Air Canada Launches Baggage & Mobility Aid Tracking Feature on App

Air Canada has just launched a new feature on its mobile app, which allows passengers to track the status of their baggage and mobility aids.

This new feature is available on domestic flights only at the outset; however, it’s expected to be expanded to transborder flights next year, and to select international flights in the future.

The tracking feature will proactively keep passengers informed of the whereabouts of their baggage and mobility aids, using the same information used by Air Canada employees throughout the baggage handling process.

Air Canada Launches Baggage & Mobility Aid Tracking Feature on App

Air Canada has introduced a new feature on its mobile app, which allows passengers to track the status of their baggage and mobility aids in real time. 

Currently, the feature is only available to passengers travelling on domestic flights, but tracking will be expanded to transborder routes in 2024, and eventually to select international destinations.

In the app, passengers with checked baggage or mobility aids can now track the status of their items throughout the journey. The status is updated using the same tag-scanning information that Air Canada employees use at each stage of the handling process.

In practice, this means that passengers will get updates as their baggage moves from check-in through the airport, onto the aircraft, through connections, and ultimately to arrival at their destination.

For passengers with mobility aids, the movement of their aids will be tracked, including confirmation that they’re securely loaded on the aircraft prior to departure. 

The new tracking feature also has a “What’s Next” feature, which informs passengers about the next steps for their belongings, such as the baggage carousel number at transfer points or upon completion of their trip.

If your baggage is delayed, you’ll be notified by text and/or email, and you’ll also receive a notification through the Air Canada app. You’ll also be able to file a delayed baggage report from your phone and arrange for delivery, which could save you time at the carousel waiting for your bag or standing in line at a baggage assistance counter.

After submitting a delayed baggage claim, you’ll receive a confirmation that the report has been received and a file number, as well as a link to follow up on updates.

The Air Canada app is available for free through Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

Air Canada Adds Another Self-Serve Feature

Air Canada has been introducing a number of features to its website and app, with the goal of keeping passengers up-to-date with information about their trip, implementing new technology, and allowing them to make changes without the need to call or wait in line.

This year, the airline launched the Digital Information System, allowing passengers to opt to create a digital profile on the app, which is then used to confirm their identity through facial recognition at select lounges and boarding gates. 

Aeroplan members have the ability to book trips with stopovers online, or to make self-serve changes without needing to call the Aeroplan Contact Centre.

In the event of a schedule change or cancellation, in many cases, affected travellers can choose alternative flights without needing to stand in line at the airport or get a hold of a call centre agent. 

With the addition of baggage and mobility aid tracking to the app, Air Canada is integrating technology to keep passengers informed of where their belongings or mobility aids are, which should ultimately provide reassurance.

If your baggage winds up getting delayed, you can file a report from your smartphone and skip standing in line. Should this happen during a time when many others have delayed baggage, it could wind up saving you quite a bit of time.

It’s worth noting that mobility aid tracking is part of the airline’s new Accessibility Plan, which was released in June. The Accessibility Plan aims to improve the experience for passengers with disabilities over the next three years.


Air Canada has added baggage and mobility aid tracking as a feature on its mobile app. 

To begin, tracking will only be available on domestic flights, and it’s expected to be expanded to transborder flights in 2024 and to international flights at some point in the future.

The feature is live and loaded in the app, so be sure to keep an eye out for it on your next domestic flight with checked baggage or mobility aids.