Status Match from Air Canada or WestJet to Royal Air Maroc Safar Flyer

A new status match opportunity has arrived with Royal Air Maroc’s Safar Flyer loyalty program.

Royal Air Maroc is a part of the Oneworld alliance, and has partnered with to provide equivalent elite status based on your status with another airline loyalty program.

Royal Air Maroc Safar Flyer Status Match

For travellers with existing elite status (including with Air Canada’s Aeroplan Elite Status or WestJet Rewards here in Canada), Royal Air Maroc’s status match promotion can unlock useful perks such as priority boarding and premium lounge access when flying with Oneworld airlines through the upcoming year.

There is a fee of €49 required to apply for the status match, which may or may not be worthwhile depending on how much value you anticipate getting out of the resulting Oneworld status.

The status match opportunity will be available until May 31, 2022, with a limited number of matches available. Once approved, the status match upgrade is valid until March 31, 2023.

To submit your status match request, head to and follow the instructions.

You’ll need a Royal Air Maroc Safar Flyer membership number to get started, and there are reports that the Safar Flyer signup process is inundated with new applications at the moment, so you might need to be patient while setting up your account.

Status Match from Air Canada or WestJet

Royal Air Maroc is offering status matches to a very wide range of Star Alliance, SkyTeam, and non-alliance airlines, as listed below:

Canada’s Air Canada and WestJet are both on the list, so if you’re an existing elite member, you can submit a status match to Safar Flyer as follows:

  • Aeroplan 25K status or WestJet Silver status: Match to Safar Flyer Silver (Oneworld Ruby)
  • Aeroplan 35K, 50K, 75K, Super Elite status or WestJet Gold status: Match to Safar Flyer Gold (Oneworld Sapphire)

It’s pretty reasonable to see Aeroplan 50K, 75K, and Super Elite status (all of which correspond to Star Alliance Gold status, the counterpart of Oneworld Sapphire) – but it’s somewhat surprising that Aeroplan 35K status may also get matched to Safar Flyer Gold!

(Note that these represent “the highest tier that Royal Air Maroc is likely to offer you at this time”, as per While I’d expect that the status match will come through as indicated, we’ll need to await some applicants’ real-life experiences for full confirmation.) 

Should You Match to Oneworld Status for €49?

In my view, the most significant benefit here is for current Aeroplan 35K or higher members or WestJet Gold members. If you currently hold one of these statuses, it’s certainly worth weighing up whether to pursue a status match to Royal Air Maroc Safar Flyer Gold status for a nominal €49 fee.

By earning Safar Flyer Gold status, and in turn Oneworld Sapphire status, you’ll enjoy meaningful benefits like complimentary lounge access, priority perks, and extra baggage allowances when flying with Oneworld airlines.

For example, if you take the occasional domestic US flight in economy class with American Airlines or Alaska Airlines, then having Oneworld Sapphire status can significantly elevate a rather dreary experience by giving you access to American Airlines Admirals Clubs and Flagship Lounges or Alaska Airlines lounges prior to departure.

American Airlines Flagship Lounge Chicago

The same idea applies to any other Oneworld carrier around the world that you might fly with on the occasional cheap economy class fare – British Airways on a cheap fare in Europe, Malaysia Airlines on a cheap fare in South East Asia, etc.

If you anticipate visiting even a small handful of Oneworld lounges using your one year of Oneworld Sapphire status, then I’d say the €49 status match fee is worth the cost.

Plus, who knows what other status-matching opportunities there might be in the future to match your Royal Air Maroc Safar Flyer Gold status back to.

However, suppose you’re a current Aeroplan 25K member, and therefore can only match to Safar Flyer Silver status (which corresponds to the entry-level Oneworld Ruby status).

In that case, I don’t think the limited benefits – priority check-in, waitlist, and preferred seating – are quite worthwhile compared to the €49 fee.


The new status match promotion by Royal Air Maroc opens up the possibility for existing Aeroplan 35K members or higher, as well as WestJet Gold members, to earn one year of Oneworld Sapphire status for a very reasonable €49 fee.

The promotion is available until May 31, 2022, and once approved, the Safar Gold status is valid until March 31, 2023. Although the exact amount was not specified, there is indeed a limit on how many status matches are available, so I’d recommend taking advantage sooner than later.

  1. Sam

    I’m Aeroplan 35K. Tried to sign up for Safar membership yesterday but it wouldn’t take a Canadian postal code. Today I tried again, changing country to Turkey and using a 5 numeric digits as postal code. That worked to create a Safar membership. Then I changed my country in the Safar profile to Canada. Still wouldn’t allow for Canadian postal code though.

    Then tried to status match Aeroplan 35K and got the following message: “Important Note: Gold Status Match is no longer available. If you proceed, you will be applying for Silver Safar Flyer status.”

    I don’t feel it is worth paying for OneWorld Ruby. So didn’t bother doing the match. The deal is dead as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Paul-77

    Just got confirmation of E35K to Gold today. I waited until late night on the West Coast to apply which was easier on their system.

    It certainly feels nice to have options after being joined at the hip with all the Air Canada focused points and credit action over the last 2 years.

    1. Steve

      When did toy apply and how long did your approval take?

      1. Paul-77

        Applied Wed 10.30pm PDT and approved Friday 8am

  3. NK

    Update: 10:45 EST / After getting the Air Maroc card using the above suggestions: “Important Note: Gold Status Match is no longer available. If you proceed, you will be applying for Silver Safar Flyer status.”

    1. Jay*

      No surprise, after the amount of hype blogs gave the promo, lol.

  4. Tom

    Got it to work! I used a US address (24/7 Parcel). Had to use a VPN with it set to the UAE and used internet explorer. Some of the boxes that you have to fill out weren’t working properly in internet explorer so I fiddled around with them. Ended up making my nationality Afghan because of the boxes glitching which I changed afterwards lol. Took a few tries. Good luck!

    1. Steve

      Can you change address etc after the fact in your profile?

    2. Steve

      Can you chance address etc after the fact in your profile?

      1. Tom

        Yes you can. It still doesn’t let you put in a Canadian postal code. My status match was approved with differing addresses between my royal air Maroc and air canada accounts.

        1. Steve

          Cheers thanks! What Aeroplan status did you match and which did Maroc give you?
          Also, I don’t have UAE in my VPN, damn.

  5. Richard

    Can I accrue miles to another program, say Alaska, while using RAM Saphire benefits, or would I have to accrue miles to RAM?

    1. Ricky YVR

      You can try including your Alaska frequent flyer number on your reservation, and simply flashing your Safar Flyer Gold card at the lounge to gain access.

      This might not work for things like checked bags though. In that case, one potential play is to include your Safar Flyer Gold status on the reservation at first, use the benefits, and then ask a gate agent or lounge agent to change the frequent flyer number just before departure.

  6. NK

    Its basically busted at the moment, probably due to the volume. Trying to call them at the canadian number is useless, and the USA line just goes dead.

    1. James

      David found a solution and posted to Facebook. Input Turkey as nationality and country. Zip only takes 5 numbers. You can edit these to your Canadian credentials afterwards. 35K status request approved minutes after applying. Now just waiting for it to update in account!

      1. Frankie

        tried it with VPN to turkey, but still doesnt work unfortunately

  7. Frankie

    no luck on my end, still getting error code, also they don’t allow letters for postal code

  8. John

    Keep getting an error code. Anyone able to signup to Safar flyer?

  9. Tom

    For some reason I keep getting an error code. Anyone find a workaround?

  10. Steve

    For whatever reason it’s not accepting my postcode as valid or any other for that matter. Yet if I type in a zip code it allows it. Weird.

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