense is that the Bobo Food Studio and The Socialist are distinct entities that operate closely together out of the same building. 

As mentioned, the bar and lounge of the hotel are situated in the main lobby. The atrium bar offers a selection of wines and whisky, and a cocktail menu.

The Socialist Copenhagen – Bar

The lounge has a few individual seats and then two leather couches to relax in. The atmosphere seems pleasant enough for socializing in the evening.

The Socialist Copenhagen – Lounge area in Bobo Food Studio

The café and restaurant are found just to the left of the main lobby. These venues serve local and organic dishes from an à la carte menu, a tasting menu, or the chef’s menu.

The Socialist Copenhagen – Bobo Food Studio seating

Lastly, the basement hosts a wine cellar with some additional seating. Outside, you’ll find a lovely terrace if you wish to enjoy food and drinks with fresh air.

The Socialist Copenhagen – Wine cellar
The Socialist Copenhagen – Wine cellar seating

There is no fitness centre here at The Socialist Copenhagen; however, the hotel provides day-use access to the SATS fitness centre just down the street.

The Socialist Copenhagen – SATS fitness centre voucher

SATS is supposedly one of Copenhagen’s better fitness facilities and, to the hotel’s credit, an innovative solution for a boutique property that doesn’t necessarily have the space to host a fitness centre of its own.

If I had more time at the hotel, I certainly would’ve gone ahead and hit up the gym to take full advantage of this feature. 


Although others had spoken of it highly, my overall impressions of The Socialist are lukewarm, and I can’t say I’d wholeheartedly recommend it.

The central location in the heart of Copenhagen is undoubtedly the primary draw of this property. However, between the rooms and the service, I definitely feel there’s opportunities for improvement in both the hard and soft products – and this wasn’t helped by a limited elite breakfast offering here at The Socialist that felt, well, decidedly working-class.

I find this kind of impression to be quite common among boutique hotel brands like the Tribute Portfolio. With the independent character of these properties also comes a wide range of quality; as a result, sometimes you’ll be blown away by your stay, and other times, such as here at The Socialist, you may end up feeling more apathetic.



  1. Don't be a communist leech

    An expensive hotel stay at the “Socialist”, gotta love this kind of irony.

  2. Don't be a social leech

    An expensive hotel stay at the “Socialist”, gotta love this kind of irony.

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