World of Hyatt’s Winter 2023 Targeted Promotions


World of Hyatt has recently announced its new targeted set of promotions for Winter 2023, and it’s quite an extensive list. There are numerous offers floating around, and some are quite generous; however, all offers are targeted, and knowing which offers you’re eligible for can be a difficult task.

Oddly enough, even if you’ve been targeted with an offer, you may not have been notified by email, and the offer might not even appear in your account. We’ll go over the details of the promotion in this article, as well as how you can find out if you have an offer available to you. 

This promotion runs until March 19, 2023, which leaves plenty of time to plan your Winter 2023 Hyatt stays around the offers.

World of Hyatt Targeted Promotions

There are a total of 23 targeted promotions from World of Hyatt, ranging from Free Night Awards to bonus points and even a rebate on award stays. The complete list of currently available targeted promotions is as follows:

Indeed, the list of offers floating around is quite extensive. Of these, the Free Night Awards, Suite Upgrade Awards, triple points, and bonus points are likely the most valuable, although you might be able to make good use of the Club Access Award at an aspirational hotel.

Which World of Hyatt Promotion Are You Targeted For?

The most baffling part about the Winter 2023 promotion is that Hyatt seems to have sent emails to some members, letting them know about which promotion they’re targeted for, while others don’t receive any notification at all. Since the emails appear to have been sent inconsistently, it’s possible you are targeted for a promotion without Hyatt notifying you.

If you didn’t receive an email from Hyatt, and if you don’t see an offer available to you in your online account, you’ll have to go through a manual process to ascertain which promo you’re targeted for, if any.

To check which promotion you’re eligible for, you’ll want to log in to your World of Hyatt account and go to your account page by hovering over your name in the top right. After that, you’ll need to right-click and then look for “View Page Source” or “Inspect Element” as an option.

Once you’ve done this, the next step is to search for the words “TARGET” or “TARGT”.

The last three letters following either “TARGET” or “TARGT” will tell you which promotion you’re eligible for. For example, your account could show “TARGETFNA2” or “TARGETM2X2”, in which case you’re targeted for the Free Night Award after a two-night stay or 2x points on stays or two or more nights, respectively.

The easiest way to know which offer you’re targeted for is to cross-reference what you found on your account with the FlyerTalk thread and see which link your last three letters correspond to. For example, if you see “TARGETFLAT1”, you’re targeted to receive 1,000 bonus points per night.

If you’ve been targeted for a promotion, you’ll need to register for the offer. If you haven’t received an email from Hyatt, this will have to be done manually. 

The registration links are available by clicking on one of the above links. Keep in mind that you have to be targeted for an offer in order to register for it, so you can’t just choose which offer you’d like.

Overall, it’s quite a convoluted process, and it’s confusing why World of Hyatt wouldn’t want members to easily know about these promotions in the first place. It’s bizarre that we have to go so far as to looking through the account’s source code to know if we’ve been targeted with a promotion or not.

It’s entirely possible that Hyatt will soon be emailing all members about their eligible promotions and the promotions have simply already been loaded into members accounts. For Globalist members, it may be easier to simply contact your concierge to find out which promotion you’ve targeted for.

Should You Register for the Promo?

If you’re targeted for an offer, there’s absolutely no downside to registering, so be sure to do so in advance of any upcoming Hyatt stays. While there are many different offers this time, there’s the potential to earn quite a few excellent rewards, depending on which offer you’ve been targeted for.

The best promotions this time are definitely the Category 1–4 Free Night Award or the Suite Upgrade Awards. Those familiar with the Hyatt loyalty program know that a single Suite Upgrade Award can apply towards an entire stay of up to one week in duration, unlike Marriott where each award only qualifies for one night.

Register for the promotion if you’ve been targeted with an offer

From the extensive list of targeted promotions, it looks like World of Hyatt will not be running a public global promotion until at least after March 19, 2023. We’ll be sure to update you on any such promotion, if and when it becomes available.


World of Hyatt has a laundry list of promotions for Winter 2023, with the catch being that you must be targeted in order to participate. Even then, finding out which promotion you’re targeted for requires an unusual amount of legwork on your end.

The most valuable promotions are earning a Free Night Award after either two or three nights, or earning a Suite Upgrade Award after either five or 10 nights. This promotion ends March 19, 2023, so be sure to check your account and register before then.

Hopefully, Hyatt will soon email members directly about the promotions they’re eligible for. Until then, Globalist members are encouraged to reach out to the concierge for clarity, or you can just search on your account through a manual process.


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