Canada Jetlines Delays Launch to September 22

The newest contender in Canada’s ultra low-cost airline scene, Canada Jetlines, has pushed back its initial launch date. Originally scheduled to launch on August 29, the inaugural flight is now set for September 22. 

The airline also pivoted from servicing Winnipeg and Moncton from its Toronto hub, to operating a single route to Calgary instead. The airline hopes to add more destinations in the future, but has joined a league of other airlines servicing Toronto and Calgary.

Let’s take a quick look at the news.

Jetlines Delays Launch… Again

Canada Jetlines has encountered a few setbacks to its launch date so far. 

Earlier this year, the airline was stuck waiting for regulatory approval. While it had submitted all required documents for its application for an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) by early July, it wasn’t until mid-August until the airline was granted an AOC.

Initial flights were pushed back until after August 18, the date on which Jetlines received its AOC. At that time, flights were initially scheduled flights to depart as of August 29.

Jetlines just announced a further delay to the launch, pushing back the first scheduled flight to September 22, 2022.

A statement on its website suggests that more destinations will be announced soon.

Currently, the airline has a single Airbus A320 in its fleet. The plane features an all economy cabin, with 174 seats total. 

Jetlines features an all economy cabin with 174 seats

Winnipeg and Moncton Replaced by Calgary

Jetlines has also done an about-face on its scheduled destinations.

As recently as earlier this week, Jetlines had planned to fly between Toronto and Winnipeg on some days, and between Toronto and Moncton on others. 

Would-be passengers from Winnipeg and Moncton will have to wait for more flying choices, as those plans have been nixed in favour of a single route between Toronto and Calgary instead. The airline touts strong tourism opportunities in both cities, as well as Niagara Falls and surrounding lakes region in Ontario, and the Rocky Mountains in Alberta. 

Jetlines is scheduled to fly between Toronto and Calgary twice weekly on Thursdays and Sundays, with the following schedule:

  • Depart Toronto (YYZ) 7:55am, arrive Calgary (YYC) 10:10am
  • Depart Calgary (YYC) 11:40am, arrive Toronto (YYZ) 5:20pm

As of October 13, the frequency will increase to thrice-weekly flights. 

Canada Jetlines will fly between Toronto and Calgary twice weekly to begin

Jetlines joins Air Canada, Air Transat, Flair, Lynx Air, and WestJet as an airline scheduled between these two cities, further driving up competition on what’s already a popular domestic route.

Jetlines is advertising fares for as little as $99 per direction, with prices increasing up to $254. Flights with low-cost competitors appear to cost roughly the same, while larger carriers sometimes adjusting prices to align with flights at similar times.

As an ultra low-cost carrier, you’ll be charged extra for everything from checked luggage to in-flight meals. 

As Jetlines grows its fleet, so will it add other destinations to its network. While there aren’t any confirmed options at this point, the airline hopes to serve destinations in Canada, the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean in the future.


Canada Jetlines has announced a further delay to its inaugural flight. The airline has changed its launch date from August 29 to September 22.

Furthermore, Jetlines will no longer fly between its hub in Toronto and the smaller markets in Winnipeg and Moncton. Rather, it will operate a single route between Toronto and Calgary, serving the leisure market.

Jetlines joins a host of other Canadian airlines flying between Toronto and Calgary. Passengers will now have a choice between six airlines to get between the Rocky Mountains and Lake Ontario.

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