24/7 Parcel: Your US Mail Forwarding Solution [2022]

We receive affiliate compensation if you choose to use the Prince of Travel discount for your 24/7 Parcel mailbox.

If you’ve been thinking about dabbling with US credit cards, you’ll know that a US mail forwarding service may be a key piece of the puzzle.

Some lucky Canadians might be able to rely on “moving in” with their US-based friends and family for their US address, but many others have no option but to reply on a mail forwarder as they look to build ties on both sides of the border.

If you find yourself in such a position, 24/7 Parcel‘s doors are open to Canadians as one possible solution.


24/7 Parcel’s Mailbox Rental Service

Similar to the other services, 24/7 Parcel also offers parcel and package handling service. They do not charge any recurring fees for this, only a receiving fee for every parcel that gets processed in your name.

However, 24/7 Parcel’s Washington State location also offers a mailbox service, which is subject to an annual rental fee of US$90, but can receive credit cards in the mail.

Indeed, they even mention this very explicitly on their website:

The fee for mail forwarding is US$1.50 per letter, plus postage:

Note that the mailbox service was previously based out of Niagara Falls, NY, as stated above. However, the service has moved to the West Coast as of early 2022.

Customers who were previously registered at the Niagara Falls location will need to change their addresses with their US banks in order to continue using the service. Your mail will continue to be forwarded to anywhere in Canada.

24/7 Parcel will let you know of the mailbox address once you’ve signed up for an account. You’ll also be asked to top up your account’s credit balance through PayPal, from which your annual fee and cost of forwarding each item in the mail will be deducted.

Every time an item gets forwarded, you get an email notification with the US$2.15 being deducted from your credit balance, so that’s when you know that something has arrived.

The 24/7 Parcel staff simply wraps your mail in a separate envelope with your Canadian address on it, attaches the postage, and sends it off, and it typically takes me about a week to receive the forwarded item on the Canadian side.

As in Canada, certain premium US credit cards arrive in larger, bulkier welcome packages as well.

When that happens, the 24/7 Parcel staff members are more than happy to correspond with you over email, help you verify the contents of the package (with your consent of course), and forward you only the physical credit card itself.

Discount for Prince of Travel Readers

Overall, 24/7 Parcel is a very reliable service and one that I’ve used for many years now. And here’s the best part: 24/7 Parcel is offering Prince of Travel readers a US$20 discount on annual rental fees.

This means that you can rent the mailbox for only US$70 a year – simply mention in your email correspondence with 24/7 that you learned about the service from Prince of Travel, and they will apply the discount.

This discount is valid for both new mailbox registrations and annual renewals.

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 10.45.36 AM.png

Will 24/7 Parcel Forward Credit Cards?

When 24/7 Parcel pitched us the idea of offering readers a discount on their services, I was naturally cautious as to whether or not they would be willing to handle the volume of Canadians looking to get their credit cards forwarded up north.

After all, some mail forwarding services that were previously popular had changed their policies once they started receiving more than a handful of credit cards and bank statements in the mail.

The good news is that the 24/7 Parcel manager has assured me that credit cards are and will continue to be fair game, as long as you use the mailbox rental and not the parcel pickup service:

I can understand why other places stop forwarding credit cards. They are like 24/7 PARCEL, specializing in package handling. That is why we have a separate service just for the mailbox. Sometimes people still try to use their free parcel account for credit cards (whether intentionally or not), which is against our company policy. I can promise you that as long as your readers sign up for a mailbox account (even with $20 discount on 12-month rental), we will provide the letter mail forwarding service. Please ask them to mention your name when signing up or renewing, so we can apply the discount.

In addition, the fact that credit card forwarding is explicitly stated as a possibility on 24/7 Parcel’s website bodes very well for the long-term longevity of this mail forwarding option.


If you’re looking to get US credit cards, you’ll need to have access to a US address, and the most popular ways of achieving this are to use either a US-based friend or family member’s address or a mail forwarding service. 

24/7 Parcel is a reliable mail forwarding service that I’ve been using ever since I got started with US credit cards. Simply mention that you learned about the service from Prince of Travel and they’ll set you up with a US$20 discount for your annual mailbox rental.