24/7 Parcel: Your US Mail Forwarding Solution [2022]

We receive affiliate compensation if you choose to use the Prince of Travel discount for your 24/7 Parcel mailbox.

If you’ve been thinking about dabbling with US credit cards, you’ll know that a US mail forwarding service may be a key piece of the puzzle.

Some lucky Canadians might be able to rely on “moving in” with their US-based friends and family for their US address, but many others have no option but to reply on a mail forwarder as they look to build ties on both sides of the border.

If you find yourself in such a position, 24/7 Parcel‘s doors are open to Canadians as one possible solution.


24/7 Parcel’s Mailbox Rental Service

Similar to the other services, 24/7 Parcel also offers parcel and package handling service. They do not charge any recurring fees for this, only a receiving fee for every parcel that gets processed in your name.

However, 24/7 Parcel’s Washington State location also offers a mailbox service, which is subject to an annual rental fee of US$90, but can receive credit cards in the mail.

Indeed, they even mention this very explicitly on their website:

The fee for mail forwarding is US$1.50 per letter, plus postage:

Note that the mailbox service was previously based out of Niagara Falls, NY, as stated above. However, the service has moved to the West Coast as of early 2022.

Customers who were previously registered at the Niagara Falls location will need to change their addresses with their US banks in order to continue using the service. Your mail will continue to be forwarded to anywhere in Canada.

24/7 Parcel will let you know of the mailbox address once you’ve signed up for an account. You’ll also be asked to top up your account’s credit balance through PayPal, from which your annual fee and cost of forwarding each item in the mail will be deducted.

Every time an item gets forwarded, you get an email notification with the US$2.15 being deducted from your credit balance, so that’s when you know that something has arrived.

The 24/7 Parcel staff simply wraps your mail in a separate envelope with your Canadian address on it, attaches the postage, and sends it off, and it typically takes me about a week to receive the forwarded item on the Canadian side.

As in Canada, certain premium US credit cards arrive in larger, bulkier welcome packages as well.

When that happens, the 24/7 Parcel staff members are more than happy to correspond with you over email, help you verify the contents of the package (with your consent of course), and forward you only the physical credit card itself.

Discount for Prince of Travel Readers

Overall, 24/7 Parcel is a very reliable service and one that I’ve used for many years now. And here’s the best part: 24/7 Parcel is offering Prince of Travel readers a US$20 discount on annual rental fees.

This means that you can rent the mailbox for only US$70 a year – simply mention in your email correspondence with 24/7 that you learned about the service from Prince of Travel, and they will apply the discount.

This discount is valid for both new mailbox registrations and annual renewals.

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 10.45.36 AM.png

Will 24/7 Parcel Forward Credit Cards?

When 24/7 Parcel pitched us the idea of offering readers a discount on their services, I was naturally cautious as to whether or not they would be willing to handle the volume of Canadians looking to get their credit cards forwarded up north.

After all, some mail forwarding services that were previously popular had changed their policies once they started receiving more than a handful of credit cards and bank statements in the mail.

The good news is that the 24/7 Parcel manager has assured me that credit cards are and will continue to be fair game, as long as you use the mailbox rental and not the parcel pickup service:

I can understand why other places stop forwarding credit cards. They are like 24/7 PARCEL, specializing in package handling. That is why we have a separate service just for the mailbox. Sometimes people still try to use their free parcel account for credit cards (whether intentionally or not), which is against our company policy. I can promise you that as long as your readers sign up for a mailbox account (even with $20 discount on 12-month rental), we will provide the letter mail forwarding service. Please ask them to mention your name when signing up or renewing, so we can apply the discount.

In addition, the fact that credit card forwarding is explicitly stated as a possibility on 24/7 Parcel’s website bodes very well for the long-term longevity of this mail forwarding option.


If you’re looking to get US credit cards, you’ll need to have access to a US address, and the most popular ways of achieving this are to use either a US-based friend or family member’s address or a mail forwarding service. 

24/7 Parcel is a reliable mail forwarding service that I’ve been using ever since I got started with US credit cards. Simply mention that you learned about the service from Prince of Travel and they’ll set you up with a US$20 discount for your annual mailbox rental.

  1. David

    Unfortunately, being in Washington, I am not able to open a TD checking account. This is a major issue for me as that was the reason that I opened the mailbox account. Have requested a solution and am awaiting a response, otherwise, I will try to obtain a refund and find another solution. Just a little message for those that are looking to open a TD account.

    1. David

      I just wanted to warn readers also that I tried to open a bank account in the US with CIBC and they require a copy of a lease or utility bill as they recognize the address as being a mail service. So before paying 70-90$ USD, check with your bank/credit card company that the address is acceptable. I have reached out to 24/7 but no response as of yet.

      1. Scott

        Did you find any resolve with CIBC or 24/7? I’m in the same situation with CIBC recognizing the 24/7 virtual mailbox as a mailing service and requesting additional documentation.

        1. David

          Unfortunately not. Ended up using a friend’s address in the US. Maybe woukd work with Td

          1. Scott

            Thanks for the reply! Unfortunate to hear regardless. I might try with TD, and haven’t heard anything from 24/7 but might that might not be in their control anyway. Others be warned though I suppose.

  2. jake

    can anyone please recommend an alternative to 24/7 parcel ?

  3. Arvin

    Hi Ricky,

    I just did a USPS address lookup for 24/7 Parcel’s Blaine and Lynden Washington State locations, both have the “Y” in the Commercial Mail Receiving Agency field.

    1. Ricky YVR

      There are non-public facing addresses that you’d use for mail forwarding.

  4. Liamo Naro

    The reason I don’t do this is that I don’t ever want the American Border officers to think I am living there…… Or worst, scamming the system.

    Imaging being BANNED FOR LIFE because of a credit card.

    1. Zach

      Basically what DenB said. I am Canadian and work full-time in Canada – but I actually also own an online business operating in the US. So I end up spending a considerable amount of time there yearly anyway. I have a Nexus card that I got with no issues.

      It’s LEGAL to get an ITIN for foreign nationals. Banks LEGALLY allow you to obtain credit with an ITIN. Having LEGAL ties to the US is not a crime lol… Not sure what you’re worried about

    2. DenB® YTO

      As a Canadian resident or citizen, one is entitled to spend many months per year in the USA, lawfully. There is nothing illegal or shady about having a US address and having financial relationships (accounts) with US financial companies. US border officials are interested in where you sleep in the USA and when they discover, with your help, that the address is a mailbox, their concerns will melt away. “BANNED FOR LIFE because of a credit card” is not a thing.

  5. WT

    Hey Ricky. I used the Global Transfer and have been approved the US Marriott Bonvoy….however….Amex needs proof of US address either via a lease agreement or a utility bill. I simply got the PO Box via 24/7 Parcel!!!

    1. Zach

      If you followed Step 1 and have a US bank account – those statements will have the US Address on them. They will (usually) accept those as proof of address.

      1. WT

        Already asked. Not good enough for them to mail the approved card.
        Want lease or utility bill only.

  6. DenB® YTO

    Added information: 24/7 Niagara offered Canada Post Mail Forwarding. Instead of mailing your item as described, they take it to Canada first, then mail it in Canada Post mailbox. My expereince was that I received my items in Toronto at least a week earlier than if it was subject to USPS/CPC handoff and Customs. They charged USD$5.00 surcharge for this, which I happily paid. This serevice is NOT currently offered from their West Coast locations, which is a double whammy for those of us in the East. Mail from Washington state, USA does NOT reach toronto, in Canada, with alacrity. They say they’re working on finding a driver to perform this service but no date predicted. Closing Niagara and ceasing this service is a significant disappointment for this reader. Now considering other options.

    1. Zach

      Actually, you’re completely off. Geographically it might seem that mail from WA will take longer to arrive than mail from Niagara Falls…. But that’s not how the postal service works. The reason mail from Niagara Falls took 2-3 weeks to get to you in Toronto is that is goes from there to USPS processing center in Jamaica, NY. From there it heads over to Montreal.. and from there to Mississauga… Before finally being delivered to you.

      International outbound mail from WA will head to Vancouver and then straight to Mississauga. I currently use the $5 CP service and am actually looking forward to the move to the WA location. It’ll be around the same turnaround time AND no $5 fee.

      Source: work at CP.

      1. DenB® YTO

        It’s in my interest to be proven wrong about this. Thanks for this encouraging news. Looking forward to seeing it in action!

        1. Zach

          I’m hopeful as well! Although with strikes / worker shortages / flight cancellations – the postal system is already under severe stress… so the true data point on delivery standard won’t be known for a while sadly.

          1. DenB® YTO

            Sad to repoprt that in practice, the move to Lynden has greatly worsened the 24/7 experience for Toronto clients. Time from mailing in WA to delivery in Toronto is always more than 2 weeks. With their Niagara service it was 3 days, thanks to their optional “mail in Canada”, now withdrawn. For this Torontonian, moving to 24/7’s Lynden address is not an upgrade.

            1. Eric M

              I can also add a report that my AMEX credit card package took 5 weeks to receive it. I almost thought it got lost. Somewhat disappointing speed. Thinking of switching out to another mailers. Would appreciate people’s suggestion.

              1. DenB® YTO

                Some of us in Toronto are chatting about solutions. If you’re in touch with others in WhatsApp groups, in PoT’s Discord server or elsewhere, word will spread when we make a move.

                1. Geo

                  Was an alternative ever found?

  7. Alex YYZ

    24/7 Parcel was a major issue xed bag in the last year, with data points that this address was flagged by AMEX USA and denied to be used for credit card purposes.
    Is the new WA address ok in terms of USPS? Was it confirmed not to be flagged like the NY address?

    1. Ricky YVR

      24/7 Parcel will provide users with usable addresses. If there are any issues, there are backup addresses that can be used.

    2. Alex YYZ

      major issue xed bag = mixed bag

  8. bob

    DP: 247 is physically moving Jan/Feb 2022 and suggest waiting until they have finishing moving before applying, but they also specifically stated if needed for credit cards urgently, to reach out to them. This means they know people are using them for CC. Doesn’t sound like they will be stopping the service.

  9. Cathy

    Is anyone else having a problem with the 24/7 address in Niagara? Amex declined twice with concerns on address and even through global transfer program said it wont qualify and asked for US tax returns to confirm identity

  10. David

    Hi Ricky,

    I’m with BMO. I called their cross border banking hotline and they told me without a SSN or US based identification, they will need a bank statement, lease agreement, cell phone bill with my name and address. Is this common? Thanks,

  11. Dave Macdonald

    Once you have your US based credit card approved, AMEX has no problem forwarding your replacement cards (in the case of compromise) directly to your home in Canada at their expense. You just tell them you are traveling at the moment. I’ve done this twice and card shows up very fast. Can’t see why they wouldn’t do this upon application approval to wherever you are traveling at any moment. Even if you happen to be at your home. “I happened to be visiting my wife and children at the moment!” lol

  12. Nick YYZ

    I’ve reached out to 24/7 and didn’t receive a reply.

    Ricky – can you confirm whether they’re:
    a) Still honouring your promo code
    b) Able to still accept CCs (it isn’t shown as a commercial mailing service online).

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Ricky YVR

      Yes, they’re still honouring the $20 discount and yes they can take credit cards via the Paypal payment option.

  13. Craig

    Warning: If you apply for an additional cardholder, even at the time of your initial application, Amex may send the cards individually. 24/7 was upset but understanding that a card came to my box addressed to my wife, even though this was not anticipated nor expected to happen (I would have thought they’d have shipped the two cards together at the same time). You may want to proactively add your spouse, but it is $45/year.

  14. Steve Jones

    I have been using this service, have 3 uS Amex cards for > a year, just applied for Two Chase cards, then I was applying for the Capital One Venture card And when it came to the address it said “
    We can’t accept a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency on a credit card application. Please try again using your physical address.” If this is now flagged as a commercial address it is no longer useful?

  15. Nick

    Does 24 7 still forward US CC to Canadian addresses ? Any recent DPs? Thanks


  16. Ken huynh

    Negative DP: Having some trouble convincing RBC (US side) of the 24/7 parcel mailbox address… Theyre asking for proof of a lease agreement or utility bill in order to change it from my Canadian address. How should I proceed? Thanks Ricky


  17. Lingyun Li

    Hi I’m wondering how long does it take for it to forward the mail from the US mailbox in Niagara to Toronto? Also, does Amex send CCs to 24/7?

    My current mail forwarding service takes more than two weeks, and it never receives any mail from Amex. So I’m thinking about switching.

    Thank you!

    1. Ricky YVR

      Usually takes about two weeks as well.

  18. Jeremy

    I am hearing more and more DPs on /r/churrningcanada that 24/7 is finished as a US CC forwarder. Have you folks heard anything differently?

    1. Ricky YVR

      I reached out to my contact at 24/7 Parcel about this. He assured me that 24/7 Parcel is still forwarding credit cards. There’ve been a few isolated data points of Amex refusing to send cards to the 24/7 Parcel address, but the owner tried applying for an Amex himself (using the address) and was instantly approved, so I think that’s fine too.

      1. Jeremy

        Thanks for checking into it Ricky!

  19. robert c

    I have a few US credit cards that I need to switch over the address from the MyMallBox style to 24/7’s (from STE 12345 on a separate line to #12345 after the street). However my file in all of the 3 credit bureaus (or the Banks) has a mangled address – it actually looks different in all 3. I’d like to keep my new 24/7 address as clean as possible, but it’s difficult to do as most banks have special 3rd party software to sweep through and cleanup their customers’ address records.

    Do you know which of the following is the safest format to go with, based on USPS’ specs:


    1. andrew@princeoftravel.com

      Hi Robert,
      Technically 24/7 isn’t a CMRA so using PMB wouldn’t conform to the USPS’ standards.
      I’d probably use the following label but it’s no guarantee that it’ll work properly with the banks:
      JOHN DOE
      123 MAIN ST #4545
      HERNDON VA 22071-2716

  20. Jay

    Does anyone know a similar mail forwarding service in Canada, which will forward mails to the US? I would appreciate any recommendation on this. Thanks.

  21. Jonathan

    Ricky, might want to clarify that discount is actually a credit. So $90 upfront for the mailbox and $20 credit applied to the account for incoming letter/packages is what I was communicated via email from 24/7.

  22. CarlB-YYG YYG

    Ugh… I signed up with myMailBox a few weeks ago and applied for first US card. Now wondering what will happen when it lands there? Or contact CC company before it ships to send it to my Canadian address instead maybe?

    1. Gary

      Hello Carl,

      Just curious why you chose a US card instead of Canadian. Do they have good deals or something like that?

      1. Andrew

        Hi Gary,

        There’s a few main draws of US cards, namely generous welcome bonuses, diverse point currencies and unique cardholder benefits. Typically the progression is from Canadian cards to US cards since they’re a lot more complicated to apply for. Have your started collecting welcome bonuses from Canadian cards yet?


    2. Hans

      I’m in the same boat. Can they ship it to Canada?

  23. Chris W

    Now to figure out how to get an ITIN. Amazon seems pretty hit and miss these days.

    1. Ricky YVR

      I’m on the case!

      1. Florence

        This is great to hear as my ITIN application was rejected with the Amazon letterhead 🙁

      2. Nikki

        FWIW, I applied and sent in my documents February 14 and received my ITIN letter dated March 4th, shipped through UPS. I had used pointsnerd’s instructions for filling out Form W-7 and the Amazon generic letterhead.

  24. DenB® YTO

    @M0 Form need not be notarized for this case.

  25. DenB® YTO

    @Increased Exposure I disagree. 24/7 Parcel has a competent business model for this activity. If it gets icky for them, they’ll adjust rates. The others had a "brown box" mentality and found credit cards and letter mail a confusing annoyance, instead of an opportunity.

    24/7 likes us, they really like us!!

  26. M0

    Can you comment as to whether PS1583 must be notarized?

    1. Ricky YVR

      Not in my experience, no.

  27. Increased Exposure

    RIP 24/7 Parcel. Posts like this will eventually contribute to them stopping the service.

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