Buy Fairmont Gift Cards with a 20% Bonus (2–5pm ET Only)

Fairmont has brought back its recurring gift card promotion just in time for Mother’s Day. You’ll be able to purchase a Fairmont gift card and receive a 20% bonus gift card.

The 20% bonus gift card will only be available within a narrow window today, from 2–5pm Eastern Time on Wednesday, May 4.

Historically, Fairmont offers a bonus gift card deal twice a year, which represent one of the best ways to save money on a future Fairmont stay.

20% Bonus on Fairmont Gift Cards

During the promotion period, if you purchase an electronic gift card above $25, you’ll also get a separate gift card with worth 20% of the value purchased. 

The gift cards can be purchased up to a maximum value of $5,000, for $1,000 in bonus gift cards.

However, Fairmont gift cards have a maximum purchase value of $2,000. Therefore, in order to maximize this offer, you would need to add two $2,000 gift cards and one $1,000 gift card to your shopping cart before completing the transaction.

You’ll also be prompted to choose whether you want to purchase the gift card in Canadian dollars, US dollars, euros, or pounds sterling. I’d recommend purchasing in CAD or USD for the best exchange rates when eventually redeeming the gift cards at Fairmont properties.

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, Quebec City

Whether you purchase in CAD or USD, the maximum purchase value remains at a nominal $5,000; therefore, purchasing in USD allows you to maximize the amount of the 20% bonus you earn. 

Keep in mind that there is no expiry for the gift cards, so they’ll be valid for any future stays you might have in mind. Moreover, the gift cards are not limited to a Fairmont hotel stay – they’re also valid on restaurant, spa purchases, and other Fairmont-managed charges.

Should You Buy Fairmont Gift Cards with a 20% Bonus?

I’d consider Fairmont’s biannual gift card sale to be one of the best ways to save on Fairmont hotel stays if any of their properties interest you.

There really aren’t many good ways to score amazing deals on Fairmont hotel, as the Accor ALL loyalty program is quite weak with its revenue-based model. Thus, buying electronic gift cards with a 20% bonus – which effectively represents a 16.67% discount – is one of the best ways to save if you are eyeing upcoming Fairmont stays throughout the year. 

Since the Fairmont gift card is simply a method of payment at the end of your stay, this deal can also be stacked with any other property-specific deals that pop up in the future, such as Second Night Free, Third Night Free, etc.; citywide promotions like StayVancouver or Edmonton’s Best Hotels for Fairmont property in a specific city; and Amex Offers or tax rebates that can reduce your cost even further.

Think about how much you’re likely to spend at Fairmont properties over the next six months to one year, and purchase gift cards for an amount in that region to secure a 16.67% discount.

Don’t worry too much about the amount besides a rough estimate, though – Fairmont brings back these 20% bonus gift card promotions pretty reliably around twice a year, so you can always top-up next time if necessary.

Which Credit Card Should You Use for Fairmont Gift Cards?

Fairmont electronic gift cards can be purchased with any Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card; however, since the gift cards are processed by Buyatab, Inc. rather than Fairmont themselves, they won’t code as a travel purchase on your credit card for the purpose of category bonuses.

Therefore, consider using any credit card that maximizes earning rates on everyday spending, or a credit card on which you’re looking to hit a minimum spend.

If you decide to purchase in USD, make sure to use a credit card with no foreign transaction fees or a US-issued credit card to avoid getting hit with FX fees.

Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Montreal


Fairmont is offering a 20% bonus on gift card purchases from 2–5pm Eastern Time on Wednesday, May 4. 

If you think you’ll be checking out a Fairmont property over the next little while, this could be an excellent opportunity to score a discount on your stay. Keep in mind that the promotion only runs for a narrow three-hour window, so if you’re keen on making a gift card purchase, you may want to set a reminder to make your purchase.

I’ll personally be picking up some Fairmont electronic gift cards with a 20% bonus this time around, and I’d recommend anyone thinking about an upcoming Fairmont stay do the same. 

  1. Rebecca

    Saw this blog post one hour before I was checking out of the Pan Pacific. Saved me $800 on my stay, thank you!

  2. Mario

    I’ve booked the Manoir Richelieu In La Malbaie Quebec during the peak season in July. Three rooms for three days.
    Your info coming earlier would have saved me thousands. I’m sick to my stomach, to the point that I I may cancel our vacation.
    I’ve been loyal to your site and have applied for several credit cards through your links.
    No excuse.

  3. Tommy Wu

    Hi Ricky, for a limited time deal like this, can you please send an email to people inbox next time. I have a fairmont reservation coming up and saw it the day after when it is too late 🙁

    1. Ricky YVR

      Totally fair, and I’m sorry we didn’t write about this one earlier – I should’ve done so when we first that the deal was happening on May 4 a few weeks ago. Lesson learned for next time!

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