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January 2023

I recently travelled to Bali and booked a stay at the Alila Seminyak, a luxurious property nestled on the southwestern coast of the island that opened its doors in 2015.

Having had a few impressive stays with the Alila brand in the past, I was looking forward to checking out another highly regarded property.

Additionally, this stay afforded me the opportunity to explore a new part of the island, as I’d previously only acquainted myself with Ubud and Nusa Dua on past Bali trips. 

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Alila Seminyak Bali – Booking

I secured my stay at the Alila Seminyak for a favourable World of Hyatt member rate of approximately $200 USD ($275 CAD). This rate is fairly standard for the property, although it may increase to around $270 USD ($370 CAD) during busier periods.

The Alila Seminyak is classified as a Category 5 hotel with World of Hyatt, costing 20,000 Hyatt points per night at the standard rate. Otherwise, the property costs 17,000 or 23,000 points for off-peak and peak pricing, respectively.

When it comes to getting the most value at the Alila Seminyak Bali, choosing the cash rate is generally the way to go. Based on our valuation of Hyatt points at 2 cents per point (CAD), this route ensures that you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

If you’re booking a cash rate at the Alila Seminyak Bali, be sure to get in touch with us for a quote through Hyatt Privé, a preferred partner program. You’ll enjoy a suite of extra benefits, such as daily free breakfast for two, a $100 (USD) property credit, and a one-category room upgrade confirmed at the time of booking (subject to availability), all at no extra cost to you.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Location

The property is tucked within the coastal enclave of Seminyak, surrounded by other hotels, villas, spas, and a plethora of shopping, dining, and nightlife options.

Seminyak is generally regarded as one of Bali’s party hotspots, and you need to look no further than the Alila’s neighbouring properties for some of the most popular venues on the island.

The famed Potato Head Beach Club is situated right next door to the hotel, as is the W Bali Seminyak, both of which share the same beachfront as the Alila.

Seminyak Square is another buzzing area and considered to be the heart of the action. It’s a 12-minute walk from the Alila, and once you arrive, there’s a shopping centre with plenty of boutiques, cafés, and markets to explore.

Additionally, the hotel offers a convenient hourly shuttle bus service to Seminyak Square throughout the day.

Lastly, Petitenget is another accessible neighbourhood located in the Seminyak area, home to several cultural and spiritual sites, including the Petitenget Temple, which is considered one of Bali’s most sacred Hindu temples. 

In terms of distance from the airport, it’s about a 20-minute taxi ride from Ngurah Rai International Airport to Alila Seminyak. Fortunately, taxis and Grabs are plentiful and reasonably priced, so it’s an easy journey to the hotel.

Alternatively, you can arrange an airport transfer directly to the hotel for added convenience.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Check-in

Arriving at the Alila Seminyak in Bali, I immediately noticed a façade that was a perfect blend of modern and traditional Balinese elements.

From the bamboo slates to the lush, draping greenery, every detail looked to be in harmony with the surrounding landscape.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Exterior

One notable element about the Alila brand is the way in which these hotels pay homage to the local culture and environment. At every Alila property I’ve stayed at so far, I’ve discovered a beautiful fusion of modern and traditional design that creates a luxurious atmosphere unique to each property.

At the front of the hotel, a covered entrance area welcomed me with a striking wooden ceiling made from locally sourced teak wood, which transitions into an open-air lobby with panoramic views of the hotel’s pools and ocean.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Entrance

There is plenty of seating in the centre of the lobby, including plush benches and individual chairs. Additionally, two reception desks are positioned on the left and right sides of the space, both framed by a stunning backdrop of lush tropical foliage.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Lobby lounge
Alila Seminyak Bali – Lobby lounge
Alila Seminyak Bali – Check-in desks

I was invited to have a seat in the lobby, where a friendly and welcoming associate quickly greeted me, offering a refreshing welcome drink and cool towel.

Beginning the check-in process, the associate informed me that I had been upgraded to the Alila Ocean View Suite, the third-highest suite type available, thanks to my Hyatt Globalist elite status.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Welcome drink & towel

I was also delighted to learn that I’d be treated to a range of exclusive perks on account of my Globalist status, including a generous 20% discount on any Alila Living product in the hotel’s spa or Alila Living boutique, a complimentary late check-out until 6 pm, and a complimentary sunset cocktail at the hotel’s Beach Bar.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Welcome note

The associate then handed me the key, and I made my way to Room 218 on the second floor.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Room 218

Alila Seminyak Bali – Alila Ocean View Suite

The Alila Seminyak is composed of a series of interconnected blocks, each of which houses guest accommodations, restaurants, and amenities.

The blocks are arranged in a staggered fashion to create an open and fluid atmosphere. Therefore, guest accommodations are spread across several buildings, with the suites located closer to the ocean.

A series of covered walkway connect the main hotel building to the oceanfront block, which plays host to the Deluxe Suite, Terrace Suite, Ocean View Suite, the Alila Terrace Suite, and my suite for the evening: the Alila Ocean View Suite.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Walkway

As you step into the Alila Ocean View Suite, there’s a short foyer just before you’re greeted by a seating area that features two comfortable sofas, facing the flat-screen TV on the opposite wall.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Alila Ocean View Suite living area
Alila Seminyak Bali – Alila Ocean View Suite living area

The coffee table was proactively set with a large bowl of fresh fruit and an assortment of sweets.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Alila Ocean View Suite welcome gifts

The room is accented with local batik patterns, which are seen on the furnishings, such as the lamps and pillows, adding a touch of cultural flair to the otherwise minimalist design.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Alila Ocean View Suite bedroom

As you make your way towards the king bed, USB charging ports and power outlets are conveniently located on the large wooden side tables flanking the king bed, while lighting controls are well within reach.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Alila Ocean View Suite bed

The bathroom sits snugly alongside the main area and is essentially a timber box within the room itself.

On the left-hand side of the bathroom is a lengthy closet equipped with a plush robe, mirrored by a lengthy dual stone vanity. A secondary dressing area equipped with a smaller mirror and chair sits nearby.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Alila Ocean View Suite bathroom & closet

A separate wet room with a shower and bathtub is positioned next to a vertical timber screen, offering a private sanctuary where you can soak in breathtaking views of the ocean while still retaining privacy.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Alila Ocean View Suite wet room

The toilet, on the other hand, has its own separate compartment at the other end of the bathroom.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Alila Ocean View Suite toilet

Complimentary sunscreen and after-sun cream are thoughtfully provided in the room, a thoughtful perk that underscores a high level of attention to detail.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Alila Ocean View Suite complimentary amenities

The crown jewel of the Alila Ocean View Suite is its floor-to-ceiling windows, which provide uninterrupted views of the ocean.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Alila Ocean View Suite view

To further enhance the seaside experience, the suite features a private balcony that’s accessible by sliding the glass doors seamlessly embedded into the walls.

Equipped with a small day bed and an armchair, it’s a great spot to soak up the tropical ambiance. 

Alila Seminyak Bali – Alila Ocean View Suite balcony

Overall, the Alila Ocean View Suite features a beautiful minimalist aesthetic, with dark brown wood, white walls, and floors accented by plenty of beige tones. 

I found the walk-through design of the bathroom particularly appealing, further enhanced by the separate wet room for a shower and bathtub.

It’s worth noting that the bedroom and living room are not entirely separate spaces, which probably qualifies the Alila Ocean View Suites (or the Alila Terrace Suites with a similar layout) as junior suites rather than “true” suites in the traditional sense.

However, the suite type above the Alila Ocean View Suite, the Seminyak Suite, is classified as a premium suite and there are only two on the property, so you’d most likely have to book it directly rather than relying on an upgrade.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Ocean View Suite

Naturally, I was curious to see what some of the other room-types available looked like, and I had the opportunity to tour a few other rooms during my stay.

The Ocean View Suites at Alila Seminyak is similar in layout to the Alila Ocean View Suite, albeit a bit smaller in size. Likewise, the Terrace Suites are also smaller compared to the Alila Terrace Suites, with both suite types facing the terraces and gardens rather than offering direct ocean views.

The suite features a cozy seating area where you can relax and take in ocean views, with a design that is just as stylish and modern.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Ocean View Suite living area

The bedroom and bathroom in the Ocean View Suite are similarly arranged to the Alila Ocean View Suite, with a comfortable king bed positioned next to the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Ocean View Suite bedroom

Similarly, the bathroom features a separate wet room with a shower and bathtub combo, a single stone vanity, and a toilet housed in its own compartment.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Ocean View Suite bathroom

Aside from differences in size, the major difference here is the ocean views, which are partially obscured on the lower floors, compared to the unobstructed views of the Alila Ocean View Suite.

Alila Seminyak Bali – King Bed Deluxe Room

As part of the hotel’s rather unusual room type designations, the King Bed Deluxe Room is the only base-level room at the hotel that isn’t classified as a suite.

It’s located in its own building that’s farther inland, with a dedicated pool area exclusive for guests staying in this room category.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Inland building lobby

Despite its more modest size, the King Bed Deluxe Room is still a stylish and comfortable option, featuring a spacious king-sized bed and tasteful décor.

Alila Seminyak Bali – King Bed Deluxe Room bed
Alila Seminyak Bali – King Bed Deluxe Room bathroom

While the King Bed Deluxe Room may not offer the same level of opulence as the suites, it’s still a fantastic option for those who want to experience the Alila Seminyak at a more affordable price point.

With its own dedicated pool area, you can still enjoy a refreshing dip and soak up the sun in your own private enclave. You won’t get any ocean views here, but it’s only a short walk to the main building to enjoy all of the property’s beach and pool facilities.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Inland building private pool
Alila Seminyak Bali – King Bed Deluxe Room view

Alila Seminyak Bali – Breakfast

I enjoyed complimentary breakfast during my stay as a Hyatt Globalist member. Breakfast at the Alila Seminyak Bali is hosted at the property’s stand-alone restaurant, Seasalt.

The restaurant is open from 7–11am for breakfast, and is located right on the beachfront with panoramic views of the ocean. The space serves as a great spot for your first sip of coffee in the morning.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Seasalt entrance
Alila Seminyak Bali – Seasalt bar

There’s a large indoor air-conditioned seating area for couples and larger groups, as well as a beautiful terrace with ample seating that overlooks the ocean, complete with a few lounging chairs.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Seasalt indoor seating
Alila Seminyak Bali – Seasalt outdoor seating

The breakfast spread at the hotel is quite impressive, with a comprehensive and varied buffet, as well as à la carte dining.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Seasalt breakfast menu

Western items like sausages, beans, and grilled tomatoes were available, along with made-to-order eggs, boiled eggs, and eggs Benedict. A selection of vegan cheese and toppings was also provided.

Local favourites like sawut, talam ubi, and getuk lindri were also available as traditional Balinese fares.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Breakfast buffet Balinese items

International options included dumplings, soba noodles with a variety of toppings, and fried rice and noodles.

The salad bar had an impressive selection of toppings and options to choose from.

Other highlights included four kinds of fresh-pressed juices to choose from, as well as an impressive dessert selection with cakes, donuts, and pastries. Guests could also enjoy the usual suspects of cereal and toppings, as well as yogurt, smoothies, and milk.

For those who enjoy cured meats, there were tasty accompaniments such as mustard, Dijon, capers, and gherkins.

Lastly, fresh sourdough bread and buns were available, along with a good selection of fresh fruit.

The breakfast spread was beautifully laid out and possessed quite a bit of variety. Needless to say, I sampled some of everything, in addition to my separate eggs Benedict order.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Breakfast spread
Alila Seminyak Bali – Eggs Benedict

Alila Seminyak Bali – Dining & Bar

In addition to Seasalt, which also offers all-day dining, the resort’s other venue is the Beach Bar, situated in front of the beach and adjacent to the main swimming pool.

It’s a lively beach and bar scene, and in the evenings, the area really comes to life with live music.

Although prices at the restaurant are on the higher end, Globalist members can enjoy a nice little perk of a drink voucher for two.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Drinks at Beach Bar
Alila Seminyak Bali – Drinks at Beach Bar

Alila Seminyak Bali – Pools & Beach

Walking through the property is a peaceful experience, with covered paths surrounded by lush greens leading to the hotel pools.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Pathway to pool

There are four pools in total at the Alila Seminyak. The main pool, which is the party pool located at ground level adjacent to the Beach Bar, is surrounded by ample loungers and beach chairs.

It’s important to note that this pool is for adults only and it’s also open to the public, while the others are reserved for hotel guests only.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Main pool
Alila Seminyak Bali – Main pool lounge chairs & tables
Alila Seminyak Bali – Main pool lounge chairs

On the upper level, there are two infinity-edge pools with beautiful ocean views that are a bit quieter. Positioned just above the “party pool” is the family pool, located a bit further inland than the other infinity pool.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Infinity pool
Alila Seminyak Bali – Infinity pool

The Serene Pool is exclusively for adults only, and is equipped with several rows of loungers for a more peaceful atmosphere. Lastly, the Relax Pool is located further inland, serving guests who are staying in the base-level Deluxe King Room.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Serene Pool
Alila Seminyak Bali – Serene Pool lounge area

While the hotel is located on the beach here in Seminyak, the quality of the beach itself isn’t quite up to par in terms of cleanliness, and I didn’t exactly find it to be pleasant or peaceful.

The beach caters more to the party vibes that Seminyak is known for, with Mr. Potato Head Beach Club located next door, followed by W Bali Seminyak and the lively crowds that they attract. In this regard, the Alila’s tranquil atmosphere perhaps sticks out like a sore thumb! 

Alila Seminyak Bali – Beach

Alila Seminyak Bali – Other Facilities

The hotel features a Balinese temple positioned prominently in the centre of the hotel grounds, which was a nice addition to the lush landscaping throughout the property.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Balinese temple

The on-site fitness centre at Alila Seminyak is a spacious facility, although the selection of equipment may not be as comprehensive as other hotels. 

Still, there’s a good variety of equipment to get in a full workout, including two treadmills, a rowing machine, a bicycle, weight machines, and free weights, along with complimentary water and towels for guests.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Fitness centre
Alila Seminyak Bali – Fitness centre
Alila Seminyak Bali – Fitness centre

Spa Alila is located adjacent to the hotel’s lobby. The spa has a range of treatments on offer, including massages, facials, and body scrubs, all of which use natural ingredients and traditional Balinese techniques rooted in healing.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Spa Alila entrance

The spa facilities themselves are modern and clean, with private treatment rooms, a steam room, and a hot tub. The spa also has a relaxation lounge, where you can enjoy complimentary refreshments before or after your treatments.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Spa Alila treatment room
Alila Seminyak Bali – Spa Alila relaxation lounge

Interestingly, the spa had some very fancy hydrotherapy treatment machines that I’d never seen before, including a series of overhead jets that spray you with water all over.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Spa Alila treatment room

Lastly, there’s Alila Living, a retail space within the hotel that offers locally made products and souvenirs, as well as items such as beachwear, jewellery, and home décor.

Alila Seminyak Bali – Alila Living


The Alila Seminyak can be thought of as a gateway to Seminyak’s beach party and nightlife scene, but perhaps in slightly more refined surroundings than its neighbours.

On the other hand, if you’re simply after a peaceful day on the sand, then this property – and indeed the Seminyak area itself – may not be the best part of Bali to stay in. 

The hotel itself boasts a modern design laden with thoughtful touches, from the walk-through bathroom layout to the stunning balcony in the Alila Ocean View Suite. The comprehensive breakfast at Seasalt restaurant, offering a wide range of both Western and local Balinese specialties, was also a highlight.

Moreover, the hotel’s multiple infinity-edge pools are another excellent draw, offering different atmospheres depending on your mood. If you’re looking for a lively party atmosphere, head to the main pool, while the adult-only pools offer a more serene experience.

As one of four Alila properties in Bali, the Seminyak location was a perfect starting point, and I’d love to check out some of the other properties on future trips to the island – notably, the Alila Villas Uluwatu on the southern coast looks to be quite a striking destination.

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  1. Kendall

    I stayed here in Oct 2022 in the same Ocean View Suite. I was a little underwhelmed with the small size of the suite after previously getting some pretty impressive Globalist upgrades at the Regency Bali, Andaz, and Alila Ubud. But overall I had a great stay at Alila Seminyak. The breakfast at Sea Salt was fantastic!

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