New-Look Prince of Travel + 25,000 Mile Giveaway

Welcome to a new-look Prince of Travel!

You’ll see that I’ve redesigned a few things around here. This redesign is something I’ve been working on behind-the-scenes for a while now, and I’ve finally gotten around to putting it all together.

Very little has changed on the content side: your favourite articles are still around, and I will of course continue to post new articles at the steady pace that you’re accustomed to, but there are a couple of changes I wanted to briefly talk about.

What's New

First things first: the introduction of ads. Up until now, Prince of Travel has remained 100% ad-free given that it’s a relatively new blog, and I had wanted to ensure I had gained my readers’ trust before bringing income generation into the picture.

Now that the site is a little bigger and I’m putting more and more time into it, I’ve decided to take things more seriously, and try my best to attain returns on the time and effort I put in. Ads are a natural part of that, but in placing ads on my website, I’ve done my best to keep them as unobtrusive as possible. I’ve also added a full advertising disclosure to the website, which outlines my intention and obligation to do right by my readers, first and foremost.

Next, you’ll of course have noticed that I’ve given the Prince of Travel homepage a makeover. There’s now a lot more room for what I think of as “featured” content – stuff I may have written some time in the past, but can still be valuable to you today.

I’ll be updating these spaces on a semi-regular basis to help you maintain access to the best of Prince of Travel. And don’t worry, you won’t miss the new articles as they come out, as they’re still being kept front and centre. 

The same is true for the site’s main content categories as well: Miles & Points and Travel Talk, respectively for the nitty-gritty points knowledge and the more general advice and discussions on my travels and the world at large.

And as you know, I enjoy writing the odd review of the airline, hotel, and airport lounge experience as well; those have been given their own corner of the site in Reviews. All of these pages have a new look and feel to them as well, so have a click around and check them out.

What’s the bottom line of all this? When I wrote the Welcome to the Blog post way back in February, I had little to no idea what exactly I was doing. I had decided on a whim to try my hand at running a website and sharing my tips and insights, but I really didn’t know where it was headed or whether I’d manage to reach any readers at all. Nevertheless, I told myself I’d commit to the project for six months to a year, and see how things stand after that.

Now that the blog has matured a little, I have no doubt in my mind that I’m going to be sticking around. I’ve found it extremely rewarding to spread the joy when it comes to travel, and above all, I find writing posts and engaging with the wider travel community here in Canada to be genuinely a lot of fun. So I’m pleased to announce that you can look forward to more of the same: regular, hot-off-the-press updates on Canada’s points-collecting landscape, the most eye-catching destinations for your next vacation, and the highlights from my own travels.

The 25,000 Mile Giveaway

Since mid-February, I’ve published three new articles a week, every week, here on Prince of Travel. That means that I’ve written – and that you’ve read – well over 100 articles at this point. That’s a lot of reading, and to thank you all for your tireless efforts in listening to what I have to say, I’ll be giving away 25,000 Aeroplan miles to one lucky Prince of Travel reader.

I’m running this giveaway on Rafflecopter, which is a well-known platform for running such campaigns. You can enter simply by following the new @princeoftravel Instagram page!

Once you’ve followed, log into Rafflecopter and enter your Instagram handle to submit your entry. I will be cross-referencing the winner’s Instagram handle, so make sure you’re on the Followers list!

The giveaway campaign will run until midnight Eastern Time on Sunday, December 17, so you have until then to get your entries in. At that time, I’ll randomly select the winner’s name, which will be announced in the Prince’s Review newsletter to be sent out that weekend, so make sure you’re subscribed! The winner will then be contacted by email to have their prize delivered!

My readers are everything, and I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for sticking around, reading, commenting, sharing, and in general coming back to the site and engaging with the stuff I’ve been putting out. I look forward to sharing the joys of travel with you on the many adventures to come.