American Express Priority Benefits at Toronto Pearson Airport

Last summer and the subsequent holiday season, Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) made headlines for its unseemly treatment of passengers, including the long, snaking lines leading to security.

While things have improved since then, it’s anyone’s guess whether this problem would present itself again this coming summer and holiday season, especially as the world opens further and airlines add even more flights to their timetables.

Fortunately, American Express offers its upper-tier cardholders a faster way to get ahead of the security line, as part of a suite of priority services to make your experience at Toronto Pearson easier and faster.

American Express Priority Security at Toronto Pearson

Arguably the most valuable among the American Express priority services at Toronto Pearson is priority security. Eligible cardholders get to access a separate queue and turnstile, along with premium cabin passengers.

This is especially useful for passengers travelling in economy class and without NEXUS cards, who would otherwise have no priority security privileges.

To use the American Express priority security benefit, log in to the special Toronto Pearson landing page on the American Express website using your American Express credentials. There, you can download up to 10 unique one-time-use QR codes for yourself and your party. 

Then, you’ll only need to scan the QR code one-by-one on the digital turnstiles that would grant you access into the priority security area.

If you’re flying to the US, you can use this service to breeze through security, and then in turn use Mobile Passport Control to get you through the US pre-clearance faster.

Priority security for American Express cardholders is available at all concourses across Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.

American Express Priority Services for Your Vehicle

Aside from priority security, eligible cardholders also get free valet car service, discounted parking, and discounted car care at Toronto Pearson.

The airport’s in-house valet service, available only at Terminal 1, allows you to drop your car off curbside and get into the departures level faster.

For eligible cardholders, you’ll get your one-time valet fee of $20 (CAD) waived upon presenting your eligible card at pick-up. However, note that you’ll still need to pay the corresponding parking fees.

Valet parking rates start at $56 (CAD) a day, up to a weekly maximum of $275 (CAD). The cost is steep, but it becomes a little bearable with the $20 (CAD) discount.

If you’d rather not park with a valet, you can opt for Express Park, a convenient short-term parking space; or Daily Parking, a premium covered parking area.

As a cardholder, you’re entitled to a 15% discount to both that you’ll receive as a statement credit on your American Express card. Note, however, that you won’t receive the discount if you reserve your spot in advance through Toronto Pearson’s booking portal.

Given that the parking area is a short walk from Terminal 1, Express Park rates are quite steep: $5–6 (CAD) for every 20 minutes, up to a daily cap of $59 (CAD). 

Meanwhile, situated a 3–5 minute walk from either Terminal 1 or Terminal 3, Daily Parking is much cheaper than Express Park. Rates start at $5–7 (CAD) per 20 minutes, up to a cap of $38 (CAD) daily or $215 (CAD) weekly.

With the 15% discount, the Daily Parking rates become comparable to rates at the Value Park Garage, which is located a 6–12 minute ride away on the Terminal Link Train. 

Lastly, if your car is in need of some pampering, Toronto Pearson Airport offers car wash and detailing services as you park your car with its valet or in one of its garages or lots. 

Car washes start at $60 (CAD), and you can get a 15% discount as a statement credit when you charge your Car Care services to your eligible Amex card.

Which Amex Cards Are Eligible for Priority Services at Toronto Pearson?

The following Canadian-issued American Express cards are eligible for priority services at Toronto Pearson:

Credit Cards with Priority Security Lane Access at YYZ

Credit cards have to be Canadian-issued to qualify, since benefits are provided by logging into an Amex Canada account and through statement credits on the account.

Previously, there were kiosks at the airport that distributed priority security cards to anyone with a Platinum Card irrespective of country of issue, but the kiosks have since been phased out in favour of getting QR codes online.


American Express provides its top-tier cardholders with a suite of services to make their experience at Toronto Pearson Airport smoother, faster, and easier.

Perhaps most valuable of these is priority security, which allows you to get in front of the security via one-time QR codes.

If Toronto Pearson is your home airport or you pass through often, be sure to consider this list of perks when deciding whether you should get or hold a premium American Express card.